Critter Fighters 3 is the third game in the Critter Fighters Series released in November 2001 developed by Namcom. The game was released on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. The story is when the Small Gang have to stop the T.E.D who found an imprisoned enemy and plan to revive it.


  • Red
  • Pecker
  • Slappy
  • Marvin
  • Neyla
  • Leon
  • Austin
  • Janice
  • Pablo
  • Dawn
  • Peter
  • Mark


The F.A.C found out the T.E.D (Treacharous Entity Destruction) lead by Baron Grizz have located the frozen coffin of the long dead Dragon King. The Dragon King was a terrible enemy the F.A.C fought and defeated who lead an army of Dragons to destroy towns and villages around the world. The F.A.C sent the Small Gang to defeat Baron Grizz before he revives the Dragon King.

The Small Gang chased Baron Grizz around the world, fighting his bear army. The Small Gang finally found Baron Grizz's Castle where they fought the resurrected Dragon King and Grizz who fused himself into the Dragon's Heart (to avoid getting captured by the Small Gang). The Small Gang killed the Dragon King and sent Baron Grizz behind bars in prison. Back home, the F.A.C were over joyed that their old enemy is dead for good and Baron Grizz's plans were foiled.

Other Characters

  • Captian Lora
  • Commander Norm
  • Agent Invi
  • Professor O. Wall
  • Slinky
  • Flutter: A teenage butterfly who gives hints when the Small Gang are stuck.
  • Ivun Munee: A wealthy moth who pays the gang alot of coins for each caged animal they save.
  • TBA

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