Crystal Glacier is the fourth world in Extreme Mario World. It has blue hills, rainbow crystals, and an aroura nighttime sky. The boss is Lemmy. The enemy course is a Fliprus.


Monty Mole Snowland

The first level of World 4. It has Monty Moles, Paratroopas, Ice Bros. and Spike Balls.

Fliprus Mountain

The first part has Flipruses and snowballs. The next part is on a frozen lake.

Boo's Frozen Ice Palace

A level with falling ice blocks, Boos, and Magikoopas

Cooligan Cavern

A cave level with icicles, Cooligans and Coldboos. Fire and Ice are on their tower at the end.

Freezeflame Tower

A level with Fire Bros. and Ice Bros. There's also a elevator. The boss is Fire and Ice.

Christmas Paradise

A level with red, green, and white pipes. It has moving mushrooms and Broozers.

Frigid Forest

A forest level with Lakitus, Piranha Plants, and Yoshi

Bomber Clouds

A level with Para-Bombs, Paratroopas, and moving mushrooms. Lemmy's ship will be circling his castle at the end.

Lemmy's Shifting Castle

A castle with conveyors, shifting platforms, Thwomps, and an Ice Snake Block. The boss is Lemmy

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