The Critter Fighters Collection is a HD remake of the first three Critter Fighter games developed by Namcom. It is released in October 2011 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The three remade games are built on the same engine with Critter Fighters 4.



There are trophies (PS3) or achievements (360) you earn in the game.

Critter Fighters

  • Live and Re-Toaded (Defeat Oddfrog) Silver Trophy/20 Points
  • Muscle Matters (Defeat Konga) Silver Trophy/20 Points
  • Thats So Raven (Defeat Dr. Rave) Silver Trophy/20 Points
  • trON, now trOFF (Defeat Prof Weazle) Silver Trophy/20 Points
  • Jack-Attack (Defeat Jack) Silver Trophy/20 Points
  • The Pest Game Ever (Defeat Pester) Silver Trophy/20 Points
  • Baby-Savior (Save all babies) Gold Trophy/50 Points
  • Villains Velpain (Kill 200 Enemies) Gold Trophy/50 Points

Critter Fighters 2

  • TBA

Critter Fighters 3

  • TBA

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