Croco is one of the main characters of Skip and Sqak and Skip and Sqak 2. He is a green crocodile with blue eyes and can bounce on his tail. He Is a huge show off and he is a Frenemy to Skip and Sqak.

Skip and Sqak

Croco first appeared in Sunny Villa, He asked Skip and Sqak to race with him for a Gold Emerald. When Croco lost and Skip and Sqak get the Emerald, Croco beleived the duo cheated and he tells them he will have all sorts of races on each island. Through out the game, Croco's island minigame is to race through a stage for a gold emerald.

At the game's final level, Croco is locked in a cage with his freinds. When Skip and Sqak Freed him, Croco finally replies "OOOOH! Hoo-hoo! You 2 ARE Champions! now, if you'll excuse me, i gotta bounce! HOO-HOO-HOOOO!". Croco is last seen cheering for the 2 heroes after they defeated Emporer Drek.

At the 100% ending, Croco is seen in the banquet eating chicken drumsticks.

Skip and Sqak Racing

Croco later appeared as a Playable Racer in Skip and Sqak Racing driving in a Green Kart.

His vehicle has the ability to bounce ahead of racers via spring underneath.

In his ending, Croco buys a Logbox 720 with his Prize Money, and is seen in his house playing it.


Croco was born with a bouncing ability from his tail, and he loves to bounce on it ever since. He is a big show off who will do ANYTHING to get into the spotlight (even if it means turning on his friends). Despite being sharper minded than Tubby, Croco is the dumbest kid in the whole class and loves to pull pranks on others. His prank victim is Dib, who he doesn't gets along with. He is good friends with Imp and Tubby.

His favorite food is Watermelon.


  • Croco's bouncing ability is very similiar to Tigger from Winnie The Pooh.
  • He almost talks like Scaler from a game with the same name. His actor, Matther Mercer, also voiced Scaler.

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