Crispy is Sickly's henchman. He is a minor villain in the Wheelzen series.



Wheelzen: Revenge of Sickly

Crispy first appears as the Portal Boss of New Wheel City. Crispy's pretty easy to beat. He will throw fire at you from the sky. Just dodge him. When he crashes on the ground, a small propeller will pop out of the ground. Go grab it and you'll spin up in the air, and hit Crispy. Repeat twice.

He is also the Tank Boss of The Godly Skies. This is like the last battle, but when you defeat him he will grow and shoot rains of fire. You must dodge until he runs out of energy and disappears.

He is also the Tank Boss of Maerdworld. This is like Form 2, but when you defeat him, the background will crumble and Crispy, huge, will appear in the background. Tiny vials of poison will drop from the ceiling, however elixirs will as well. One poison will make you lose on elixirs. You must have at least 20 elixirs by the end of the rain. Then the elixirs will fly up and hit Crispy, who will fall to the ground.

LEGO Wheelzen

Crispy appears as a playable character on Sickly's side.

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