Crossover Mania
Genre(s) Comedy
Original Language English

This is a television spinoff of the Crossover Mania Series. It stars all the original characters, but instead of being a fanfiction, it's a television show. It is somewhat anime-ish, but it also has a unique style all its own.

And guess what? You can help write these episodes! That's right! Yooooouuuuuuuu!

(Translation: You're more than welcome to help come up with episodes. If I approve, then you become a co-writer for said episode.)


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The show is basically a more light-hearted, slice-of-life take on the Crossover Mania universe. The AGL won't have to deal with any major evils (apart from Grunterbax and his minions/friends). However, that doesn't mean that our heroes get to rest much; there's usually some kind of trouble afoot.

And whenever there isn't, there's always empty dumpsters to ride down the street in.


  • "Crossover Mania's Flying Circus" is a collection of Monty Python's Flying Circus skits re-enacted by the characters.
  • In the episode "Are You Smarter Than An Arferon?" (where Peewee is depressed because someone beat him at science) Link attempts to cheer him up by telling him "The Ugly Barnacle" story (except he replaces "barnacle" with "Bokoblin". It makes Peewee yell "That didn't help at all!!", burst into tears and run out of the room.
  • Cthulhu, and sometimes other Lovecraftian Gods, are mentioned/referenced by the characters on occasion. It's not uncommon for someone to yell "IA! IA!" at the end of a discussion only to receive weird looks from everyone else.
    • The villain Nyanlathotep is obviously based upon the Outer God known as Nyarlathotep. He is the consort of Azadog (who is based upon Azathoth). Azadog does not appear at all in the series, but is mentioned a few times.

Running Gags

  • Tabi often pops up out of nowhere and begins chasing Sonic around while Yakety Sax plays. It never happens while our heroes are inside their HQ, however.
  • Link and Sonic tend to be played as "butt-monkeys" more often than the other characters.
  • Sonic's absurd hatred for algebra is often played for laughs, and sometimes used as blackmail.



Each episode is 30 minutes long. Some episodes put a specific character (or characters) more into the spotlight than others (some good examples are "Link's Epic Quest", which focuses mostly on Link, and "What's New, Tabi Cat?", which focuses mostly on Sonic and Tabi).

Season 1

Episode no# Episode name Written by Synopsis Character Focus
1-A A Day In The Life... Ryu What goes on in the Anti-Grunterbax League HQ when our heroes have no evil to fight? All
2-A Link's Epic Quest Ryu Link is on an epic quest to run errands! Epic errands! Link
4-A Dumpster Driving Ryu One of the stranger past-times of the Anti-Grunterbax League is to take an empty garbage dumpster and ride it down the street, Jackass style. Not surprisingly, Kirby, Peewee and the girls are the only ones smart enough to stay out of the dumpster. All
5-A What's New, Tabi Cat? Ryu Tabi's plans for making Sonic her man start to get out of hand. She ends up making Amy Rose look like a perfectly normal girl when she actually succeeds in capturing the Hero of Mobius with the help of some of Professor Karlos' Uber Frills. How will Sonic get himself out of this mess? Sonic, Tabi
6-A TBA Ryu It's Halloween, one of Grunterbax's favorite holidays. Why? Because he can scam little kids (including Lank and Manik) out of their candy (he loves candy). But the Anti-Grunterbax League will have none of that, and they fight back in a number of creative and crazy ways. All
7-A Crossover Mania's Flying Circus Ryu Skits from the wildly popular Monty Python's Flying Circus are performed by the Anti-Grunterbax League for your enjoyment! All
8-A TBA Ryu TBA All
9-A TBA Ryu TBA All

Season 2

Episode no# Episode name Written by Synopsis Character Focus
1-B TBA Ryu TBA All
2-B TBA Ryu TBA All
3-B TBA Ryu TBA All
4-B TBA Ryu TBA All
5-B Are You Smarter Than An Arferon? Ryu Peewee's brilliant mind has been put to shame by some asshole of a dude who's smarter than him. Now Peewee's all sad and depressed. Peewee
6-B CrossEvil Ryu Our heroes accidentally unleash CarnEvil, the greatest show unearthed! All
7-B TBA Ryu TBA All
8-B At The Meowtains Of Madness Ryu Our heroes run afoul of Nyanlathotep, the adorable but sadistic Kitten God of Chaos and Entropy! All
9-B TBA Ryu TBA All

Theme Song(s)

Superbeast (CarnEvil Remix) Rob Zombie

Superbeast (CarnEvil Remix) Rob Zombie

The theme song for Episode 6-B, "CrossEvil".


  • Silly little quirks about a lot of the characters are often shown during the episodes;
    • Link is a fan of the band They Might Be Giants. There is even a poster of said band above his bed.
    • Sonic owns a pair of heart-print boxers. He wears them as pajamas.
      • Tabi has a picture of Sonic in his pajamas.
    • Tabi has a Sonic doll that looks just like him, but more chibi-esque. Mix says its actually a voodoo doll, but she denies this.
    • In the episode "CrossEvil", when Sly and Peewee confront Eyeclops in the Freak Show level, Peewee cannot understand the monster's Cockney accent, but Sly can.
  • The villain Nyanlathotep/Meowlathotep is based upon the Outer God known as Nyarlathotep.
  • The first 30 seconds of CrossEvil's theme song actually plays on the CarnEvil arcade during a trailer, and is actually a remix of Rob Zombie's "SuperBeast". The whole song was remixed in the same style by [1] of YouTube.