Chapter 1 --- Chapter 2

Part 1

      One day, at Grunterbax High, Kirby, Sonic, Peewee, and Link were sitting in the cafeteria, enjoying lunch while they complained about their classes.

"Ugh...Health Ed was terrible today! Mrs. Greevil's insane, I tell ya!" Peewee lamented, putting his head in his paws, his overlarge, speckled ears flopping onto the table. Link just shrugged.

"We already know she's insane," he said. Peewee sighed and straightened his round glasses.

"True...but still...!"

Suddenly, Peewee was interrupted from his rambling by a voice.

"Hey, guys!" it said. The group of four turned around to see Sally and Zelda waving at them. The boys waved back as the two princesses joined them at the table. As usual, Zelda sat next to Link, and Sally sat next to Sonic. The Mobian hedgehog smiled at his girlfriend.

"Hey Sal," he said, nuzzling her happily. She giggled and nuzzled him back, blushing slightly.

"You two really shouldn't be doing that," said Kirby, raising an eyebrow. "What if a G-Cop sees you?"

"Ah, lighten up, Kirby," said Sonic, waving an impudent hand at him. "I mean, it's not like we're making out or anything. That'd just be gross."

"Yeah, Kirby," Link said teasingly, picking up and throwing a pickle slice at the pink star warrior, who promptly caught it in his gargantuan mouth and swallowed it whole, grimacing soon afterwards.

"Yeecchh, that wasn't a dill pickle."

The Hylian hero grinned.

"Besides," Sonic continued, leaning back in his chair and putting his arms behind his head. "If they did see, they would have come walking over here."

"You mean like now?" asked a sudden, almost taunting voice. Sonic nearly fell out of his seat while the others jumped and looked around frantically for the source of the voice, finally laying eyes upon Principal Grunterbax himself. The school tyrant continued to leer at them; a real ogre of a man (no, I'm serious), he was tall and heavyset, with yellow eyes, warty skin and three short horns extending from his head. A G-Cop was standing at his side; it bore some resemblance to the SWATbots under Robotnik's command, but with a large letter "G" imprinted into its chest, as well as a different chassis design.

"Don't think your public display of affection went unnoticed, Mr. Hedgehog," he said, crossing his meaty arms. "Those things are forbidden here!"

The G-Cop standing next to Grunterbax produced two pink slips of paper from a slot on its chest, and gave one to both Sonic and Sally, the former of who was gritting his teeth and fuming.

"After school," said the principal, smirking. "Do not try to skip out of it, or else."

      And with that, he and the G-Cop left. Sonic had the detention slip clutched in his left hand, which was shaking with fury.

"I'm getting so sick of Grunty!!" he cried, slamming his fist upon the table.

"Too right," Peewee agreed, nodding sagely.

"This is so ridiculous," muttered Sally. "He can't have seen! And even so..."

"Enough," Kirby said suddenly. Everyone turned to look at him, slightly confused.

"We're not taking this anymore," he continued, hopping up onto the table.

"But...what could we do? We can't just leave school," said Zelda.

"We don't have to actually leave. We're going to start a resistance. I believe you're familiar with this, Sonic, Peewee and Sally?"

The three Mobians nodded. Kirby smiled.

"Good. Then it's settled. From now on, we stand against Grunterbax as a team."

"Haven't we always done that?" asked Link, looking rather confused.

"True...but now, we can recruit others to our side."


"That's a part of being a Freedom Fighter," said Sally. "You find others who are also oppressed, and willing to fight for their freedom."


"So, what do you say, you guys?" said Kirby.

"I say yes!" said Sonic.

"Me too!"


The six friends cheered. And thus the resistance began.

      Later, after school, Sonic and Sally were in the detention hall, sitting in one of the room, on opposite sides. Sonic sighed.

"This is so ridiculous!" he groaned. Sally looked at him.

"I know," she said. “But what can we do? If we try to leave, we’ll get into worse trouble.”

"Oh come on, Sal. This guy can’t do anything worse than what Robotnik did to us back on Mobius...I mean it's not like he's hiding a Roboticizer in his office or something..."

A sudden tapping noise got their attention. Turning towards the small window at the back of the room, they saw Link standing there, waving.

"Link!" Sonic said, getting up. "What are you doing here?! What if Grunty or one of his goons sees you?!"

"Sorry," the teenage Hylian whispered. "Kirby just wanted me to tell you guys that we’re holding a meeting away from the apartment. Don’t want Grunty catching on."

The hedgehog facepalmed.

"He couldn’t have waited until after detention?!"

"Guess not."

"Look," said Sonic. "Just get out of sight before someone sees you. We don’t need anyone else getting a detention."

"Right-o," said Link, getting up and running off quickly. Sonic sighed, turning to Sally.

"It’s like Robotnik’s coup d’état all over again, Sal," he said.

"Lord knows we don’t need that again," she replied, rolling her eyes.

      Later, after Sonic and Sally got out of detention, the gang reunited at the local park. They sat near the big willow tree, which was a popular haunt for them, and the site of most of their major discussions. It was also a great place to just hang out and watch the world go by.

