Crisis On 16-Bit Scratch Kats is a 2016 non-canon spin-off of the Scratch Kat series developed by Inora for the Wii U. The game is downloadable on the eShop for free and is notably the first game developed by Inora not for the V2 in a long time. Inspired by various classic games like Mega Man, the game features 16-bit graphics and music as well as 2D run n' gun/platformer gameplay.

The game is also made to celebrate the one-month anniversary of Sr.Wario and SkyboundScratchkat, because the former is a huge sap. It's recommended that you read this before continuing. Reception has been (TBA).


Notorious edgelord and evil clone Shadow Kat has stolen a large amount of advanced technology from DalmationHarder!Twilight and is using it to travel across the multiverse and imprison Scratch Kat and his alternate universe allies as well as take over the multiverse in order to prove that he is the greatest anthromorphic cat in existence, an Ultimate Lifeform, if you will.

The prime Scratch ends up in a factory where Shadow Kat is mass-producing a robotic army for himself, and quickly escapes with his neat reality warping powers. Upon rescuing SK MK-5 and defeating a robotic Scratch, the two utilize a machine to make their way across the multiverse and rescue the others from Shadow Kat's claws.

Upon assembling a squad of himself, SK MK-5, Passage!Scratch, Skybound!Scratch, and Shaggy Kat, Scratch and his team confront Shadow Kat aboard an airship in the villain's home universe. Shadow Kat uses a gadget to greatly increase his size, strength, and speed, but the cats all work together and they're able to defeat Giga Shadow Kat and return him to his normal form.

As Shadow Kat whines about his destroyed airship and plan like the idiot he is, the others go their separate ways by entering portals that head back to their universes and resume their everyday lives.


The game is a 2D run n' gun/platformer game that has players control Scratch Kat, and later four other playable characters, each with their own unique abilities, to roam and jump through levels, pick up a variety of destructive weapons, collect items, and absolutely wreck anything in your way from inanimate objects to powerful boss battles.

Upon completing a Universe, the game's stages, you'll head back to the hub, the Shadow Factory, where you can buy things from Pongo and Perdita with money you've collected, go to the next level, replay levels for goodies, equip costumes, or view your collectibles. Each character shares a few abilities like running, jumping, switching to another character at any time, crawling, and blocking.

Upon completing the game once, the Crisis mode is unlocked, which acts as the hard difficulty for the game and increases the strengths of enemies, makes item drops more rare, and gives every character only one health point. Each stage can also be played again in Time Trial mode, where you'll have to reach the end before the time limit runs out.


Playable Characters

Character Description Universe



The prime Scratch Kat and clearly the most upbeat of the bunch. Despite being a genetic experiment from a dead furry planet, he's actually a pretty simple guy, enjoying marshmallows and causing mischief with his friends.

Scratch can attack with his fists and has the special ability of using a double jump to reach new heights. His signature item is a SCRATCH KAT Issue.

Scratch has a base health of 3 and a max health of 8.

New Fantendoverse

Playable by default.



A robot that precedes Scratch. While both are artificial, SK MK-5 has a much more robotic look to him and is a lot less pleasant to be around.

SK MK-5 can use a rather large and powerful wrench to attack enemies and swing it around to destroy objects quickly, basically being the best starting weapon in the game. His special ability is to use his jet boots to cross gaps and slow his descent, and his signature item is an Energy Core.

SK-MK 5 has a base health of 1 and a max health of 6.

New Fantendoverse

Rescue him in the Shadow Factory.



A Scratch from an alternate universe known as Skybound. This Scratch looks a bit tubbier than usual and seems to have a more smug look to his face then the cheery smile the prime Scratch has.

Skybound!Scratch can punch enemies with his Rainbow Gauntlets that are stronger but slower than the prime Scratch's punches. His special ability is that he can walk and jump on rainbow platforms that the others can't. His signature item is a Skybound Scarf.

Skybound!Scratch has a base health of 6 and a max health of 10.


Rescue him in Rainbow Heights.



