Shadow's Edge is the first in the Crossed Fates series of fanfictions, written by SuperSonicDarkness. It is a crossover fanfic using some characters from the Megald Warriors series. 



Main Characters


Image Name Description Franchise
Render Death The Kid-1 Death the Kid Otherwise known as just "Kid," he is the main protagonist and son of the Grim Reaper and always tries to get the job done while still trying to help his friends. However, he has a crippling obsession with symettry, and even the slightest disarangement could leave him forfeiting a match.  Soul Eater
RubyRose Ruby Rose A quirky, fun-loving girl who wants to be a huntress and protector of the world, while still not fully realizing what that responsibility will cost her. Despite this, she is loyal and friendly, and quickly befriends Kid on his journey.  RWBY
Pit3 Pit Palutena's loyal servant, Pit is a sarcastic goofball angel who just likes to chill. He may look like a wimp, but underneath that cheery demeanor is freaking undying loyalty.  Kid Icarus
X Y Serena Serena A kind young Pokemon Trainer who doesn't have Ash's typical "I WANNA BE DA VERY BEST" attitude, and just likes making friends and learning about new Pokemon and other strange creatures. However, she tends to be impressed quite easily.  Pokemon


Image Name Description Franchise
Rockoon Rockoon A mischevious villain who takes the shape of a Raccoon, he usually doesn't get involved in the big picture of situations and just enjoys messing around with people.  Terrain of Magical Expertise
80- Kirito While posing as a valiant hero who at first tries to gain Kid's trust, he soon shows his true colors as an egotist who just wants all the fame, (and the ladies,) to himself.  Sword Art Online

Minor Characters


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