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The mysterious Crow
Full Name Crow
Current Age 23
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human/Evangel
Location Unknown
Current Status alive
Class Unknown?
Main Weapon(s) Katana

Eye Opener (Blade)

Ability/ies Amazing use of the blade
Vulnerable To Literally unable to use guns
Height 6'00
Ying Yang
First Appearance Attack on Castle Zozo (conception)

Crow vs the World (first real appearance)

Crow is a "wild" woman that lives primarily in nature and wields a katana or giant sword. She first appeared in the forum roleplaying games Attack on Castle Zozo and FINAL BOSS: An RP About A Boss Fight, with Zozo implied to take place before FINAL BOSS. She has three sisters named Robin, Raven, and Houbara. She was later brought into the Fantendoverse by Exotoro after the RPs using her. Her first "real" appearance is Crow vs the World.


Crow has white hair and red eyes that are shaped a little bit like flames. Crow generally wears a black kimono, although is known to wear very little at all at times, or stripping clothes off her opponents to wear herself. She generally smells pretty awful, often eating raw meat or even live animals at times, as well as traveling on four legs across the wilderness. Crow has a back tattoo that is printed with a silver, yet invisible tattoo that is only revealed when heat is near it. This tattoo reveals her lineage to Liameno, who is her father.

In FINAL BOSS: An RP About A Boss Fight, she has one of her eyes missing, covered by a black eye patch.


Crow is somewhat of a bipolar character, being mostly calm even when seriously injured. Although she is mostly calm, when one slights her in anyway (such as being annoying or just her not liking them based off nothing) she becomes irrationally upset and usually wants to kill those who have wronged her. She is very much on her own, preferring to live off nature (although in a way that harms nature more than nurturing it) and usually will straight up eat dead animals. She believes clothing is more of an auxiliary thing and sometimes walks around without clothes if she deems them unnecessary.

Crow is also overconfident in her abilities and feats, although she hasn't exactly been humbled about her feats of taking on the world and other multiverses. She doesn't talk very often, often only talking when someone asks a question or if she can deliver a really sick burn. Crow does not speak her mind through words but rather actions.

Crow is a scavenger of sorts, taking the clothes from her enemies once defeated regardless if she needs them or not. Some have believed she does this as a act of humiliation for her opponents, but it seems more likely that Crow just takes everything she can from her enemies irregardless if she needs them or not. She is not a cannibal and will not eat anything that's intelligent enough to speak. Despite this, she has the reputation of being one.

Crow seems to have a really bad memory, unable to remember ANYONE that she's wronged in Crow vs the World. The only people she seems to recognize on sight is her sisters but tends to mix up their names. She also seems to be illiterate, although not to the extent of her sister Houbara. She also seems to have a irrational fear of cyborgs, often lashing out or hiding from them.

She often crawls on all fours similar to a dog when traveling from place to place. She doesn't trust any mode of transportation but doesn't experience car sickness or anything similar. She seems to show a great disdain for monkeys, immediately getting violent if called one and has been seen killing them without eating them later, unlike every other animal she's killed.


Crow is an excellent swordswoman, her abilities excelling even of the best swordsmen to a supernatural level. At the cost of this though, she cannot even hold a gun for more than five seconds, let alone fire it. She can unleash sonic waves with sword strikes as well as cut atoms with concentration, giving her nuclear powered strikes if she wills it. This precision feeds into her reaction time, allowing her do some impossibly fast moves during her reactions to things. This precision ability was called "Reaction Blue" in Crow vs the World, where it is a major gameplay mechanic. It also reappears as her counter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.

Crow is also mostly immune to any disease due to her father being Liameno, who shares this same immunity. This allows her to eat raw, dead animals without signs of sickness or fatigue later. She also seems to be somewhat familiar in the world of fabric, able to use anyone's clothes irregardless of size, likely due to modifying it.


