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Cuesta (FE: BoU)
Concept Art of Cuesta.
Full Name Cuesta
Current Age 27
Date of Birth April 3rd
Gender Female
Species Human
Class Mercenary (1st Tier)
Main Weapon(s) Swords
Family and Relations
Husband (Chosen in-game), Laura (Daughter)

Cuesta is a sellsword, traveling around battlefields looking for a master to buy her service. When the player meets her, she is caught in a fight between Auav and a gang of bandits. She joins on level 10, carrying a Hero Symbol, but it's better to level her up to level 20 before promoting her.

Stat Blocks

Stat Numerical
HP 30
Strength 12
Magic 0
Speed 11
Movement 6
Skill 13
Defense 10


Charisma 10
Items Steel Sword (25), Elixir (3), Hero Symbol (1)
Weapon Level
Swords C


Fight Voices

Aid Another

  • "You pay well?"
  • "My blade, your cash."

Followup Attack

  • "Enjoy the service!"
  • "Now look at me!"
  • "Have my blade!"

Critical Hit\Skill Use

  • "Power surge, unleash!"

Beat Enemy

  • "Enjoy the service!"
  • "Oops."
  • "Now gimme gold!"

Other Voices


  • "Do I look better?"
  • "The price is doubled!"


  • "Gold isn't a problem..."
  • "I need this... And this!"
  • "I can sell myself."


  • "Reading isn't me..."


  • "Will you pay more?"
  • "This will cost you!"


Cuesta is a Spanish word for hill or slope.

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