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A puzzle game for the Wii U.
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
March 2015
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Series N/A; stand-alone game
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc
Cube Hoppers is a short puzzle game made by Electric Enterprises for the Wii U. You play as a small cube named Boxitt who is trying to rescue all of the rainbow coins that were stolen from his home, Blocklandia.


Gameplay is different from most games. It takes place on a 3D map with many small squares highlighted. To get from point A to point B, you slide Boxitt to the square he needs to go to on the GamePad. Some squares  require added  weight, forcing you to find another cube to push over. To complete a level, you must find a Diamond Coin, which leads you to the next area.

In some levels, you have a move limit. This means that you can only move Boxitt a set amount of spaces before you fail the level. You can also have a time limit, which gives you unlimited moving but only a set amount of time until you fail. Of course, there are occasions where there are neither limitations.

To fight enemies, you need to move Boxitt onto the enemy, crushing it. Some enemies will be taller than Boxitt, making them unable to be crushed. To kill these, you must find a block the same size as Boxitt (they are in every area that holds a large enemy) and climb onto it. When the enemy is near, fall off the block and crush the enemy.


Image Name Description
BlockittCubeHoppers Boxitt Boxitt is the main hero of the game. When he learned that the giant rainbow overseeing Blocklandia had been destroyed, he set out to rescue the six Rainbow Coins had had been stolen.
KingCircularCubeHoppers King Circular The ruler of Castle Spherico, King Circular stole the treasure of Blocklandia, the rainbow, for himself. Now he is sending out his forces against Boxitt to try and stop him.


A young cube named Boxitt was in the park at Blocklandia, admiring the rainbow that stretched across the land. Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared that overtook the rainbow. Then he saw Castle Spherico, ruled by the evil King Circular, who nabbed the six Rainbow Coins that produced the rainbow. Boxitt wanted to save his home, but he did not know how. He tried moving along the blocky path, and that seemed to work as far as moving. So, he decided to set out for the Rainbow Coins!


Typically, worlds have 5 levels and one boss fight.

World 1: Blocklandia Park

Level Description Style
A Stroll Through the Park Follow the block path around the park, learning how to move Boxitt. None
Move Carefully This introduces the move limit. Move Limit
Race to the Finish! This introduces the time limit. Time Limit
Back Off! This introduces enemies. None.
The Park's Hidden Treasure This is the first Coin level, where there are no enemies and you just need to collect coins. Time Limit
King Circular's Troops: Wave of Warriors Defeat a large wave of enemies sent by King Circular and rescue a Rainbow Coin. Time Limit

World 2: Blocklandia City

Level Description Style
Crossy Cubes Cross the road without getting run over. Time Limit
The Great Coin Hunt There are 10 coins hidden in the city; you need to find them all. Time Limit
Into Block Industries You are now inside of a company building. Find your way out. Move Limit
This is Not a Drill! A fire broke out in the building; get out before you burn to a crisp! Time Limit
Window Hopping Hop up the skyscraper by jumping from window to window using springs. Move Limit
BL0CK.20: Killer Copy Machine Defeat the robot from Block Industries, BL0CK.20, and get the Rainbow Coin. Time Limit

World 3: Blocklandia Desert

Level Description Style
So Long, Civilization Leave the city and head to the desert. Pretty simple. Move Limit
We're Burning Daylight Here Get through a part of the desert. Move Limit
The Ancient Treasure of the Desert Collect coins in the desert. Time Limit
Signs of Life? Get into the land of the pyramids. Move Limit
One Big Staircase Climb up a pyramid. Time Limit
Pyrimore: King of Triangles The pyramid awoke enraged! Defeat it and get your Rainbow Coin. Time Limit

World 4: Blocklandia Forest

Level Description Style
The Dark Ages Get through this low-light part of the forest. Move Limit
Branching Out Do a bit of parkour hopping from one branch of a tall tree to the next. Time Limit
Coins among Leaves, Leaves among Coins Collect as many coins as possible in this midsection of the tree. Time Limit
Tree Falling After falling off the tree, have your first level flying Winglett, the flying triangle helper. None
Glorious Treetop You're at the top of the tree! Nothing bad could happen with this beautiful of a view, right? Move Limit
Firewing: The Decagon Dragon Of course something bad happened! The dragon, Firewing, has been enraged! Defeat it and reclaim part of the rainbow. Time Limit

