Critter Fighters is a franchise created by Namcom. The series is when a team of small animals use weapons and defeat mean bigger animals who bully them. The game is played in a war-like style.

The series is exclusive on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles.

Main Games

  • Critter Fighters (1998) PlayStation and Nintendo 64 (A group of small animals plan to get revenge on the Big Gang who ran them out of their homes.)
  • Critter Fighters 2 (1999) PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast (A cyborg alien is planning to conquer earth and hires an organization of crimelords all over the world. The Small Gang have to join the F.A.C to take them down.)
  • Critter Fighters 3 (2001) PlayStation 2 and GameCube (The Small Gang have to defeat the T.E.D Program from reviving an ancient enemy the F.A.C defeated long ago.)
  • Critter Fighters 4 (2008) PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (The Big Gang get revenge on the Small Fighters by locking them in cages. Red escapes and has to rescue his friends to take down the Big Gang.)
  • Critter Fighters: The Origins (TBA) PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (This game will tell the story of how the Small Gang met for the first time.)

Other Games

  • Critter Fighters: Small Arms (2005) PSP and DS (The Small Gang have to destroy clones of themselves created by Vorxun.)
  • Critter Fighters X (2006) Nintendo Wii, GameCube and PlayStation 2 (The Small Gang have to retrieve an experiment that was stolen by a group of thieves.)
  • Critter Fighters: TropiKILL Castaway (2007) Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP, DS (When the Small Gang get washed on a deserted island, they try to learn about the legends of the mysterious curse on the island.)
  • Critter Fighters: Physic Fights (2011) Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 (The Small Gang are fighting with motion control aiming from the Wii Remote and Playstation Move)
  • Critter Fighters Collection (2011) PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (The first 3 games in the series are now remade in HD.)
  • Critter Fighters: Mechanical Menace (2012) PlayStation 3, Wii U, PS Vita and 3DS (An army of mechanimals attack and the Small Gang have to destroy their steampunk domination.)