This Scratch has a big old smile on his face, but I doubt you'd want to hang out with him. Apparently his siblings are awful abominations and he kills people for Satan, but he could just be looking for attention.

Passage!Scratch can use his knife to do big damage to enemies quickly, but he has to get very up-close to his enemies to do so. His special ability is to enter dark areas and still be able to see things. His signature item is a Bloody Marshmallow. God, what an edgelord.

Passage!Scratch has a base health of 5 and a max health of 8.


Rescue him in Inferno Passage.



Easily the nerdiest of the group, Shaggy Kat may or may not be an alternate Scratch, but he looks like him so that's good enough for us at Inora. Shaggy has a big anime sword over his back that he presumably bought at a comic con and is constantly dropping all the Blu-Rays he buys. What a loser.

Shaggy's Big Dumb Anime Sword is a good weapon that has decent range and attack power but is slow. His special ability is to destroy large blocks in his way with his sword, and his signature item is a Stuffed Scratch Toy.

Shaggy has a base health of 6 and a max health of 8.

Dalmatian Harder

Rescue him in Crash Landing.



The game's main antagonist. Oh man, now THIS is what I call edgy. Shadow Kat is an evil clone of Scratch and an all-around jerk. Just look at his face. That's the face of a jerk.

Shadow Kat's weapon is his claws, which strike hard and fast but require getting close to enemies. His special ability is to automatically draw in coins with his shadowy aura. His signature item is a Claw Glove.

Shadow Kat's base and max health is 10, considering he can never pick up any Blu-Rays.

Dalmatian Harder

Collect all 15 Golden Marshmallows.


Characters Description Universe




Yep. The characters from 101 Dalmatians. If you're surprised at this point, you've got a LOT of Scratch Kat lore to catch up on, let me tell you. They appear in the Shadow Factory and will give you items in exchange for coins.

The couple own a magic book and have visited various universes in their travels, so their help is invaluable. Perdita is clearly the one in charge in this relationship.

New Fantendoverse

Found in the Shadow Factory after completing the first Universe.


Boss Description Universe

Oh, yuck. Metal Scratch is a robotic version of Scratch who is even LESS original than Shadow Kat, so it makes since that he works for that edgelord.

Metal Scratch will fly around with his jet boots and fire laser blasts at the character to do a bit of damage. SK-MK 5 is the best character for this battle, due to his wrench being useful against the dodgy Metal Scratch.

Metal Scratch is fought in a wide open, plain space with no platforms in it.

New Fantendoverse

Fought in the Shadow Factory.


A large airship that is on auto-pilot, being reprogrammed by Shadow Kat to target the heroes. It's main feature is the Rainbow Cannon on it's front that, well, blasts rainbows. Pretty cool.

The Spectrum Airship is stationary, and will hover in the same place, sending out enemies to attack you or charging and blasting the Rainbow Cannon, which if it hits you, you'll instantly die.

The Spectrum Airship is fought in a large space in the sky with three rainbow platforms as the only ground, so you're required to be Skybound!Scratch for this fight.


Fought in Rainbow Heights.


A jet black tank with lava-filled tubes running through it, the Volcano Tank is powered by and uses the power of hot magma and fire to attack Scratch and the others, making it a dangerous opponent in battle.

The Volcano Tank slowly treads around, blasting fire from the cannon, leaving a magma trail behind it, and shooting out magma balls to do big damage. Anyone can attack it, but all attacks do low damage to the Volcano Tank except Passage!Scratch's knife, which you must plunge into the top of the tank to do massive damage to it. The Volcano Tank is fought on a small platform made of molten rock, with damaging lava on both sides of it.


Fought in Inferno Passage.


An alien spaceship that has been re-engineered by Shadow Kat to become a powerful weapon on his side, with it's current target being Scratch and his group.

The Neon Disc flies above the characters and can drop enemies down onto the stage, drain coins, items, and weapons with a tractor beam, and blast a laser downward.