"Okay, you guys," said Kirby. "The first thing we gotta do is come up with a name for ourselves. Any suggestions?"

"How about 'The Tyrant-Trashers'?" Peewee said. "Grunty’s a tyrant."

"The 'Evil Principal Smashers'!" said Link.

"I like the 'Freedom Patrol'," Sonic said. Kirby simply shook his head.

"They’re good suggestions, but we need something...more," he said, sitting back and thinking. Just then, Manik and Lank (the respective younger siblings of Sonic and Link) popped out from behind the tree, making everyone else jump yet again.

"We came up with a good name!" said Lank, looking excited.

"Let’s hear it, then," Kirby said. The two youngsters smiled.

"The Anti-Grunterbax League!" they announced proudly. Everyone stared at them for a few seconds. Then they all looked at each other, starting to smile as well.

"I like it," said Zelda. Sally smiled and nodded while Peewee, Link and Sonic voiced their agreements.

"Then it's settled," said Kirby, smiling as well. "We are now the Anti-Grunterbax League!"

And there was much rejoicing.

Part 2

      Later that day, the newly dubbed 'Anti-Grunterbax League' had gone back to their apartment. Ironically, the apartment adjacent to it was where Grunterbax lived, which is why Kirby had planned for the earlier meeting to take place at the local park. Once back home, the gang decided to relax and play some Rock Band 2; very loudly.

"Masquerading as a man with a reason," sang Kirby, sounding exactly like Steve Walsh. "My charade is the event of the season! And if I claim to be a wise man, surely means that I don't knooow!"

With Link and Sonic playing both guitars and Peewee playing the drums, the four sounded almost as good as the real thing. Zelda, Sally, Manik and Lank were doing the wave, although given the fact that the two princesses were quite a bit taller than the two kids, it was a rather awkward-looking wave; not that anyone minded. Unfortunately, Grunterbax didn't seem to approve of these performances, music-wise or not. He stuck his head out the open window right next to theirs.

"Turn that crap down!!" he roared as he shook a hammy fist in their general direction.

"Carry on my waaywaaard soooo-hoooon!! There'll be peace when yoouu are doooone!! Lay your wearyyy heeaad to reee-eeest; don't you cryyy noooo moooore!!"

Grumbling, the tyrannical principal retreated back into his apartment, but not before getting an evil idea. He went downstairs and outside, snickering all the way. Approaching the power box, he opened it and flicked a few switches.

"This oughta end those delinquents' music careers," he said, grinning. Back inside the gang's apartment, the power had gone out, right as the really epic instrumental solo of the song had arrived.

"What the hell?!" said Link, looking around at the nearly pitch-black room.

"Maybe it's a blown fuse?" Peewee questioned, straightening his glasses.

"Whatever it is, I'm sure Grunty had something to do with it," Kirby said, scowling and setting down the microphone.

"Why am I not surprised?"

"So," Kirby continued. "Who wants to go turn the power back on?"

No one said anything. The star warrior rolled his eyes.

"Well then, I shall throw this microphone in the air. Whoever it lands on has to go turn the power back on."

Again, no one said anything. Kirby snorted and tossed the microphone in the air. A few seconds later, there was a thud and a cry of "Ow! Dammit!".

"Looks like you're it, Link," said Kirby. Grumbling and rubbing his aching head, the Hylian swordsman made his way through the dark to the door leading out into the hallway. He reached the front door, opened it and stepped outside, soon making his way to the power box in the little alley behind Grunty's place.

"Let's see here," he mumbled to himself, pulling open the power box door. All of the switches that supplied electricity to the Anti-Grunterbax League's apartment had been switched off. Link certainly didn't look surprised.

"Grunty, Grunty, Grunty," he said, flicking the switches back on. "You can do better than that."

Chuckling a bit to himself, Link closed the power box door and went back inside the apartment.

"I think Grunty's losing his touch," he said as he walked back inside the living room.

"Nooo, really?" Peewee said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "Anyone can flick a few switches and shut off the electricity going into a building."

"I think you're missing the point, Peewee," said Sonic, raising an eyebrow.


"I thought Grunty would do something more radical, like throw a Molotov cocktail through the window in an attempt to burn us alive," said Link. Everyone turned and stared at him.


      Later, the gang was mulling over their decision to start the Anti-Grunterbax League.

"Should we make a website for it?" asked Peewee.

"Maybe, or at least an e-mail address," said Kirby. Link frowned.

"But what if Grunty sends us spam, or hacks the website?" he asked.

"Then we know we've got his attention."

"Wait...does anyone here even know how to make a website?" Sally asked suddenly. Everyone looked at her, and then at each other. No one said anything.

"...I think this calls for a trip to the library," said Kirby. Everyone nodded and voiced their agreement. A while later, they were at the local library, scouring for books on how to create a website. Eventually, Sonic picked up a book titled "HTML and CSS for Dumbasses".

"I think this one might help," he said, showing the book to the others.

"Hey, we're not dumbasses!" said Link, looking quite incensed.

"Well let's pretend that we are, so we can learn everything we need to know about making a website."