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Founder(s) CryoticYoshi
Founded at/in October 22, 2015
Headquarters New York City
Owner(s) CryoticYoshi
Cryobyte is CryoticYoshi's independant company, created for mostly his Fantendoverse related things (games, stories, etc.) The name, while it may not seem obvious, was derived from the word frostbite.

The company is also used for almost any Original series CryoticYoshi makes. Its first game is revolved around the Magma Sentinels, though not much is known about it other then it takes place in Bermuda Triangle.



  • Meltdown
  • Fantendo - Misfits
  • Fantendo - Misfits: Starsnow


  • Finish Misfits at War and Casino Crashers by March
  • Begin Firball by end of March and finish before Victory is finished
  • Begin Starsnow Season one after Victory
  • Begin Upgrade Knight production again in May

Secondary Focuses

  • Begin the idle game titled Magic Farmer Simulator
  • Start up Toroko Smash Bros. again.
  • Finish King Ash, Topzy, Jared Orlevo, Spirit, Plasma, Birnstone, and Troy 456 pages.
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