Crystal Legends is a Umbrella adventure game for the Wii U. It features a brand new story and has a special game mechanic.



One day, Quartz was safely guarding the Hope Crystal, a crystal that brings light across the universe, on the Sky Spires. Then, the Sundial Army, with their leaders, Tororo, Specter, and Porky, attack the Sky Spires, causing the islands to fall and the Hope Crystal to shatter into 120 pieces. Quartz, being the guardian, goes down to the many worlds where the Hope Crystal shards were shattered, and goes to recover them and build a new Hope Crystal. 

On the way, Quartz meets Mario, who was coming to the Sky Spires because he saw a explosion up there. Quartz tells him the bad news and Mario joins the group. Just then, Tororo attacks the two with a giant mech. After defeating him, Tororo activates a escape pod and escapes before the mech blows up. Quartz and Mario then fall into the first world, Pac-World.

Chapter 1

In Pac-World, they notice that the place is haunted by Ghosts and minions of the Sundial Army. While fighting, the heroes notice a yellow Pac-Worlder eating up Ghosts. The yellow Pac-Worlder floats downward onto the floor and introduces himself as Pac. After Quartz tells Pac about the Sky Spires and their quest to recover the shards of the Hope Crystal, Pac joins the team. Just then, Sir Cumfrence comes and also decides to come to study the Hope Crystal. The heroes and Sir Cumfrence then find the source of the ghosts, a portal to the Netherworld, and enter it.

When they enter the Netherworld, they find a creature named Waggles. He says that he is also looking for Hope Crystal Shards to restore his life. Quartz and Waggles make a deal where Quartz finds the Hope Crystal Shards and reform the Hope Crystal, while Waggles rebuilds the Sky Spires. 

At the core of the Netherworld, they see Broco Lee commanding the Sundial Army's troops to invade Pac-World. After beating him, he presses a button that causes the volcano behind the area they fight in to erupt. After escaping, you return to Pac-World and tell the citizens about what happened. Then, the Hope Crystal shards glow, and you get teleported to the Sky Spires.

Waggles tells you that he has rebuilt the Portal between all worlds and the enemy zoo. Waggles tells you that the next area with Hope Crystals is Balloon Heights, a floating city made of balloons and cloth. The heroes then go into the Portal and head to Balloon Heights. 

Chapter 2

The heroes fall onto a platform in Balloon Heights. They quickly discover that the land is popping due to the Sundial Army looking for the shards. After defeating the minions, the mayor of the balloon village thanks the heroes and tells them to find their lost hero, The Yellow Jacket.

Apparently, the Yellow Jacket is Asmodai. Quartz askes why Asmodai why he was protecting Balloon Heights, and he says that he is doing it because he feels a strange presence nearby. Just then, Tororo appears and releases his Killipede, a robotic Centipede powered by Pyonium, on the players. After defeating Killipede, Tororo escapes. Quartz sees that Tororo has dropped a map that shows a area near the Balloon Heights called the Thunder Factory. Asmodai thinks that that's where the mysterious energy is coming from, and joins the team to head to the Thunder Factory.

In the Thunder Factory, you come across Specter. He has captured Ideon and he is disassembling him to capture his energy. After defeating Specter, he reveals that while he was fighting, he had a general of the army, Kiruru, finish disassembling the Ideon. Specter stores the Ide Energy that was inside in a container and escapes. The Sundial Army follows and Balloon Heights is safe. The mayor of Balloon Heights thanks you and gives you a super-rare Hope Crystal: Kefka.

Waggles tells you that he has found out that the 5 pieces of the Ideon have been scattered throughout 5 different places: Keron, Planet Betelgeuse, Lavaridge Town, Despair Mansion, and Fawful HQ. Waggles tells you that in order to go to Tororo's Space Castle (The base of the Sundial Army), you need to rebuild the Ideon.

Chapter 3

You land inside a abandoned building on Keron after going through the portal. After finding a way out of the building, you are interrupted by Tororo. He battles you in a new mech, and loses. After losing, he gets very mad and calls Porky to tell him to send the Solar Armada, a fleet of spaceships that work for the Sundial Army, to Keron to attack Quartz.

