Crystal Racers is a spin-off of Crystal Legends for the Wii U and Nintendo Silver. It involves characters from Crystal Legends racing in planes. It is made by Warpato Industries.


Crystal Racers/Story


Image Character Description Special Move Series
Quartz A guardian of the Hope Crystal. He is a average size character and is all around. Phoenix Dive: The wings of Quartz's plane catch on fire and he can ram into opponents to set them on fire. Crystal Legends
Bronze Quartz's little sister who is very kind. She is lightweight and is speedy. Hope Traction: Bronze latches on to the plane in 1st Place. She has to press the A Button rapidly to use the momentum to pass the player in 1st Place. Crystal Legends
Keroro A alien frog from Keron who has failed now and always fail at conquering Earth. He is lightweight and is all around. Clone Dodge: Keroro creates clones using the Kero Ball and uses them to take attacks from opponents. Sgt. Frog
Waggles A drifter that travels across worlds. His life is linked to the Hope Crystal. He is average and is powerful. Hopeful Wag: Waggles transfers some of his power to his plane to give his plane a temporary speed boost. Crystal Legends
Prinny Prinnies are souls which are put into penguin costumes and become slaves. Prinnies are lightweight and speedy. Prinny Bomb: Prinny launches 3 bombs to hit random planes. The bombs temporarily knock out racers and make them lose items. Disgaea
MarioMPSSC Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is average and all around. Invincible Mario: Mario uses a Star to become invincible for 15 seconds. Mario
Bowser The King of Koopas who would do anything to defeat Mario. He is heavyweight and powerful. Bowser Breath: Bowser launches a fireball that will set anything in its path on fire. The fireball lasts untill it hits a wall. Mario
Tororo A scientific frog who is the leader of the Sundial Army. He is average and quick. Ide Tororo: Tororo inserts Ide Energy into himself and makes him invincible and able to infinitely launch small laser beams for 15 seconds. Sgt. Frog (Japanese)
Cfinnjake Finn The hero of the Candy Kingdom and a great adventurer. He is average and all around. Grass Sword: Finn uses his Grass Sword to slice and destroy anything around him. He knocks out any Planes near him, though. Adventure Time
Snorlax A Normal Type Pokémon which is known for blocking paths and rolling out. He is heavyweight and powerful. Roll Out: Snorlax uses Roll Out and rolls on the ground at extreme speeds for 15 seconds. You can't use it in races that don't have ground. Pokémon
Blaster Blade A master knight from the planet Cray. He is average and quick. Wingal: Blaster Blade summons Wingal to chase players untill you pass a lap. Vanguard
Agumon A Rookie Level Dragon Digimon that spews fire. He is lightweight and all around. Digivolve: Agumon digivolves to his next form. He can digivolve all the way up to WarGreymon and fly around the track without a plane. Digimon (Adventure Timeline)
Ultima Kiruru Kiruru A artificial Keronian made to destroy Earth/Pekopon. He is average and powerful. Final Form: Kiruru transforms into his final form and launches pillars of energy at all the players except him. Sgt. Frog (Japanese)
Ginunu Ginunu A Keronian monk that meditates and has great psychic powers. He is lightweight and evasive. Zeus Cloak: Ginunu uses his robe to turn invisible for 30 seconds. As he is invisible, he is harder to hit. Keroro Land
Urumi Chapupu Urumi Chapupu A Sazanaarian who is very cheerful and loves being happy. She is average and quick.  Liquid Flow: Urumi launches a wet kick that temporarily knocks players out and causes the screen to be distorted ad wet for them. Inzuma Eleven
Momiji A Misery God which tries to steal happiness energy from pepole who absorb happiness energy around them. She is lightweight and all around. Happiness Drain: Momiji sucks up nearby happiness energy and launches it in a huge explosion. Binbogami Ga!
Kumogai A living bear doll owned by Momiji who carries a book. He is lightweight and evasive. ???: Kumogai opens his book and let's out the ever-changing truth at opponents, making them explode. Binbogami Ga!
Shy Guy Shy Guy A person made of cloth that works for Bowser and uses a lot of costumes. He is average and evasive. Spear Guy: Shy Guy turns into a Spear Guy for 15 seconds. In this form, he can throw infinite spears. Mario
Melon Ice Frost Melon Frost What you get when you grab a Jack Frost, a watermelon, and a light bulb, put it in a blender, and press "puree". He is lightweight and evasive. Frost Trio: He summons the other 2 members of the Frost Trio and creates a shield that reflects homing items at the person in front of them instead of getting hit. Shin Megami Tensei
Strawberry Frost What you get when you grab a Jack Frost, a strawberry, and makeup, put it in a blender, and press "puree". She is lightweight and quick. When Frost Trio is used by Melon Frost, she temporarily uses a Petit Frost as a pilot.  Berry Dance: Strawberry Frost jumps on the wing of the plane and dances, launching strawberries that knock players out and sometimes also smear the screen with strawberry jelly and strawberry pieces. Shin Megami Tensei
Milky Frost The last member of the Frost Trio who became a member when Lemon Frost has quit and is made of ice and Choclate milk. He is lightweight and powerful. When Frost Trio is used, he puts a Frost Ace as a temporary pilot and joins the attack.  Choco Spikes: Milky Frost puts choclate tacks on the plane and uses them to ram into opponents. Shin Megami Tensei
Yukiki Yukiki A Keronian snowman that lives and is scared of the Sun. He is average and all around. Giga Snowball: Yukiki turns into a giant snowball and rolls the ground at extreme speeds for 15 seconds. He can't use this on courses that don't have ground. Sgt. Frog (Japanese)
Teddie A optimistic human who used to be a Shadow before he became a Persona user. He is average and all around. Junes Bomber: Teddie leaves a bomb flying right behind him. When it explodes, it knocks out nearby planes and gives a great speed boost for 3 seconds. Persona
Slime A small blue blob of pure joy and happiness. He is lightweight and average.  Slime Stack: Slime calls his buddies, and makes a giant tower. He then swings it, causing the planes the other Slimes land on to slow down. Dragon Quest
Moogle A sweet, fluffy, and very happy creature who serve under Good King Moogle Mog XII. It is average and tricky. Moogle Dance: Moogle does a special dance that allows it to mimic a transformation Special Move. Final Fantasy
Keroro Keroro The leader of the ARMPIT Platoon, who builds Gundam Models and has ultimately forgotten why he came to Earth in the first place. He is average and quick.




