You're... You're a strong one, Silver... [coughs loudly] Please get rid of Mallory as soon as possible, that's my final...request...
Crymsia, her dying words in Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 10: Under the Sun

Crymsia Rose


Crymsia SI

Current Age 24
Date of Birth May 19th
Gender Female
Species Zaxinian Kittuman
Location Naxaz
Align Hero
Current Status Deceased
Sewing, making dresses, hanging out, being graceful and showing it off, being in a team, cooperating successfully with others, fistbumping, posing for the camera, sleeping in late, cold showers, jokingly teasing, making new friends
Fighting in any form, spicy foods, getting angry with anyone, having to use her Rose Blade, any sight of fire
Height 5'05"
Weight 118 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Crymsia Rose was one of various characters in the Zaxinian Lifts, and was the main protagonist of Nature Warrior alongside her once-husband Silver Zin.  She was both a princess and a warrior, having fought in order to defend what remained of the Floral Kingdom and her friends, and resided on the Zonar planet in the beloved city of Naxaz. She was best friends with Penny and Dustai. She died during the events of Shadows of Mallory, though was temporarily resurrected as a plant-like being before being unable to keep that form, collapsing entirely. She spent her last days as part of the Resistance.


Crymsia was a tall, light tanned warrior with long milky hair to her sides, and had a strong bronze mask covering her fragile yet beautiful sanguine eyes. The clothes she wore were composed of jade colored leaves with prolonged barbs tightening them all together. Her ears were those of a cats', and functioned identically to those of one. Flowing behind her was a long, viridescent cape that flowed bravely in the wind. Feathers ran down the back of her head and all the way down to the center of her spine.


Even though she came across as extremely intimidating due to her fierce and proud appearance, she was actually quite friendly and did gestures with kind movements and grace to her friends and even to strangers, although could change stance if those strangers became enemies.  She helped any hero in need and supported just about every good being in the dimension. She was very easy to befriend and talk with, but she would never hesitate to argue and break up with friends if they did something very wrong. Around Silver, Crymsia tended to behave more mischievously and could get relatively flirty around him, but should anyone have gone out of their way to hurt Silver, one could be meeting a very angry Crymsia indeed. According to Silver, an angered Crymsia is basically the same as a rampaging elephant, "only far smarter".


Crymsia was not without an outstanding number of abilities at hand.  Physically, Crymsia could slash hard with her sacred Rose Blade, and she could wrap enemies around in thorns and absorb their health or whip them to death harshly. Her light weight and great agility allowed her to strike with such speed that ones that blink didn't even get to see her attack. While she was held back by being very frail and prone to being torn apart, she could overcome this with the right movements and strategies. Her nature abilities actually granted her an incredible power that lasted for her full afterlife until it was destroyed - her seeds could be planted and be used to grow into something else, and her body could easily grow roots to take over anything underground.

She was also a medical doctor, and was one of the few in the Zaxinian Lifts to not make this fact obvious. Her back had vines and herbs growing within, and as such that part of her body could be opened up, at the cost of pain. Aloe vera, elderberries and papaya were just a few of the things that she could grow. Some drawbacks included limited space and the fact that her cures took a long while to fully grow.

Crymsia had a hole in the roof of her mouth that was a source of self made silk. Crymsia could use this silk to make clothing, webs, strong ropes, etc.

Relationships with other characters


Crymsia was very affectionate for Silver and has expressed great gratitude towards him for all the great things he had done with her, and hoped to remain with him for as long as she possibly could, with their relationship continuing until her very death. In spite of all her previous teasing towards him in regards to his "super-serious" focuses and his business-made lifestyle, she was proud of Silver for far he had come and was right behind him with aiding him in his needs, though she preferred to not make things go into overdrive or force people to panic to get things done. Ever since the events of "Intertwined", Crymsia and Silver at least ate one meal a day together and slept together in the same bed, with Silver having occasionally pushed aside business matters to spend time with her. She thought that because of her relationship with Silver, she was one of the luckiest people in the Zaxinian Lifts.

Silver returned these feelings towards her, having considered her to be lovely and quite affectionate, and did many things with her that he would not have normally considered doing outside of her presence. In spite of having believed that the Zaxinian Lifts are clearly in peril, he vowed to make both the Zaxinian Lifts and Crymsia into the happiest things possible for him, and put a lot of his time in making sure that he could balance both parts of his schedule. Even if he couldn't spend time peacefully at home with Crymsia, he often offered to take her along on the journey because his experiences with her in both Nature Warrior titles proved that Crymsia could stand her own ground in battles.

Crymsia's last words were spent on telling him she loved him.


Having seen Penny as one of her wisest friends and overall her best friend at the time, Crymsia always had Penny tag along with her on her journeys whenever possible due to her good ability at keeping her calm and her intelligence when it came to the Zaxinian Lifts' many worlds and creatures. While she could at times be annoyed by Penny's constant nervousness and her "chatterbox" personality, Crymsia was forgiving of it and often shared little to no negative thoughts towards her otherwise. An example of their strong relationship was that even though Penny was born with no above-average abilities, Crymsia put all the effort she could with Silver into teaching her the ways of fighting. With their help, Penny became able to stand her own ground in a moderate-level fight.

Even though Penny normally just accompanied Crymsia on her adventures, she always made them more fun than they would be otherwise, with Penny's "flavor descriptions" of the places while fitting puns into them always having given Crymsia a good laugh and a fair sense of confidence.


Even though she saw Dustai as a "total dork", she was really fond of Dustai and liked to be around him when he was acting at least moderately stable. She saw a lot of potential in this blind man and encouraged him to grow beyond his horizons in spite of Silver's warnings that he would perhaps use his stronger powers recklessly. While Dustai had destroyed a fair amount of her property by complete accident with his weapons, she had forgiven him again and again (even for burning down her under-construction castle one time) and always defended him in front of anyone that may have seen him as anything different. As Penny and Dustai were dating prior to her death, Crymsia always did what she could to support the two's relationship.

Like Penny, Dustai often just accompanied Crymsia on her adventures, but he visited her home more regularly purely thanks to the strong aroma that came off of her armor. When he was there, Crymsia and Dustai tended to have pretty good chats (even if they could become nonsensical at times).



  • Crymsia was originally a character from the Zolaran Archives, but became separated from it and hence became her own character.

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