The Neon Disc is fought in a large room with two platforms on each side. Shaggy Kat is a good choice for this fight, as his Big Dumb Anime Sword will cause the disc to crash down to the ground when hit and leave it open for attack for a period of time.

Dalmatian Harder

Fought in Crash Landing.


The final boss. Shadow Kat has been transformed into a giant monster with the help of a machine on his airship, and you'll need the might of all five characters to defeat him.

Giga Shadow Kat can stomp on the heroes, use a giant claw attack, summon enemies, and even throw them out of the stage for a one-hit kill.

Giga Shadow Kat is fought on the top of his airship in a large space with moving platforms all around. Scratch's double jump is needed to reach his head to attack it, which is his weak spot, so Scratch is the recommended pick for this fight.

Dalmatian Harder

Fought in Twilight Airship.


  • Duplibots: Robots created in the Shadow Factory that are the most common enemies. They come in many varieties, taking the appearance of robotic versions of Scratch's friends, and attack by punching the characters when they get close. One attack should take them down.
  • Aeroblasters: Tiny flying drones that keep their distance from the characters and blast lasers at them. Track them down and attack them once to defeat them.
  • Cactorbs: Energy spheres surrounded by metal spikes. They only need one hit and will just walk around, but you can't touch them without taking damage.
  • Mirroros: Cute little cats that are surrounded by mirrors. Ranged attacks will reflect off of the mirrors and send your hit right back at you, so you'll need to attack them up-close to defeat them, but why would you want to?
  • Stormkats: Anthromorphic cats made out of clouds. They're heavy hitters that can't take many hits, running around and summoning lightning bolts to hit your characters.
  • Rainbullets: Anthromorphic dogs with cool googles on. They wield rainbow guns that will blast rainbow bullets and rainbow lasers at you, and they can take multiple hits, but they're pretty slow.
  • Throwers: Aliens of Pogo's species that wear all black suits and wield flamethrowers, making them hard to attack and rather dangerous. Attack them from afar to do damage to them.
  • Magmahands: Floating hands made of molten rock that toss goopy balls of magma at your heroes. They're rather durable but not too bad when you fight them up-close.
  • Meteorytes: Living meteorites that are set on fire. They attack by crashing into the ground to do a lot of damage to the heroes, but this also kills them, so just avoid their attack to beat them.
  • Plasmen: Cat-like aliens armed with laser guns that will dash and jump around, using their rapid-fire laser guns to attack Scratch and friends. They're pretty tough enemies.
  • Saucers: Tiny spaceships that don't attack the team, but will float around and use a tractor beam to steal their coins, weapons, and collectibles, so take care of them quickly if you don't want to lose anything.
  • Shifters: Advanced Duplibots that take the form of other enemies in the game, but with increased stats, new attacks, and a shadowy appearance. These enemies are the toughest in the game.

