Crooze in Yoshi blastes 3Ds
Full Name Chrooze
Current Age 111
Date of Birth May 16,1900
Zodiac Sign Red beard and spikes
Gender male
Location Never ever world
Current Status In Never ever world
Class Villian
Pillow 8 Comp
Family and Relations
chroa, jook
Main Weapon(s) spikes,Lava, magic
Ability/ies Can make his spikes roll like a chain saw.Turn big.Absorb any element.Use diffrent type sof beams
Vulnerable To Hope & Faith
First Appearance Yoshi blast
Latest Appearance Fantendo Golf Blast & Hit
Chrooze (kro-ze) is the main antagonist in the Thunder series. He loves to destroy people for sport. He is playable in some Fantendo games. He is even downloadable in some games. He seems to have a wife, a son, and a daughter. His plans are most of the time close or foiled but he always end up defeated.


In Never ever world, in a castle, there laid a shrine. It said "No fool shall thrust this open. Thee who does will be cursed for eternity". Unfortunately, a Shy Guy came. He was a treasure hunter. He completely ignored the message and thrusted it open. A soul came out. It was wondering, "What happened TO MY BODY!?" The Shy Guy proclaimed that he wanted an award. The soul lied to him and said "I will give you so much of what you want, you'll be the RICHEST IN THE WORLD!" The excited Shy Guy cheered. The soul asked him a question. He said "Who is the most untrustable? The shy guy said himself."WRONG!"THE ANSWER IS ME! Shocked the shy guy tried to run but failed and the soul took his body. He proclaimed himself Chrooze! He wanted his children to join him rule the world. He tricked a boy and a girl to open the shrine. 2 souls came out. They both took their bodies. Reunited, they tried to get the wife but a Yellow Yoshi took the shrine and hid it. That Yoshi was Thunder. He then plotted revenge. He did numerous things to take over the galaxy but failed. One time, when defeated, he gave up and threatend to blow himself up. Thunder denied. So he gave his wife to him. Happy he switched sides for relief. He thrusts it open to only see that the wife was going to kill Chrooze. Thunder saves him. They fight the wife. Thunder then rewrote her to listen to Chrooze. Chrooze was happy. That he was going to let The Milky Way rest for 5 years. He then is trying to think of a plan to destroy the galaxy.


When he was a soul, he looked like a New Jersey devil. After he took over the Shy Guy, he had a spiky belt. He has a red scar on him and a red-dyed mask. He has two sharp spikes on his hands.


He is soon to make appearences.