Critter Fighters: Physics Fights is a game developed by Namcom based on Critter Fighters. It was released in September 25, 2011 for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. The game features motion control aiming in both versions on the Wii remote, while the PS3 version has PlayStation Move.


  • Red
  • Pecker
  • Marvin
  • Slappy
  • Neyla
  • Leon
  • Austin
  • Pablo
  • Peter
  • Mark
  • Dawn
  • Janice


  • Battle Arena-Fight all the enemies in an arena before time runs out
  • Target Practice-Shoot targets to get many points
  • Enemy Base-Invade the enemy base before they invade yours
  • Can't Shoot Me!-Avoid getting killed by enemies before time runs out
  • Its Mine!-Capture the enemy flag and return it to your base
  • Breaking Through-Break through defense walls to take down the enemy base
  • Three In A Row-Capture three towers to shut off the security of the enemy base
  • BOSS-Defeat a boss


The PlayStation 3 version has trophies the player can collect:

Torphy Description
Locked and Loaded Beat all Target Missions (Silver)
Finders Keepers Beat all Its Mine! Missions (Silver)
Buzz Off, Foes! Beat all Enemy Base Missions (Silver)
Invincible! Beat all Can't Shoot Me! Missions (Silver)
Punching Holes Beat all Breaking Through Missions (Silver)
Triple Conquer Beat all Three In A Row Missions (Silver)
Boss Got Bossed Beat all BOSS Missions (Silver)
Pure Invincible! Beat a Can't Shoot Me! Mission without getting shot at all (Gold)
Critter Fighter Fights

Beat all missions with all characters (Gold)

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