Crystal Edge
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Developer(s) Twenty-Second Choice and Earth Entertainment Studios
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Platform(s) Novaya
Genre(s) Action/Strategy Role-Playing Game

Crystal Edge is an action strategy role-playing game developed by Twenty-Second Choice and Earth Entertainment Studios for the Novaya, and the first collaboration between the two companies.


In the kingdom of Ordene, there are three crystals which maintain the balance of magic throughout the world. One day, however, these crystals are corrupted with dark magic by Almas, who sought to use their power to ascend to godhood. Each of the three crystals selects a chosen hero from somewhere in Ordene, and telepathically calls for them to defeat Almas and cleanse the crystals; each of the heroes begins to assemble an army to accomplish this goal.

Almas hears news of this and decides to begin recruiting an army of their own.


  • Almas: The main character of the game; their gender, appearance, name and class can be customized by the player at the beginning of the game.
  • Monna: One of the starting generals in Almas' army.


Crystal Edge's gameplay consists of two main phases: the Strategy phase, which occurs on the world map, and the Battle phase which takes place at individual locations and plays similarly to the Dynasty Warriors series.

Strategy Phase

In the Strategy phase, the player views a map of Ordene with the location of every character shown and controls Armas' army in a turn-based format. When the army passes over a town, it becomes part of their territory and may be visited to buy new items, hire new generals, and other functions. Armies may also be split apart into groups of any number of generals; this is ideal for defending territory, by placing smaller armies at each location adjacent to enemy territory. When Armas' army is adjacent to an enemy army, an attack can be commenced which takes place in whatever location the defending army is standing on at the time. This enters the Battle phase.

Battle Phase

The Battle phase, as mentioned, is very similar to the gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors series. Each army has a large number of weak soldiers, and a small number of much stronger generals. The objective for the attacking army is to capture a number of control points on the map which the defending team starts the game with, while the defending team's objective is to prevent the attacking team from taking the control points for a certain amount of time (they can take back control points which the attackers take, however). The army also succeeds if they defeat all of the enemy's generals. Control points are captured by defeating a number of enemy soldiers who appear at the control point.