Capital City Eskolian
Largest City Eskolian
Language(s) Cryvaniese
Leader(s) President Jared Cylo
Population Roughly about 750,000
Currency Cryobits
Drives on the left
Measuring System Metric Unit
Abbreviation CR
Included Environment(s)
Cryovania is a country on the Dolenia continent, bordering Illusia and an overseas territory of Oluapland.

Cryovania seems to keep to itself, not usually having massive trades with any countries or partaking in any wars, so it is generally peaceful. Though a group of well known thugs that are known for going on rampages does cause some panic. In the later years, though, most of the thugs have been placed in jail or ran to another country.

Cryovania has an exotic beach area, which is one of their most visited tourist attractions, followed by their beautiful pine forests. It has a few large cities, spread out throughout Cryovania. Even as a small country, Cryovania has a few states, that sometimes get in a few arguments. Most of the wars Cryovania has been in are actually between different states. Though now most states are at agreements, except for a few.

Cryovania has a small overseas country in the middle of Lumoshiland and Clausania. While it still takes the name as Cryovania currently, it seems to be drastically different, having only two states which each have about half of the country.



Cryvaniese is the most commonly used language, which is almost the same as English, but with a few things changed up. Though, English is used by some of the population, aswell.


While Cryovania has many sports, Basketball is by far the most played and watched sport. Each State has 1 or 2 teams who all play against eachother, and the top two teams at the end of the season will face off at the country capital to see who wins the Cryovania Trophy, a trophy given out every year to the winning team.

Cryovania's overseas country also has 10 teams, 5 each state, which compete aswell, but only at the overseas area. After a few games between eachother a championship will take place and the top two teams will go to Cryovania to try to win the Cryovania Trophy.

Movie/Show Industry

Cryovania is well known for being a very big producer for movies, and shows, meaning they have many theaters around the country. Many famous Osiris acters live in Cryovania, aswell.

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