Project LL
Lexi Larsen
Bionic Woman
R.O.S.E Ranking N/A
Element Steel : Light
Power Holo Bow and Arrow
Rewards Lexi Larsen's Clothes

Electrical Surge (Taunt)
1000 Blood Money

This is Lexi Larsen's page for Crow vs the World. To see her main page, click here.

Project LL (aka Lexi Larsen) is a boss in Crow vs the World. She is generally seen as the seventh boss, as the page shows her enemies seventh and she is weak to the Mask of the Earth. However, since the bosses can be done in any order, you can save her for last if you wanted to.


Lexi Larsen was a former FBI agent that was blown up during Strafe: Warzones and was reconstructed into a cybernetic soldier by the government. Robbed of her voice and will in the progress, Lexi Larsen actually has no beef with Crow, but the government sees Crow as a threat and sees it as a job for Project LL, their new military project.


Project LL's stage is rather open, as it takes place on a military airfield with a wide array of enemies for Crow to defeat. Crow must occasionally dodge landing aircraft from time to time. The mid point of the stage takes place in navy docks, seeing Crow jumping from ship to ship to chase the mini-boss. The ending of the stage takes place on a beach.


Enemies found in Project LL's stage.

Character Info

Bomb with Arms

A enemy that crawls towards Crow and stops to explode. Crow has to dodge them the second they begin ticking or suffer serious damage. Crow can throw them to explode at other enemies.


A artificial dinosaur with guns for arms. It fires at Crow and has quick reflexes. It can dodge Crow's attacks, but Crow can potentially use a Reaction Blue right afterwards to knock it to the ground.


Floating enemies that explode when they get near Crow. They float downwards and start ticking before they explode. Unlike Bomb with Arms, they can't be thrown.


An artificial dinosaur that has a missile launcher on it's back. It fires missiles at Crow from afar and attempts to run her over if she's close to it.


The Trencher can hide in it's "pot" and avoid being damaged upclose by Crow, requiring projectile attacks to be killed. When Crow is far away from it, it throws grenades at her.

Mini-Boss: Beorn Suit Man


Beorn Suit Man appears on the navy ships. He has nothing to say and fires at Crow from a distance, running if Crow gets close. He doesn't run fast enough to avoid Crow's fast strikes, but will keep running despite being attacked and will jump from ship to ship, firing while in mid-air. Crow needs to dodge his bullets but keep up with him to contuine draining damage for him. When he has 50% less of his health he stops and surrounds himself in Trenchers that need to be killed by Crow before she can get the rest of his health down.


When Crow finally encounters Project LL, Project LL just fires away with the two not saying a word to each other.

Green Phase

Project LL begins her "green phase" with a very easily dodge-able holo light arrow attacks that don't damage Crow too much, but they are very fast. Project LL then gets on one knee and suddenly does a very quick strike that is a little more difficult to dodge but can be countered with a Reaction Blue command. This continues for three cycles before going into the Yellow Phase.

Yellow Phase

In Project LL's yellow phase, she begins to chase Crow through the beach, into a area with landmine clearly marked. Crow must dodge these areas or suffer a lot of damage. Project LL is very fast so Crow needs block her attacks and counter them with a Reaction Blue command to knock her back. These goes for three cycles before Project LL and Crow get in the front of a military base, clashing as Project LL enters her Red Phase.

Red Phase

Project LL enters her Red Phase as she goes full out on Crow, requiring Crow to dodge and block all of her attacks. Project LL is then exhausted for a bit, allowing Crow to fight back and drain her health. When her health is at 50%, she slashes at Crow with a nearly unblockable attack that leaves them both with one hit point of health left, staggering. Project LL has apparently a broken arm due to the attack and attacks with her weaker arm. All that is needed is a perfectly timed attack and the stage ends.

When Project LL is defeated, Crow rests until nightfall and takes her clothes earns 1000 Blood Money. She also learns "Electrical Surge" as a taunt. After doing so, a cutscene of Lexi Larsen realizing that Crow removed the communication device from her body that was giving her orders as well as a means to blow her up plays. Some soldiers appear but Lexi merely shoots them, running as she realizes she is free.

Effective Taunts


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