Critter Fighters is the fourth game in the Critter Fighter Series developed by Namcom. It is released in November 2008 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The story is when the Small Gang's old enemies, the Big Gang, wanna get revenge on the heroes by locking them in capes and sending them seperatly. The Small Gang have to get togethor again to take them down.


  • Red
  • Pecker
  • Slappy
  • Leon
  • Neyla
  • Marvin
  • Captian Lora
  • TBA


The F.A.C Base gets attacked by an army. When the Small Gang try to fight them, they found out the leaders are the Big Gang (the villains from the first game) wanting revenge on the Small Gang for defeating them. The Small Gang get locked in cages and sent seperatly around the world.

Red escapes from his cage and decides to rescue all his friends to take down the Big Gang. It'll be a long quest, but Red will get the Small Gang togethor again and the Big Gang won't have a chance against them!



  • Oddfrog
  • Konga
  • Dr. Rave
  • Professor Woozle
  • Jack
  • Pester

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