The ruler of Keron, Mekeke, says that if you can defend Keron from the armada, he will give you a weird helmet he found crashed on his roof (The head part of the Ideon). You decide to help Mekeke. Mekeke says that you can use the cannon to get to the armada, but it is infested with Kabubu. After defeating all of the Kabubu, the cannon is released and you use it to launch yourself into the Solar Armada. More to come...


There is a low 8 characters in this game (Not counting DLC and the Ideon).

Image Name Description Series
Quartz A guardian of the Hope Crystals. He uses his trusty blade, Bøjek, to fight, as well as using Magic.  Crystal Legends
435px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS Mario A heroic plumber hero who is always saving Peach from Bowser. He uses his various power-ups from New Super Mario Bros Wii and his Hammer form to fight. Mario
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pac A brave Pac-Worlder who munches ghosts and defeats Lord Betrayus. He uses magical berries from the Tree of Life to attack. Pac-Man
Asamodai A demon from the Magic World. He uses various fighting styles to attack. Buddyfight
Meow An annoying Betelgeusian who travels along the cosmos with Space Dandy, capturing aliens. He uses claw attacks and a laser gun to attack. Space Dandy
Peacock A genetically engineered kid who has been performed in various experiments. She uses her various friends and machinery to fight. Skullgirls
Death A cartoon-like dark creature who is the headmaster of an academy. He can turn into various forms to fight. Soul Eater
Cyclown A wind monster who is very fast and is in a tornado. He uses wind spells and fast combos to fight. Dragon Quest

DLC Characters

These are characters you can get for $5.00 for the Nintendo E-Shop.

Image Character Description Series
Zen A monk that travels the world, restoring balance by defeating monsters created by Nyx. She uses both magic and a magical mace to fight. Hopeless Adventure
Garnet One of the Crystal Gems from a timeline where almost all Crystal Gems (This include Quartz and Bronze) have been destroyed. She attacks by using boxing and punching. Steven Universe
Ultima Kiruru Kiruru A artificial Keronian that is strong enough to destroy planets! He can split into 5 of him, as well as gain a super form. Sgt. Frog (Japanese)
King Slime A royal Slime that is the king of all Slimes. He has extreme HP, but he is very slow. Dragon Quest
Ph 04-1 Keii A Keronian robot with control over sound. She uses sound to attack enemies. She also can do a extra jump by wagging her tail. Keroro Land
Living Armor A set of living armor that has a knight-like personality. He is very defensive. Tales Of series

The Ideon

To get to some areas, you have to play as the Ideon. You can start using the Ideon after you get all 5 parts. You can blast and slash giant versions of enemies, fly across space, and break through barriers. You can spend coins at the shop for upgrades. You also battle giant bosses in the Ideon.

Hope Crystals

There are 120 Hope Crystals to find. They allow characters to have various supportive allies.

Image Character Description Series
Luigi Luigi uses his Fire Flower to set enemies ablaze! Mario
Rebjørn This baby Bjørn will throw boulders and punch very hard. Dragon Quest
Keroro This alien often gets hit by his own attacks, but they also attack the opponents too! Sgt. Frog
Sweeturn Sweeturn spits out random items and sometimes summons a phoenix to attack. Pokémon
Prinny This penguin has some weak attacks, but if you grab and throw it, it explodes. Disgaea
Jack Frost (Ally) This cold snowman creates a snowy mist that makes it hard to see and throws snowballs that slow opponents down. Persona
KirbySSB4 Kirby Kirby mimics one of the Hero Crystals, repeating their attack in a random order. Kirby
Unten Unten will attack in helpful combos. He also sometimes does a spin attack. Fantendo
Metroid Metroid The Metroid tries to leech on the opponent and steal HP. If he gets some, he gives it to the player who summoned him. Metroid
Momiji This misery god sets traps that explode if anyone tries to step on it. Binbougami
Breadwinners These bread delivering ducks throw explosive prune bread onto the field using their Rocket Van. Breadwinners
Lavos This alien uses a time portal and brings 1999 to you! Chrono Trigger
Dedeene (Shiny) This shiny Pokémon uses Thunder and makes a thunder in a X pattern. Pokémon
Sparrowmon This Digimon flies around, dropping bombs and shooting lasers. Digimon (Fusion Timeline)
Meat Beat Mania This living arcade game dances around, throwing meat controllers around. Steven Universe
QT A robot companion of Space Dandy. She grabs opponents from a far distance and pulls them towards you. Space Dandy
Praline This performer sings a motivating song, boosting power and speed. Bravely Default
Slime This slime creature slooshes around the screen, trying to attack the opponent. Dragon Quest


