Xavier: Throught many years, the planet Earth has been the home of the world's most deadly animals, but none of them can reach the same level of danger as the two fighters on the arena today.

Kyle: Are you telling me, a yellow rat and a McDonalds T-Rex are stronger than the animals that Earth has?

Xavier: Yes.

Kyle: God damn.

Xavier: Pikachu, the electrified yellow yet.

Kyle: And Agumon, a midget T-rex.

Xavier: Mascots of the world's most well known franchises about monsters beating the hell out of each other, they have never ever fought against each other, but today, we are going to see who would win this long-awaited battle.

Kyle: It is time for Crossover Gladiator!



Xavier: Agumon is the Reptile Digimon, a Child Digimon and a Vaccine-type Digimon, created to balance the dark side of the DigiWorld.

Kyle: Wait a fuck, that thing is still a child? That is one hell of a child. His mother must be so proud.

Xavier: Agumon is the evolution of four different kinds of Digimon, but his most well known pre-evolution is Koromon, which is actually the evolution of another Digimon, Botamon .

Kyle: How the hell did those things grew limbs, became yellow and started shooting fire!?

Xavier: The explanation for that is that Digimons are actually just computer data and they only exist in a computer world.

Kyle: So basically The Matrix meets with Jurassic Park?

Xavier: Not that way, it has been shown in multiple occasions that Digimon can in fact, leave the Digiworld where they leave in. One of those examples is the Digimon, Lucemon , that in his Satan form, managed to escape from the Digiworld and invade the planet Earth. As such, while they are in fact computer data, Digimons are capable of hurting real living things. 

Kyle: Japan is fucking weird.

Xavier: Agumon is still a child and so his power is not up to his full potentional, but he is known for his ferocius personality, even facing against opponents that are clearly more powerful than him, Agumon still goes up to the challenge, doing anything to protect him or the people around him.

Kyle: Agumon's moveset is quite varied, his special ability is a short-ranged flame ball known as the Baby Flame, which he can use in on the air, shoot many fireballs utilizing Spitfire.

Xavier: And if Agumon needs more battle power, he can summon the Battle Hawk , a battle axe made of red Chrome Digizoid, a super-powerful and super-strong type of metal only found in the Digiworld. The red variety is stronger than the blue variety and it gives the wielder extra defense power.

Kyle: Other abilities include Cross Fight, where he just bites the opponent, Sharp Claws, in which he tear into the opponent utilizing his razor-sharp claws, Mach Jab, a super-fast jab which the normal eye cannot see, which can be comboed, Dynamite Kick, a drop kick and finally Baby Burner, which burns down infants.

Xavier: Baby Burner is not actually literally a baby burner, Agumon acummulates the power of the Baby Flame to spit out an even stronger fireball.

Kyle: Whatever you say, it will be forever known as the flamethrower infant killer for me.

Xavier: If Agumon needs extra power, he can DigiEvolve into his next forms. The first one and the most used of those is Greymon, the Dinosaur Digimon and the adult form of Agumon. He gains extra height and extra power, alongside extra defense and a whole new set of abilites. Agumon has a lot of other evolutions, but to keep the fight fair, we are going to use Agumon's full potentional on this battle, so that's why we are not counting Raichu when we analyze Pikachu.

Kyle: Aw...

Xavier: Agumon's feats are actually non-existant, when he just DigiEvolved from his Koromon form to his Agumon form, he stood up against Kuwagamon , who is a evolved Digimon and that's about it.

Kyle: Despite his appearance as a tough Digimon, Agumon is not really the one that would call for a battle.

Xavier: Indeed, all of Agumon's feats come from the help of others and from the help of his evolved forms, but on his basic form, Agumon can do jack shit. He lacks combat experience on his own, but if needed, Agumon will do anything in order to protect his friends.



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