Crystal Crown is an item from Paper Mario: Sticker Supreme that is the main focus of the game. After Dekra finds it in Ancient Ruins, it turns corrupted and slowly darkefies the land around it. Mario then goes out to find the seven Eternal Stars so he can venture past the darkness and restore it.


A long time ago, the Crystal Crown was created by ancients as to harness the power created by their Eternal Stars. However, it survived long after they were defeated, and the Crown absorbed most of the power from the Eternal Stars. A thousand years later, the evil "mist", Dekra, found the ancient ruins and touched the crown. It, however, absorbed him and began to corrupt the land. It then sent out a small shockwave and released a remade Dekra, which is now under it's control.

After the new Dekra tried to stop Mario's attempts at finding the Eternal Stars, they all failed. Mario then used them to enter the Corrupted Land, where the ruins were located. The Crystal Crown then reabsorbed Dekra and left the orb it was located in for the first time. After attempting to thwart Mario's journey into the ruins, he finally decided to create a gigantic deathtrap in his chamber. When Mario entered, he fell into a large void, leading to Paper Hades.

In Paper Hades, Mario ventures furthur and finds the Crown mascarading as the Hades. After telling Mario he must leave the ruins right when he returns to the surfice, Mario becomes suspicious and kicks "Hades", revealing his true form. The Crown then grew many times and breaks the bridge that lead to his castle, which is also destroyed. After fiercily battling the plumber, Mario finally calls upon the Eternal Stars to combine with Mario so they can absorb their power back from the Crystal Crown.

After losing his power, the Crown is returned to normal size and everyone is returned to the ruins. The stars call upon the ghost of the Ancients' king, who decided to destroy the Crown and put Dekra in prison. They finish the first part, but Dekra escapes before they can imprison him.


  • Absorbing the power of entities
  • Creating shockwaves
  • Etmiting light
  • Transforming into others
  • Creating hurtful lasers


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