Quartz' s younger sister. She heals the character by draining HP from the opponent. Crystal Legends
Aermo This happy-go-lucky humanoid salamander throws fire and does karate. Vanguard
Blaster Blade This great knight slashes at the screen, defeating most enemies and damaging bosses. Vanguard
Hellion This weak minion walks on a bomb, throwing bombs. Deviantart (A webcomic called Devil's Luck)
Ruler Chameleon This chameleon sticks its tounge out, piercing enemies. The Ruler Chameleon also responds to long gaps and sticks its tounge out to help you get across the gap. Vanguard
Yvetal This legendary Pokémon uses Oblivian Wing to defeat most enemies drain HP of bosses and defeated enemies and use the HP to restore you.   Pokémon
Samander A humanoid salamander creature that uses a spear to attack and impale enemies. Hopeless Adventure
Kefka A clown who has become a omnicidal God. He launches a dark meteor shower that defeats most enemies and damages bosses. Final Fantasy
Blaster Keroro Keroro wearing a costume that he once wore in 2010. He wears Neoryoryo-proof armor and has better weapons, but he still has  a small chance to hit himself as well. Vanguard
Meowstic A Psychic type Pokémon that uses Psybeam to fire psychic beams at opponents at extreme speeds. Pokémon
Ideon A (almost) invincible robot from a forgotten past. It uses its laser sword to slash at the entire screen and destroy all enemies. You can't use this against bosses. Ideon
Kululu Kululu uses a computer to send a computer virus against all enemies, stunning them all for a few seconds. Sgt. Frog
Pet Pignite The loyal pet of ElectabuzzEX. He uses Fire Punch to punch enemies in his path. Fantendo
Miruru Miruru A mysterious Keronian who's smartness rivals Kululu. She launches small hearts that damage opponents. Sgt. Frog (Japanese)
Exdeath A soilder of darkness that has the power of the void. He casts Thundaga on his sword and does a wave slash on all opponents and damages them all. Final Fantasy
Chanana Chanana A monk Keronian who has hands for ears. He punches opponents with his ears and hums louder the closer he is to a treasure. Keroro Land
Charmander Charmander uses Smokescreen, Ember, Scratch, and Metal Claw at the same time to help you in battle. Pokémon
Wartortle Wartortle uses Rapid Spin and Hydro Pump at the same time to help you in battle. Pokémon
Venasaur Venasaur uses Seed Bomb, Sleep Powder, Vine Whip, and Solarbeam at the same time to help you in battle. Pokémon
Ditto Ditto transforms into the closest enemy and uses its attacks on enemies. Pokémon
Trance Kuja Trance Kuja uses Ultima to destroy all enemies and halve the HP of bosses. You can only use this Hope Crystal once a day. Final Fantasy
Kumamon Kumamon skies around and uses his frosty breath to freeze enemies. Frozen enemies can't move and are stuck in place. Digimon (Frontier Timeline)
Wingal Wingal uses his head to ram into enemies. He can also dig treasures from underground. Vanguard
Reigen Michihisa A living doll that plays soccer sometimes. He flys around the screen, launching dark orbs of energy. Inzuma Eleven
Hawkmon Hawkmon flies around the screen and launches arrows. Digimon (Adventure Timeline)
Choomba A giant Choomba stampedes on the screen, defeating all enemies and hurting some bosses.  Mario
Timeme-tSP Timeme Timeme uses his Time Magic to stop time for a whole minute. You can only use this Hope Crystal once a day. Crystal Legends
Earth God(Brave Fronteir) Earth God This subspecies of the Metal God causes giant roots to pop from the ground and drag all grounded enemies into the soil. Brave Frontier