Big Guns™ & Other Rad Weapons

  • Marshmallow Launchers: These guns look like mere toys, but they can be quite useful, especially in the early parts of the game. They fire marshmallows rapidly, and while they do little damage, they always come with a pretty decent amount of ammo, making them sort of a Mega Buster type weapon.
  • Really Big Knives: These are, as one would expect, really big knives. They're pretty powerful and have good range, but lugging one around slows you down and slashing with it takes a while.
  • Air Cannons: Cannons that are fast and have great range, but do no damage, instead firing air that will push enemies back and redirect their attacks back at them. A good defensive weapon, primarily useful in Crisis mode. It has unlimited ammo, as well.
  • Buzzwrenches: Wrenches that are only effective when you get up-close with your enemies, but they do good damage, are fast, and will electrocute enemies.
  • Rocket Mallets: Big hammers that slow you down when you're walking around, but can be used to do a turbo dash forward, smash enemies, or send them flying with a good whack. A great weapon all around, but not great for platform heavy sections or aerial enemies.
  • Goop Blasters: Blasters that shoot white goop balls that resemble what D-157 is made out of. If enemies get hit by the goop, they'll continually take damage over time until the goop completely swallows them. Pretty terrifying, although the gun is slow and takes a while to fire, in addition to having a small amount of ammo.
  • Fire Throwers: These heavy guns will weigh you down, but shoot out powerful flames to scorch your enemies and do massive damage. They don't have great range, but they do come with a pretty high amount of ammo. Try not to run out of it too fast!
  • Pop Guns: Laser guns. Just laser guns. They basically act like a better but more expensive/rare version of Marshmallow Launchers, and have the same amount of ammo as those guns.
  • Cactus Whips: Whips made from cacti, giving them a spiny touch. They're pretty slow, but hves good range, can pull in goodies, and can be used to whip enemies in all directions to do decent damage.
  • Magic Books: Mysterious books with magical properties. Using it is very complicated, but it's uses are pretty wide and varied, including an up-close explosion spell, a firey spell, an icey spell, and many others that can be executed with complicated button combinations.
  • Gem Capes: These capes aren't great weapons, being used to swipe enemies up-close quickly, but are instead good for redirecting projectiles and taking heavily reduced damage from melee attacks. After a while, it'll tear from all the abuse it suffered.
  • Wooden Bats: Plain and simple baseball bats. Hitting opponents with them normally does okay damage, but the real appeal is to time your swing just right to get a home run and do massive damage. The bats crack after a while, or after one home run is performed.
  • Black Hole Launchers: Rocket launchers that fire powerful black holes. These guns only have one ammo, but the black hole will pull in all enemies and swallow them, no matter how strong they are, making it a very rare but useful weapon.
  • Coin Shooters: Automatic weapons that shoot golden coins. Each coin does little damage, but there's a lot of ammo, it fires very quickly, and if you deal a killing blow to an enemy with this weapon, it'll turn them into coins. If you're low on money, this is a good weapon to pick up.
  • Energy Swords: The best melee weapons in the game, Energy Swords can be used to do up to 3 powerful strikes on an enemy before the weapon runs out of energy. They're basically the melee equivalent of the Black Hole Launchers.



  • Golden Marshmallows: Three marshmallows, presumably painted gold by some mysterious figure, are hidden in each Universe (except the bonus one). Collect all of them to unlock Shadow Kat as a playable character.
  • Cute Cat Pictures: Truly, the hottest commodity in all of the multiverse, pictures of adorable cats doing stuff casually. Upon completing a Universe (except the bonus one) in Crisis Mode, you'll earn one of these, and each one will earn you a portrait of the character found in that Universe drawn by Scratch's creator that can be viewed in the Shadow Factory. Upon collecting all 5, you'll unlock a portrait for Shadow Kat.
  • Blu-Rays: Shaggy's collection of Blu-Rays. He accidentally dropped them all across the multiverse like the nerd he is, and upon completing a Universe normally (except the bonus one), you'll earn one. Each one boosts your characters' health by an extra point.
  • Action Figures: Action figures based upon various Scratch Kat characters. They can be bought from Pongo and Perdita, with figures for Dawg, Lub Lub, Unikitty, Pogo, Pongo, Perdita, Bleedle, Rei, D-157, Pup, Lazy Dog, and Puff. Each figure unlocks a costume based upon that character, and each costume is character-specific. It gives the character no gameplay changes, instead being a purely cosmetic change that is just for fun.
  • Overclocks: Complete each Universe in the Time Trial mode to collect these nifty watches. Upon getting all five, you'll unlock the rare and mysterious Gog costume that anyone can equip. I wouldn't recommend it, though...


