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Cryptid Hunter: Search for El Chupacabra

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Cryptid Hunter: Search for El Chupacabra
Developer(s) Beanstalk Inc.
Publisher(s) Beanstalk Inc.
Platform(s) Storybook
Genre(s) Stealth/Adventure
Release Date(s)
December 5, 2012
Age Rating(s)
E10+, 12+, PG, A
Media Included Storybook disc
Cryptid Hunter is an upcoming game by Beanstalk Inc. to be released in 2012 for the Storybook. It stars Dr. Ivan Wolfe catching and searching for El Chupacabra.


It was a nice day for Dr. Ivan Wolfe, until...

"Doctor!" shouted The Boss, "If you don't capture that creature you made, the goat sucker 'imself, they'll suspect something!" "So?" added Dr. Wolfe. "Kill out them creatures!" whispered The Boss, to make sure no one was listening to her.


These items are used to battle with, and detect

Old Bear Trap (Default)

  • Sonor System (Default)
  • Camera (Default)
  • Leash & Collar (Purchase)
  • Sleep Pills (Purchase)
  • Raw Meat (Purchase)
  • Large Cage (Grant Needed)
  • Animal Enclosure (Grant Needed)

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