Sir Kibble

This member of King Dedede's army throws his boomerang around and cuts his enemies with that boomerang in close combat.  Kirby
TBA Inazuma 11




Image Enemy Description Series
Prismiro A mirror creature of the Sundial Army. It walks on the ground and uses various weapons such as a mace, a sword, twin katanas, a yo-yo, or a rocket launcher.  Crystal Legends
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Goomba A walking mushroom creature that walks on the ground. It is so weak, it can be defeated the traditional way (jumping on it). Mario
Neoryoro A space worm that sucks on moisture and HP to heal itself. If Keroro is being used, they target him instead of you. Sgt. Frog
Mechoriri A robot trooper made by Tororo for the Sundial Army. It stands behind walls, shooting safely behind them. Crystal Legends
043Oddish Oddish This Grass/Poison type Pokémon walks around, creating spores that can stun you. Pokémon
Ghost This wandering ghost in nearly invincible unless you use Pac. They can be beaten by anyone else if they grab a Power Berry. Pac-Man
Flame Ghost This fiery Ghost is similar to the original, but he can also create and throw fireballs. Pac-Man
Dragon These flying mythical beasts fly around, shooting fireballs. Disgaea
Monkey These meddling monkeys wander around, causing antics with banana guns or bananarangs. Ape Escape
Sundisc A turtle robot made by Tororo for the Sundial Army. It absorbs energy and then fires it in a energy beam. Crystal Legends
Zombie An undead minion of the Sundial Army. It doesn't get knocked back from attacks. Plants Vs Zombies
Copycat A cat that mirrors everything that you do. It doesn't do anything if it doesn't see you, though. Yugioh
Arrar A wild triceratops that spews fire and tries to ram at you. It is very bulky and has high HP. Crystal Legends
Army Penguin A penguin robot from the planet Cray. It slides on its belly, trying to ram into you. Vanguard
Chimera A long-armed Heartless that uses its long arms to try to attack you.  Kingdom Hearts
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo A ghost that tries to haunt you. It disappears if you look at it, but chases you when your back is turned. It is almost invincible. Mario
Aerobug A flying beetle that launches bombs from above. It can also sweep down on you. Crystal Legends
Shy guy Shy Guy A walking personification of happiness. It tries to grab and bear-hug you to death. Mario
Armorknight Eagle This mechanical eagle creates dangerous winds to try to blow you off the edge. Buddyfight

A pig creature that wields a spear. It charges at you and can jump high.

Legend Of Zelda
Tank Goomba A Goomba in a armored tank. It has very high defense and power. Crystal Legends
Treant A tree golem that loves nature and hates light. It swings a giant tree club. Disgaea
Bandinero A pirate thingy that steals a lot of gold. It can be grabbed and thrown after jumping on it. Wario Land
8-Bit Characters 8-Bit versions of all 8 characters. They use the attacks the characters use. Crystal Legends
Pitchfork A Bandinero with a pitchfork hat. He cannot be attacked on the head, so attack from the sides. Wario Land
Wild Ide Energy Energy released from the Ideon as it was being destroyed. They release infinite thunder attacks at you. Ideon
Ide Goomba A Goomba powered up by Ide Energy. It has a ton more HP than the original. Crystal Legend
Kabubu Kabubu Keronian monks that worship Google as a God. They ring their staff and attract nearby enemies. Keroro Land
Centipeedle Centipeedle A tiny crystal worm that is made of green diamonds. They are the fastest of all enemies. Steven Universe
Iron Prismiro This Prismiro are covered in steel and are very hard to damage. It takes regular damage from Fire attacks, though. Crystal Legends
Ide Prismiro This Prismiro is powered up by Ide Energy. This makes him alot more powerful and makes him have a lot more HP. Crystal Legends
Pain Bot  Tiny robots that use a ton of different pain devices to try to obliterate you. It also tries to eat you. Teen Titans Go!
JackFrost Jack Frost A cute little ice demon with a cheery spirit. He throws snowballs and can jump on other Jack Frosts to form a Frost Tower. Shin Megami Tensei
Frost Tower A tower of 2-5 Jack Frosts. They all throw snowballs and sometimes throw one single giant iceball together. Crystal Legends
Pyro Jack A parrarel of Jack Frost that is still considered a part of the Frost Family. It throws fireballs and can restore its HP if it gets hit with fire. Shin Megami Tensei


