Critter Fighters: Mechanical Menace is a game developed by Namcom based on Critter Fighters. It is developed for the PS3 and Wii U in November 18 2012, while the 3DS and PS Vita are released in March 17 2013. The story is when mysterious Mechanimals try to take over the world and the Small Gang have to put an end to this Steampunk Suspense.



The F.A.C gets news that robotic animals called "Mechanimals" are trying to take over the world. The Small Gang get help from four Mechanimals that Prof O. Wall created. With their help, the Small Gang defeat all the Mechanimals all over the city. However, they do not know where all the Mechanimals are coming from until they learned this: the Mechanimals are being spawned by a machine called the "Cybor-Tizer".

The Small Gang also realized O. Wall actually made the Cybor-Tizer to make people immortal, but due to extreme overpopulation in the world he destroyed it. However, someone managed to steal a blue print of the machine and built another Cybor-Tizer. The Small Gang have to find out who is using the Cybor-Tizer.

After defeating many Mechanimals, the Small Gang managed to learn where the Cybor-Tizer is located. The Cybor-Tizer is in the caves of a mountain, where the gang found out the Cybor-Tizer is actually spawning robots itself. The team manage to destroy it's defenses, but Prof O. Wall reprograms it which causes the Mechanimals to be friendly.

The Mechanimals are now new forces of the F.A.C.


  • TBA

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