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Critter Fighters is a 3rd Person Shooter created by Namcom. It is developed for the PlayStation and N64 in September 1998. The story is when a group of small animals get revenge on bigger animals for stealing their homes and locking up their families.

Playable Characters

  • Red: A Red squirrel who is the leader of the Critter Fighters. He can climb up walls with scratches on them.
  • Pecker: A Green Parrot who is Red's Best Friend. He can glide to farther reaches.
  • Leon: A Chameleon who's color changes to Red, Yellow, Purple, Green and Blue. He can turn invisible and sneak past enemies and searchlights.
  • Slappy: An Orange Monkey who is always energetic. He can swing to vine to vine.
  • Marvin: A Brown Raccoon who is best friends with Leon. He can walk on thin paths.
  • Neyla: A White Bunny who is in love with Red. She can dig into a hole to another location.


The game begins with 6 friends, Red, Pecker, Leon, Slappy, Marvin and Neyla are having a peaceful day with their family on a huge island, but their relaxation was short lived as a gang of tough animals roll in and lock all their families in cages. After the Big Gang shoo the 6 friends away from their homes, they decide to get revenge by defeating them with weapons that have fruit ammo.

In each world, one member each fights a boss that is a member of the Big Gang. After defeating all the members, the Big Gang try to destroy the island with a giant missle but the Small Gang defeated them before the had the chance. The Big Gang are locked up as the Small Gang are happy to see their families again.


  • Leon's Home: A pond is the home of Leon and his family. When Oddfrog took over, it is now an underground buffet for his toad army.
  • Slappy's Home: A tropical jungle is the home of Slappy and his family. When Konga took over, it is now a thug hangout.
  • Pecker's Home: Tree tops are the home of Pecker and his family. When Dr. Rave took over, it is now a voodoo lair.
  • Marvin's Home: A misty forest that is the home of Marvin and his family. When Professor Woozle took over, it is now a labratory.
  • Neyla's Home: An underground burrow is the home of Neyla and her family. When Jack took over, it is now an underground junkyard.
  • Red's Home: Inside a huge tree is the home of Red and his family. When Pester took over, it is a haunted tree with bats lurking in the dark.
  • Big Gang's Lair: A lair floating in the middle of the ocean is the Big Gang's hideout. They built a giant missile to destroy the Small Gang's Island, but luckily the six heroes stopped them.


  • Oddfrog: A Fat Toad who led an army of toads to invade Leon's Home. He can puff himself up like a balloon and squash anything in his path. He is defeated by Leon.
  • Konga: A Gorilla with huge muscles who led an army of Baboons to invade Slappy's Home. His fists can knock you out. He is defeated by Slappy.
  • Dr. Rave: A Crow Witchdoctor who sends an army of crows to invade Pecker's Home. He can protect himself with a shield that can be ceased if all the enemies are dead. He is defeated by Pecker.
  • Professor Woozle: A Weasel who sends an army of weasels to invade Marvin's Home. He can teleport himself to different locations. He is defeated by Marvin.
  • Jack: A Jackal-ope who sends an army of jackal-opes to invade Neyla's Home. He can do a ramming attack with his horns. He is defeated by Neyla.
  • Pester: The leader of the Big Gang. He is a Vampire Bat who sends an army of Bats to invade Red's Home. He can swoop down and pick you up. He is defeated by Red.


In 1999, Critter Fighters 2 was released for the PS1, N64 and Sega Dreamcast. Later in 2001 a third game in the series, Critter Fighters 3 came out for the PS2 and Gamecube.

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