Various television tropes and idioms that appear in the show.

Character Specific

"Action Girl"

This trope applies to practically all of the female characters. All of them are capable of holding their own in combat, even the pacifist Naomi (although she doesn't fight very often, naturally).

"Badass Princess"

This trope applies to both Sally and Zelda, as they are both princesses, and badass. Sally is skilled with hand-to-hand combat, while Zelda has many magical abilities at her disposal.

"Snooping Little Kid"

Both Manik and Lank have pulled off this trope before, and numerous times. They have a habit of taking advantage of their small size to spy on the villains without getting caught (hopefully).

Plot Specific

"Do Not Taunt Cthulhu"

Used in the episode "At The Meowtains Of Madness". Sonic is the first to make the mistake of taunting Cthu-I mean Nyanlathotep, and ends up getting turned into a real hedgehog (still blue in color) for it.

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