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The Cryoverse is a wacky multiverse that branches far, far away from our own universe. It has gone through a reset, the reason was too many mario recolors. Cryoverse today is in its worst time, and it doesn't seem to be getting better at all, either.

Important Characters

  • Arlegeon - Arlegeon is the highest god of the Cryoverse, and is the one whom watches down on lifeforms that are ment for good. Though, he can only manage the larger planets.
  • Gratelion - Gratelion is the god who watches on all demons, including the Universe Devourer, making sure no demon or corrupted being can escape.
  • Archeliate - Archeliate was the final godess, and was formed by Arlegeon and Gratelion, both to make sure balance remains between everything, aswell as observing smaller planets.
  • Mario - TBA
  • Butt Butt - TBA
  • George Lucas - TBA
  • Kool Aid Man - TBA
  • Smile the Friendly Portal - TBA
  • Bayonetta - TBA

Minor Characters



Old Universe

  •  ??? - Arlegeon, Gratelion, and Archeliate quickly notice their wrong doings and decide to unleash a beast called the Universe Devourer, allowing it to destroy the old universe. They leave behind the old universe, leaving the Universe Devourer in it.

New Universe

  • 0000 - New universe is created, and the gods enjoy a nice life.
  • 0020 - Gratelion creates a child, and names him Prestolit.
  • 0047 - Prestolit escapes from Safe Haven, and inhabits himself on a planet holding life forms, which he names Labo.
  • 0057 - Casino Dungeon is constructed.
  • 0059 - Casino Crashers begins, first set of characters are thrown onto Labo and find themselves in Prestolit's trap.

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