Item Type Sword
Kind of Item Handheld
First Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Latest Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo

Cronomipo is a very powerful sword FBG in Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo. It is the main FBG in the game, and is quested for by several characters, such as Ronaldo and Golden Knight. It is currently owned by Quiful Barrett, and was located in Sumastia.


Cronomipo was the primary FBG of an anonymous owner. After the owner died, it was a highly seeked item for its enormous power. Quiful Barrett defeated Ronaldo, Kallie, Leafy, and Turpifon, all of which wanted it. At Sumastia, Golden Knight took the sword and used its power to fight Quiful, but he was defeated, and Quiful took Cronomipo. The energy from Cronomipo combined with the power of an ancient dragon named Smozill, freeing him from the seal in the building. Quiful used Cronomipo, as well as other FBG's, to defeat Smozill.


Cronomipo has an orange and yellow hilt, with a red ruby, the source of its energy. The blade is tan, with two dark spikes coming out of either side.


Cronomipo is a sword of many powers. The ruby in the hilt gives it energy manipulation.


Name Description Effect Damage
Sword Slice The user does a slice. 35
Spike Launch The user fires five spikes. 15 (each spike)
Fire Sword The user lights Cronomipo on fire, and swings it. 45
Beam The user fires a laser. The opponent's SPD is lowered by 11.
Four Swords The user summons four red swords to target the foe. One sword lowers ATK by 7. One sword lowers DEF by 7. One sword lowers SPD by 7. 20 (first sword), 10 (other swords)
Forcefield The user loses 20 ATK and creates a forcefield around themself. The forcefield blocks all damage during two opponent's turns. 0
Electric Sword The user electrifies Cronomipo, and swings it. The attack ignores the opponent's DEF. 5
Earthquake The user stabs Cronomipo in the ground, creating an earthquake. 60
Tornado The user fires a tornado. The user's ATK is decreased by 10, and the attack's damage is increased by 10. 10 (first use)
Slice Boomerang The user creates a slicing projectile that comes back like a boomerang. 15 (both hits)
Immobilize The user stabs the opponent. The opponent is paralyzed for three turns. 30
Explosion The user swings Cronomipo with an explosive impact. 45
Heal The user is healed of 15-75 HP. 0

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