There are 5 courses a cup. There are 8 cups in total.

Legend Cup

Course Name Description Image Series
Sky Spires The home of Quartz and a safe haven for Crystal Gems. There are no obstacles. Steven Universe
Honeyhive Galaxy A beehive galaxy that Honey Queen lives in. There are bees carrying buckets of honey as obstacles. Mario
Planet Betelgeuse The planet where Meow was born. There are gaps in walls that small characters can get through. Space Dandy
Balloon Heights A city made of balloons that balloon pepole live on. Various balloons serve as obstacles. Crystal Legends
TV Tropes Homepage The homepage of TV Tropes. Various tropes appear as obstacles and there are gaps between tropes. TV Tropes

Hades Cup

Course Name Description Image Series
Hades The place where Prinnies train to become servents. The main obstacle is Prinny servents walking around. Disgaea
Candy Kingdom A kingdom made of candy with plenty of jolly Candy Pepole. You fly around 3 sections of the city, each one counting as one lap. You go through the Main Street, Castle Hall, and The Sewers. Adventure Time
Thunder Factory A dark factory with thunderstorms and Sundial Army troops. Lightning Bolts serve as obstacles. Crystal Legends
Bronze Circut A racetrack made by Bronze for the Hades Cup. She has made Grinders as obstacles and she has even made some extreme turns! Crystal Racers
Planet Legato A library planet with Book Aliens. Moving Bookcases and lasers serve as obstacles. Sometimes, you forget about the course layout and the map disappears for a few seconds. Space Dandy

Gogol Cup

Course Name Description Image Series
Ginunu Desert A flaming desert on Keron where Ginunu lives. There are water spouts in oasises that serve as obstacles. Crystal Racers
Despair Mansion A mansion of darkness owned by Mary Sue. There are a lot of ghosts that create illusions such as fake walls. Crystal Legends
Gogol Empire The empire of the Gogol Army. The Gogol 7th Fleet will sometimes mistake you as a intruder and attack. Space Dandy
Dino Dino Jungle A giant jungle from prehistoric times. Dinosaurs walk around and try to eat you and the leaves. Mario
The Farm One of the locations the Rabbids play in. Eggs fall from the sky and land like bombs. Rabbids Invasion

Porky Cup

Course Name Description Image Series
Beach City Docks The docks of Beach City where Onion uses the Replicator to cause chaos. Falling cars act as obstacles. Steven Universe
Shy Guy Toybox A toybox filled with happy Shy Guys. Bouncing balls and fireworks serve as obstacles. There are also small holes that lightweight characters can fit through.  Mario
Mt. Moon A cave filled with meteors which the Clefairy were born from. Meteors still fall here that you have to avoid. Pokémon
Solar Armada The airship armada owned by Porky. The cannonballs shot by the airships and the Pitchforks jumping to attack you serve as obstacles. Crystal Legends
The Park You take a tour around the park, each part being a lap long. You go through the House, the Gardens, and the Crash Pit. Regular Show

Inzuma Cup

Course Name Description Image Series
Sazanaara A watery planet where the Sazanaarians live and play peacefully. There are neon signs that serve as both walls and obstacles.

Inzuma Eleven

Candy Constellations A sweet formation in the cosmos made of candy. Lollipops and cookies serve as obstacles. Kirby
Frost Castle You go through 3 sections of the Frost Castle, each one being a lap. There is the Entrance, the Kitchen, and the Duengon/Throne Room. Crystal Racers
Mikado A peaceful town of samurai who summon demons to face evil beings. You can fly through houses for shortcuts, but that is risky. Shin Megami Tensei
Daisy Crusier The cruiser that Daisy uses for vacations. The outtside is easy, but the inside has dangerous moving tables as obstacles. Mario

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