Crushbrick is the first boss in Lego Mario. Crushbrick is a bunch of Koopa Bricks stacked on and has a core brain which makes it alive and sent to defeat Mario and Luigi.

Role in Story

After Bowser was told that Mario and Luigi were still alive, but stuck in a jungle canyon, they showed Bowser Crushbrick. Amazed, they added the brain, and the final pieces. It began smashing Bowser's throne room, a couple of Koopas, then stopped. Bowser told him to destroy Mario and Luigi. Being chased by it until they got stuck in a pit, they had defeated it by smashing it and letting it displace it's self and made it into a ladder, where they escaped the pit. Crushbrick was told to appear more in the game.

Fighting Crushbrick

Battle #1

You first have to run from it as it chases you down a pathway. You can trip on logs, run into trees, fall into pits, which all hurt you or slow you down. After getting to the end, a log falls and knocks Mario and Luigi into a pit. There, it begins shooting pieces, which is actually hurting itself. To speed the battle up, there is a few ways to get rid of his bricks quicker. You can either pick up face pieces and chuck them at him, trick him into smashing into walls, hammering him, or jumping on him with Luigi and pick pieces off. If you attack the core, it instantly is destroyed.

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