Image Boss Description Series
Keroro gunso Tororo Tororo (1) Tororo is the ultimate mastermind behind the Sundial Army. He rides a mech that has very high HP, but Tororo has low HP. Sgt. Frog (Japanese)
Broco Lee A giant piece of broccoli that is master of the Sundial Army' s Ground Troops. He has a weak spot on his back, but he turns around after a few hits. As you lower his HP, he gets smaller and loses parts of his afro. The Munchables
Killipede A robotic centipede that Tororo has made from spare parts and a giant crystal. It usually stays in the ground, but it also can leap to the skies and attack with its head sticking out of the ground. Crystal Legends
Specter A smart monkey that is one of the leaders of the Sundial Army. He floats in his chair, shooting lasers and summoning minions. Ape Escape
Keroro gunso Tororo Tororo (2) Tororo pilots a mole mech and attacks by popping out of the ground and throwing boulders. He also uses a jetpack on the mech to fly, create fake holograms, and throw smoke bombs. Sgt. Frog (Japanese)
Porky The CEO and scientest of the Sundial Army. He uses a spider mech to crawl on walls and ceilings. He can also create and use lightning, summon minions, and launch lasers. Earthbound
Temple Guardian This is the guardian of the Underground Ruby Mines on Planet Betelgeuse. He is being controlled by Tororo to attack the heroes. He can launch missles, shoot laser beams, create a meteor shower, summon Armorknight Eagles to try to blow you off the arena, and spew poisonous gas.  Crystal Legends
Karate Duo No. 1 The Karate Duo No. 1 are stereotypes of a Japanese fighting master. They speed around the screen and use many karate techniques, poses, and hadoukens. Bowser's Kingdom
Ide Tororo (1) Tororo has been extremely powered up by Ide Energy and the Hope Crystal Core. He is completely invincible and you have to lose against him. Crystal Legends
Mary Sue The evil owner of the Despair Mansion. She creates a force field to protect herself, so use switches to power down the force field to make her vulnerable. Buddyfight
Fawful A scientist that betrayed his own home, the Beanbean Kingdom, and became evil. He hangs on the ceiling using a vacuum cleaner, launching lasers and throwing Pitchforks.     Mario & Luigi
Red Eye SU Red Eye A crystal monster roaming through space. You have a 20% chance of having to fight it each time you use the portal. After you defeat it the 5th time, Waggles builds the Blue Eye Statue and all of the characters get a health boost. You can also face it as the Ideon while flying through space, and it takes 50 hits to defeat it. Steven Universe
Mama Centipeedle Centipeedle Mother The mother of all Centipeedles. She summons Centipeedles, runs up walls and jumps down hard, spits acid, digs underground and pops back up, and curls up into a ball and rolls across the field. She is a optional boss found in the Netherworld. Steven Universe
Ide Tororo (2) Ide Tororo returns to fight you while you use a rebuilt Ideon to get to his castle. You have to shoot him 25 times each phase. He has 4 phases and goes through this phase chart: Ice>Wind>Star>Water. Crystal Legends
GrinderNSMB2 Grinder A circular saw made to guard Tororo's Space Castle. He chases the player and occasionally jumps. He is spiked, so use special attacks against him.  Mario
Chad A skinless whale that swims in a sea of blood in Tororo's Space Castle. He hops out of the blood to attack you, blows dangerous blood bubbles, and summons Zombies. Super Meat Boy
Ideapede A powered up Killipede that is powered up by Ide Energy. It is the same as last time, but can now temporarily put radioactive spikes on its armor, spew a wave of Ide Energy, and make a earthquake that causes Pitchforks and debris to fall from the ceiling. Crystal Legends