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Crusher (Metroid)
Full Name Crusher
Current Age 24
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Uncertain
Class Defender
Main Weapon(s) Gigantic Battlesuit, Omega Cannon
Ability/ies Advanced Intelligence
Samus (friend, possible romantic interest, formerly enemy), Weavel (enemy), Kanden (enemy), Sylux (enemy), Trace (enemy).
Simon Octavius (real name)
Voice Actor(s)
Robin Atkin Downes (with armor), Chris Cox (without armor)
Crusher is a human scientist wielding a giant battlesuit; he is primarily seen in Metroid: Virus, supposedly defending Earth from the Space Pirates, but really determining to remove all alien influence from Earth so humanity can start from the ground up.


Early Life

Originally known as Simon Octavius, the man who would become Crusher was a Galactic Federation scientist in charge of researching innovative, powerful battlesuits, and had just recently received the Omega Cannon for experimentation (these events occur during Super Metroid). However, one day his research got interrupted when Kanden barged in to retrieve the secret of the Alimbics. When Octavius refused to give the Enoeman Supersoldier a weapon that could tear apart planets, Kanden responded by hacking Simon's leg off. When Trace tried to obtain sensitive files on the Federation so the Kriken Empire would be able to secure a victory in a war against them, Octavius intervined, with Trace removing his eyes as punishment. Left blind and crippled, Octavius could do nothing about the magnetic, tectonic and climate shifts across the world, and he was wracked with guilt for not being able to save his home planet.

A Metal Juggernaut

Disconsolate about Earth's uninhabitable state, Octavius resolved that he was the only one who might be capable of actually fixing Earth, and also concluded that Humanity would only be able to rebuild society there if all alien influence was removed; sneaking into the Federation battlesuit warehouse virtually unnoticed (even with his handicaps; not that well-guarded, mind you), he managed to work all night to create a battlesuit that would thoroughly compensate for his handicaps, and create modifications for it, such as a brand-new Boost Modulator that would use anti-gravity technology to lighten the battlesuit to a third of its original weight, allowing for extra maneuverability and speed, and adding a compact, yet no less powerful version of the Omega Cannon (not knowing of its origin at the hands or the Alimbics). Using this seemingly unstoppable battlesuit, and dubbing himself Crusher, Octavius soon sought to remove all alien influence from Earth, and rebuild humanity.

Metroid: Virus

When Samus came to Earth in pursuit of the Pirates (without the Federation's help), she first saw Crusher aboard an abandoned station above Earth, making off with a strange object, while several Pirates attempted to stop him with little avail; Samus and Crusher later grapple in the Pirate Mountain Outpost, where he seeks information on the other Pirate base locations. Despite the fact that Samus' equipment was somewhat lacking at the time, she gained the upper hand by using Crusher's size against him.

Crusher was later seen fighting off Weavel at the Europe base, and then apparently killing him with a concentrated blast from the Omega Cannon.

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