Crymsia SI

Current Age 24
Date of Birth May 19th
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Align Hero
Current Status Alive
Sewing, making dresses, hanging out, being graceful and showing it off, being in a team, cooperating successfully with others, fistbumping, posing for the camera, sleeping in late, cold showers, jokingly teasing, making new friends
Fighting in any form, spicy foods, getting angry with anyone, having to use her Rose Blade, any sight of fire
Height 5'05"
Weight 118 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Crymsia Rose is one of various characters in the Zaxinian Lifts, and is the main protagonist of Nature Warrior alongside her husband Silver Zin.  She is both a princess and a warrior, fighting in order to defend what remains of the Floral Kingdom and her friends, and resides on the Zonar planet in the beloved city of Naxaz. She is best friends with Penny and Dustai.


Crymsia is a tall, light tanned warrior with long milky hair to her sides, and has a strong bronze mask covering her fragile yet beautiful sanguine eyes. The clothes she wears are composed of jade colored leaves with prolonged barbs tightening them all together. Her ears are those of a cats', and function identically to. Flowing behind her is a long, viridescent cape that flows in the wind. Feathers run down the back of her head and all the way to the center of her spine.


Even though she comes across as extremely intimidating due to her fierce and proud appearance, she is actually quite friendly and gestures with kind movements and grace to her friends and even to strangers, although can change stance if those strangers are enemies.  She helps any hero in need and supports just about every good being in the dimension.  She is very easy to befriend and talk with, but she will never hesitate to argue and break up with friends if they do something very wrong.


Crymsia is not without an outstanding number of abilities at hand.  Physically, Crymsia can slash hard with her sacred Rose Blade, and she can wrap enemies around in thorns and absorb their health or whip them harshly.  Her light weight and great agility allow her to strike with such speed that ones that blink don't even get to see her attack.  While she's held back by being very frail and prone to being torn apart, she can overcome this with the right movements and strategies.

She is also a medical doctor, and is one of the few to not make this fact obvious.  Her back has vines and herbs growing within, and as such that part of her body can be opened up, at the cost of pain.  Aloe vera, elderberries and papaya are just a few of the things that she can grow.  Some drawbacks include limited space and the fact that her cures take a long while to fully grow.

Crymsia has a hole in the roof of her mouth that is a source of self made silk. Crymsia can use this silk to make clothing, webs, strong ropes, etc.

Relationships with other characters


Crymsia loves Silver, but can often find him annoying with his "edgy attitude". Despite this, she can easily understand him and has vowed to help him search out a happy life for almost nine years now.



  • Crymsia was originally a character from the Zolaran Archives, but became separated from it and hence became her own character.

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