Cry of fear 2

The European boxart

Cry of Fear 2 is a sequel to Cry of Fear. Unlike the first, Cry of Fear 2 is not a mod of half-life, and instead an original title on the Wii. It continues from ending 3.


John Mogwai is a police man/officer in Sweden, investigating the death of Simon Henriksson. Simon had killed himself. A while back, he had been involved in a car accident, a man had run him over. The car accident left the entire lower half of his body crippled and useless. His Doctor, Doctor Purnell, tried to help him by telling him to write a book, but unfortunately it backfired. Simon wrote the book and eventually killed the Doctor after believing that he didn't care about him at all, and was simply doing his job, like a terrible doctor. He spared Sophie's life, and wishes that no one tells her about the horrors of the book. When John reads the book he gets sucked into Simon's messed up world.


Chapter 1

John walks around Simon's house. He finds a gun in Simon's hand, and a Baton and knife in his pockets. When John sees the book Simon is dead on, he starts to read it. He looks up and realises he is in another world. John must find his way to his home in this world.

Chapter 2

When John gets to his home, the front door is locked with a fuse. The player must locate the fuse, which is hidden under the police (polis) car down the end of the road, with a Uzi. Inside the house is Simon's view of the police (trigger happy, evil) who shoot John for no reason. 3 Faceless creep up on John after the police are sighted. When the player has killed the police and faceless, a cutscene starts of John saying "What the fuck just happened? First the police start shooting at me without me doing anything, then these creepy bastards just come out of nowhere? And what are they?" Chapter 3 is started by going into John's room.



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