Crystal Star is a game created by Statiction Gaming. Do not edit unless you have my premission
Crystal Star
Developer(s) Statiction Gaming
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Silver
Release Date(s)
1P Co-op
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure 3D plaiformer


There are four characters you can choose from. Each have their own different story and gameplay.


Characters story gameplay
Amanda Amanda's mom have been kidnapped by the evil doctor Allen. Simmlar to Mario's gameplay
Bailey Helping Amanda help  with her quest
Skiteafa Collecting the stars to deilver to Allen Hi- speed action
Hazel Collecting the stars to bring peace to her family


Amanda- The main character. She is 15 and is a goofball. She has an outgoing personallity. She was headed home after the last day of school. Her mom was waiting outside for her. While them was talking, Allen came and aducted Angela (Amanda's mom). Amanda rushed after them.