Crossover Gladiator
Creator(s) Locky
Producer(s) Locky
Distributor(s) VNetwork
Broadcaster(s) VNetwork
Type Humor, action.
First Air Date(s)
TBA 2015
Last Air Date(s)
TBA 2015

Crossover Gladiator is a comedy-action show based upon ScrewAttack's Death Battle and it follows the same style, featuring two or more fighters from different franchises with a similar theme as they see who is the best one. Unlike Death Battle, there is no actual battle in Crossover Gladiator because you know, battle in writing form is nowhere as exciting as battle in animation form.

The show is hosted by two different characters, Xavier, a scientist and historian from the future and Kyle, a lazy nerd from the present.


Season 1

  • Pikachu vs. Agumon
    The two mascots of the world's most well known creature franchises fight against each other to see who is the strongest and smartest of the two. On this side of the battle, Pichu's evolution, the yellow electric rat Pikachu against Koromon's evolution, the small T-rex Agumon.

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