Crow vs the World

A Red Fall

Crow plays a major role in the short story A Red Fall, where Rubelline attempts to take her and General Syande on a date. As the date progresses, however, Syande quickly becomes insecure and uncomfortable about having to share Rubelline with Crow. Crow leaves the date while Rubelline and Syande talk, and it is revealed in Days of Victory that she would not return to see Rubelline for months.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Crow plays a major role in Days of Victory, the story mode of the game. Forced to join the Fan's side after Leah's supposed death, The Fan and The Enemy outfit her with a deathly shock collar so she does not go against them. During the end of Act 1, she vanishes after Kolob is taken over by The Threat. In Act 2, she heads back to Rubelline's house, where the two discuss what happened during A Red Fall and Crow's reaction to it. Crow ends up leaving Rubelline again, although not without the promise to come back.

Crow then raids Leah's hospital for animal parts to devour, eventually coming across Leah Needlenam herself during a nervous breakdown. Crow manages to calm Leah down. Crow tells Leah her plan to go to A22 to blast herself into space to get into Liameno's ships, a major supporter of The Fan and The Enemy. While they are at A22, Crow's presence with Leah manages to convince Lexi Larsen not to extract her revenge on Leah and instead follow them into space.

When they arrive on Liameno's ships, they are soon cornered by Liameno himself, who captures Crow after revealing that she is actually the daughter of him and one of his concubines, who died after giving birth to them on Earth. Notably, Crow is not at all impacted by this reveal. Leah, Thorn, Bombyx Icarusiot, and Lexi Larsen rescue her, although they are soon attacked by a alien clone of Crow dubbed "XenoCrow". After battling it and barely surviving it's attacks, Liameno commands it to defeat it's true enemy, in which Crow's innate fighting spirit activates inside of XenoCrow to defeat Liameno and send him out a escape pod.

The group then meets back with the other heroes on the winter base after successfully getting The Fan and The Enemy back along with their respective User Crystals. Crow is later seen in the epilogue at a pool with Rubelline, chasing a crab with a rock.



Crow tends to see Houbara when out in the wild, usually by coincidence. They are mostly hostile to each despite being the most similar to each other out of the sisters. They usually when she does it's a fight over prey or their temporary territories. Houbara has been in the wild for her entire life and frowns on Crow's rare use of modern day technology such as showers or man-made shelters.


Robin is the most civilized out of the four, and thus they are at odds with each other. Due to Robin's cleric career, she often tries to "tame" her sister and get her to believe in god, but this often ends with her place being trashed. Despite this, Robin loves her sister and just wishes the best for her. Crow prefers Robin's alternate personality, which is a battle-obsessed persona with a lust of showing her foes judgement.


Raven wants to live out the life that both Houbara and Crow have, being free in the wilderness but her hatred of the sun keeps her inside civilization. Raven has joined Crow on occasion on her wildlife adventures, usually at night.

Rubelline Tifft

Rubelline is one of the few people that Crow seems to actually like being around, likely because Rubelline allows her to do whatever she wants in her mansion and gives her food and spa baths. The two only seem to be getting closer and closer, to the point where Rubelline notes Crow as a girlfriend.

Lexi Larsen

The two are more or less tasked to kill each other during Crow vs the World, but Crow manages to free Lexi Larsen during their battle (although leaves her naked in the wilderness). After this, Lexi seemed to take on Crow's wild woman traits, possibly influenced by Crow herself.


During Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, it is revealed that Liameno is her father after they attempt to attack his ships. Liameno reveals Crow's back tattoo, as well as revealing that her mother, Swan, died while birthing the babies in the snow. Crow angrily retorts that she will kill him but is captured to create a more willing clone.

After Victory, Crow seems to have "forgotten" about Liameno entirely, although she has told her sister the fate of their mother. Crow does not seem to be impacted at all by the revelation beyond her initial flare of anger, as she has always hated Liameno and has no moral code to turn him to.



  • There is rumor circulating that Leah Needlenam is going to die in a upcoming project, with Crow taking her "place".