World 5: Blocklandia Seas

Level Description Style
Winglett to the Rescue If Boxitt falls off a tree with no one around, will he make a sound? Not if Winglett catches him! Carry Boxitt safely to the ground, please. Time Limit
The Bustling Beach Would you disturb a beach this popular by diving under the waves? Oh, why not? Move Limit
Just Keep...Sinking It seems that Boxitt can't swim, only sink. Well, aim your fall to land on a platform. Time Limit
Onto the Coral Reef Wander around the Coral Reef for a while, and 'reef' your troubles behind. Move Limit
The Coral Reef's Treasure Collect as many coins as possible on the Coral Reef. Time Limit
Hexicladon: The Six-Sided Shark A shark is after you! Escape from its fury and nab your Rainbow Coin. Time Limit

World 6: Mt. Blocklandia

Level Description Style
You've Been Beached After escaping the shark, you land on the beach in front of a mountain. What is next? Move Limit
Scaling Mt. Blocklandia Climb the base of the mountain! Move Limit
Coins Galore on the Mountain Floor Gather coins on a platform of the mountain. Time Limit
Rocketing Sky-High Ride Winglett again to get to the top of the volcano. None
And I See Fire Go into the volcano, and don't fall into lava! Move Limit
Bonewing: Return of a Dragon Huh? Didn't we already defeat him? Well, it's just his bones now, so he should be easier...right? Time Limit

World 7: Castle Spherico

Level Description Style
The Terrible Tower Scale this tower while defeating troops the whole way through. Time Limit
One Final Winglett Ride Ride Winglett up the rest of the tower. None
Spikes Closing In! Race to the end of this seemingly endless hallway, and don't touch the spikes! Time Limit
The Secret Castle Vault Raid the vault to gain some coins. Time Limit
Button Pressing Bonanza Press the 5 buttons in the right order to get to the next room. If it's wrong, then prepare for a fight! None
King Circular: The Final Showdown You have finally reached the top of King Circular's castle. Defeat him to save the world. Time Limit

World 8: Planet Darkness

Level Description Style
Wait...What?! Now, THIS is a shocker. You defeated King Circular, only to be transported to this odd planet. Well, explore for a while. Something may happen. None.
Spirits of Shapes You have landed in a dungeon full of the shapes that have been taken during your quest. Now you need to defeat their ghosts. Time Limit
The Plot Thickens As you progress, you find the evil being, The Unrecognizable, who was behind this whole plot. Make it to his fortress! Move Limit
Wthin the Mastermind's Lair Make your way through a series of puzzles and get to King Circular, who has a key to the fort's treasury. None.
Stealing Cash from The Unrecognizable Hey, he's evil, so you can take his coins, right? Of course! Take a quick pit stop in here before the final battle. Time Limit
The Unrecognizable: Transforming Mastermind He's transforming into all 6 bosses we defeated! Quick, beat them all and get to the final showdown with him himself. Time Limit.


Boss Description World Fought
King Circular's Troops This is a wave of 25 enemies summoned by King Circular. You simply need to crush every enemy to win. World 1
BL0CK.20 BL0CK.20 is a robot created by King Circular to guard a Rainbow Coin. To defeat him, you need to shut down the lights. When the lights go off, he will be very confused, and you need to go up to him in his confusion and attack. World 2
Pyrimore Pyrimore is a pyramid that awakened when Boxitt reached the top of the pyramid he climbed. To defeat him, locate the two canons located on the large platform you are standing on. Push the buttons to unleash missiles at Pyrimore. World 3


  • The game was originally going to be for the GameCube (hence the name), but since the GCN is so old and the Wii U would be easier, it was simply decided for the Wii U.
  • This game was made for Crimson's first weekly challenge.
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