Critter Fighters X is a game developed by Namcom based on Critter Fighters. It was released in November 2006 for the Nintendo Wii, GameCube and PlayStation 2. The story is when the Small Gang have to retrieve a stolen experiment from a group of thieves.



The F.A.C scientists are working on a new experiment to protect the world from bad animals. However, the experiment needs time to grow into it's "ultimate form" starting with the form of a small round creature, but a group of thieves kidnap the experiment and the F.A.C call the Small Gang to take the thieves down.

The Small Gang chased the Thief Gang to new places and fighting each member, until they finally got to the Thief Gang's treasure den. Before the Small Gang arrest the Thief Gang, the experiment finally grows into it's ultimate form but it goes corrupted and attacks the Small Gang.

The Small Gang defeated the giant experiment and arrested the Thief Gang. The experiement goes back into it's first form again, which later turns out that the scientists had a glitch during the development. With everything back to normal, the Small Gang are proud of themselves.


  • Blade: A blue thief who is a master of swords. He is the first boss.
  • Gruup: An orange thief who is stronger than other thieves. He is the second boss.
  • Meem: A purple thief who is the only female thief. She is the third boss.
  • Zaap: A green thief who shoots electricity from his hands. He is the fourth boss.
  • Grrr: A black thief who enjoys mauling his foes. He is the fifth boss.
  • Boz: A red thief who is the leader of the Thief Gang. He is the sixth boss.
  • Ultimate Experiment: The experiment went outta control and destroys everything it sees. It is the final boss.

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