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Croco is a video game developed by Namcom. The game serves as a midquel to Skip and Sqak 2, and features Croco as the Main Protagonist. The game is built on the same design as Skip and Sqak 3.

The game is developed for the Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, and PSP and released in 2005.


After crashing into the future, Croco is all alone and finds himself in the wilderness until he meets Orson, a gecko mechanic. Croco misses his friends and he thinks their all on the otherside of a "very huge wall" (The palace walls that surround the city). Orson tells Croco that he can use his Hover Ship to go over the walls, but the problem is it's missing alot of parts. Croco has to explore the wild risking his life in danger as he collects the parts for the Ship.

Through out the adventure, Croco goes to certian parts while fighting many strange creatures. He also meets new friends like Orson's Son, Clyde, a sexy panther named Rave, and a small bug named Meep, who makes a "meep" sound.

After collecting every piece, Orson's Enemy, Kylon who's been trying to discourage Orson to close his shop, destroys it with a bomb that he hid inside. Croco and Orson survive, but the Blimp is destroyed. Croco decides to ride on Clyde's Hover Car to reach the Red Ant Security Prison, believing Skip and Sqak are locked in there. After sneaking past the Red Ant Soilders, Croco confronts Kylon who touches Dark Iku and turns into a giant beast.

Croco destroys Kylon and, not watching where he's going, falls down a pipe which connects to the Blue Ant Palace.

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