Critter Fighters 2 is the sequel to the first game developed by Namcom. It is released in October 1999 for the PlayStation, Dream cast and N64. The story is when the Small Gang have to take down crime lords all over the world.


  • Red
  • Pecker
  • Leon
  • Marvin
  • Neyla
  • Slappy
  • Austin: A Brown Deer who can knock things down with his antlers.
  • Dawn: A Yellow Cheetah who runs so fast, she can slow time.
  • Pablo: A Purple Flamingo who can leap onto small pillars.
  • Janice: A Blue Spider who can trap her enemies in webs.
  • Peter: A Black Skunk who stuns his enemies with his stink spray.
  • Mark: A Green Turtle who can use his shell to protect himself from bullets.


After dealing with the Big Gang, the Small Gang were attacked by an army of big mean animals. Luckily, the Small Gang were rescued by the the Furry Arsenal Command (F.A.C), where they realize a gang of crime lords all over the world work for Vorxun, a gold fish mastermind, and are planning to take over the world. The Small Gang decide to team up the F.A.C defeat Vorxun and the crime lords, with new friends joining the Small Gang's quest to save the world from Professor Vorxun.

The Small Gang get lots of help from the F.A.C members: Captian Lora, Commander Norm,  Agent Invi, and Professor O. Wall to defeat Vorxun and the crime lords. After defeating the crime lords and putting them in the F.A.C Prison, the Small Gang realized Vorxun is using a Laser Machine to destroy the F.A.C base.

The Small Gang go to Vorxun's Space Hideout where they fought and defeated Vorxun and destroyed the Laser Machine before it can destroy the F.A.C Base. Vorxun's robotic body is destroyed, but his jar head allows him to fly out of his Space Ship, not before hitting the self destruct button. The Small Gang escaped from the Space Ship before it explodes.

At the F.A.C Base, the Small Gang got a huge party from their fellow soldiers and F.A.C cast with Vorxun's plans foiled, but it is not the end of Vorxun's hunger for domination...


  • Captian Lora: The captian of the F.A.C Base. She is a blue ant who gives the Small Gang missions.
  • Commander Norm: The commander of the F.A.C Soldiers. He is a grey rhino who teaches moves to the Small Gang.
  • Deca Mole: The mechanic of the F.A.C. She is a pink mole who builds weapons for the Small Gang.
  • Agent Invi: The secret agent of the F.A.C. He is a brown rat who helps the Small Gang in some missions.
  • Professor O. Wall: The scientist of the F.A.C. He is a yellow owl who makes weapon upgrades for the Small Gang.
  • Slinky: An orange lizard who sells extra weapons to the Small Gang.


  • Vorxun: The Main Antagonist. He is a small British gold fish inside a robotic body. He recruits crime lords all over the world to help him with his domination.
  • Mr. Consiel: A French rat hired by Vorxun to steal all the paintings in Paris.
  • Boci: An Egyptian snake hired by Vorxun to rob all the treasure in Egypt.
  • Dark Moon: A European wolf hired by Vorxun to capture the Small Gang in Prague.
  • Splinter: A Canadian beaver hired by Vorxun to ship upgraded weapons all over Canada.
  • Ace: An American tiger hired by Vorxun to take over New York City.
  • Senior Spicy: A Mexican horn lizard hired by Vorxun to spread illegal spice all over Mexico.
  • Joey Rippa: An Australian kangaroo hired by Vorxun to mine fuel for his machines in the Australian Outback.
  • Ghoul Reaper: A Hatian beetle hired by Vorxun to summon an ancient curse all over the hatian jungle.
  • TBA



  • Rat (Tazers)
  • Weasel (Pistol)
  • Brown Bear (Rifle)
  • Pig (Bazooka)


  • Monitor Lizards (Dart)
  • Camel (Turret)
  • Cobra (Sniper)
  • Vulture (Crossbow)


  • Bat (Shotgun)
  • Crow (Crossbow)
  • ZomBunny (Bite)
  • Coyote (Sword)


  • Goose (Pistol)
  • Moose (Shotgun)
  • Black Bear (Claws)
  • Fox (Bow and Arrow)

New York City

  • Walrus (Machine Gun)
  • Dog (Bomb Launcher)
  • Toad (RPG)
  • Gorilla (Fists)


  • Armadillo (Machine Gun and can sheild themselves)
  • Chihuahua (Don't fight, but their loud barking can bring in a group of enemies)
  • Hermit Crab (Throwing dynamites and hide in their shells)
  • Donkey (Rocket Turret)


  • Koala (Baton)
  • Alligator (Rifle)
  • Emu (Shoot lasers and drop bombs)
  • Gecko (Plasma Gun)

Haiti Jungle

  • Rhino Beetle (Charge)
  • Roaches (Staff)
  • Weevil (Fire Torch)
  • Voodoo Spirits (Suck your health)

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