Cuesta (FE: BoU)
Concept Art of Cuesta.
Full Name Cuesta
Current Age 27
Date of Birth April 3rd
Gender Female
Species Human
Class Mercenary (1st Tier)
Family and Relations
Husband (Chosen in-game), Laura (Daughter)
Main Weapon(s) Swords

Cuesta is a sellsword, traveling around battlefields looking for a master to buy her service. When the player meets her, she is caught in a fight between Auav and a gang of bandits. She joins on level 10, carrying a Hero Symbol, but it's better to level her up to level 20 before promoting her.

Stat Blocks

Stat Numerical
HP 30
Strength 12
Magic 0
Speed 11
Movement 6
Skill 13
Defense 10


Charisma 10
Items Steel Sword (25), Elixir (3), Hero Symbol (1)
Weapon Level
Swords C


Fight Voices

Aid Another

  • "You pay well?"
  • "My blade, your cash."

Followup Attack

  • "Enjoy the service!"
  • "Now look at me!"
  • "Have my blade!"

Critical Hit\Skill Use

  • "Power surge, unleash!"

Beat Enemy

  • "Enjoy the service!"
  • "Oops."
  • "Now gimme gold!"

Other Voices


  • "Do I look better?"
  • "The price is doubled!"


  • "Gold isn't a problem..."
  • "I need this... And this!"
  • "I can sell myself."


  • "Reading isn't me..."


  • "Will you pay more?"
  • "This will cost you!"


Cuesta is a Spanish word for hill or slope.

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