Critter Fighters: Small Arms is a game developed by Namcom based on Critter Fighters. It was released in June 2005 for the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS.


The Small Gang heard news from the F.A.C that their nemesis Vorxun is constructing a secret weapon. When the Small Gang sneak into Vorxun's Lair, they are surprised to see that its a cloning machine called the "Clone Despenser 900" that makes clones of them.

Vorxun uses all the Small Gang clones to attack the F.A.C and now the Small Gang have to stop all the clones before they and Vorxun take over the world. As the Small Gang destroy many clones and clone monsters, they later fought Vorxun in his lab where they destroyed the Clone Despenser 900.

With the Clone Despenser 900 destroyed, Vorxun escapes from the Small Gang who return home with all the clones destroyed.


  • Red
  • Pecker
  • Neyla
  • Marvin
  • Leon
  • Slappy
  • Austin
  • Janice
  • Pablo
  • Dawn
  • Mark
  • Peter


  • Red Clone
  • Pecker Clone
  • Neyla Clone
  • Marvin Clone
  • Leon Clone
  • Slappy Clone
  • Austin Clone
  • Janice Clone
  • Pablo Clone
  • Dawn Clone
  • Peter Clone
  • Mark Clone


  • Raging Red
  • Peril Pecker
  • Nasty Neyla
  • Monster Marvin
  • Large Leon
  • Smashing Slappy
  • Awful Austin
  • Jeapordy Janice
  • Pounding Pablo
  • Destructive Dawn
  • Parodox Peter
  • Monsterous Mark
  • Vorxun

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