  • Marshmallows: Scratch's favorite food, and the other cats seem to share the sentiment. Eat these to restore one health point. It's not much, but these are hardly rare and are cheap at Pongo and Perdita's store.
  • Big Marshmallows: Those dumb, big, puffy marshmallows that no sane person buys. They'll heal your character by 2 health points.
  • Hot Chocolates: Mugs filled with a delicious hot beverage that Scratch has been known to enjoy. They'll heal your character fully.
  • Battle on War Island Copies: Copies of Scratch's favorite game. Once you collect or buy one, you'll have infinite ammo for a small period of time, so go wild.
  • Goku Marshmallows: Marshmallows with stupid anime hair. Upon buying or grabbing one, the character you're playing as will turn into their Goku form for a period of time, and become invincible while having a weapon in the form of powerful energy blasts.
  • Ammo Packs: These things are self-explanatory, you need to find or buy them to refill any guns you might be carrying.
  • Signature Items: Each character has a different signature item, and upon collecting/buying them, the character's stats will be boosted temporarily.
  • Skybound Goggles: Radical pilot goggles that you can often see Skybound!Scratch wearing. When found or bought, they act as a radar for any hidden coins or collectibles, so these are good to get if you're going for 100% completion.


Stage Description Universe
Shadow Factory

The game's first stage, a dim factory where Shadow Kat is building up his army. It's not especially hard or long, introducing the players to the controls, enemies, and weapons.

There are no notable gimmicks in the level, but SK MK-5 is rescued here, and Metal Scratch is the boss fought at the end.

Upon completing the stage, the factory acts as the game's main hub, although it can be still be replayed in it's original form.

New Fantendoverse

Rainbow Heights

A small part of Aeria, the Skybound universe's primary location. It's a rather nice floating island, where clouds, airships, and rainbows can always be found, though Shadow Kat is messing it up as always.

Skybound!Scratch is the friend you'll have to rescue here, and the stage ends with a battle against the Spectrum Airship.

The stage features a lot of platforming and tests your puzzle solving skills, but enemies aren't very strong. The stage features moving cloud and rainbow platforms and a gimmick in the form of ziplines which are needed to get around quickly.


Inferno Passage

A stage that is located in Hell. No, I'm not joking. It's actually Hell. With like, demons and Satan and stuff. In a Scratch Kat game. We have no boundaries, anymore.

Passage!Scratch can be found here, and the stage's boss is the magma-powered Volcano Tank controlled by Shadow Kat.

The stage doesn't have a lot of platforming or puzzles, instead featuring pretty tough enemies and a focus on enviormental destruction. The gimmick here are the shrowded dark sections that cannot be navigated without Passage!Scratch.


Crash Landing

This stage takes the gang to a wide open grassy field, where aliens happened to have crashed. Shadow Kat is back at it again with trying to use the tech for his own purposes, so put a stop to his plans and all that good stuff.

Shaggy Kat is the ally who will join you here, and the boss is Shadow Kat's newest weapon, a spaceship known as the Neon Disc.

The game's penultimate stage, it doesn't focus on any elements but is instead rather varied, with a bit of challenge present. The gimmick here are the various pieces of alien technology you'll need to puzzle solve with.

Dalmatian Harder

Twilight Airship

Another stage in the Dalmatian Harder universe, this is the game's final stage and has Scratch and the others visit an airship flying in the stormy skies inhabited by Shadow Kat himself.

No new allies join you here, but there is a boss in the form of Giga Shadow Kat, a monstrous version of Shadow Kat who's battle is the final one in the game.

This stage has no gimmicks, instead being a very challenging level that blends tough platforming, unique puzzles that involve every character and their abilities, and a load of powerful enemies you'll have to fight through to finish the game.

Dalmatian Harder




  • The game went through various development stages, beginning as a stealth game where players took control of Lub Lub as a secret agent.
  • The game was inspired by the Ratchet & Clank series as well as Alien Hominid and other Newgrounds games.
  • The shopkeeper was originally intended to be Dawg, then Pogo, then Lub Lub, and lastly Unikitty, until Inora settled on Pongo and Perdita due to their role in the series' development.
  • The game was originally going to be on the V2, before Inora opted to release it on the Wii U as the game it was most inspired by, Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats, was a Wii U exclusive.
  • The five Blu-Rays are for Fantendo Now Seasons 1 and 2, Fantendo: The Animated Series Season 1, Fantendo - Gaiden Season 1, and Fantendo - Journey Season 1.
  • The game could be viewed as a spiritual successor to a previous Inora game, The Johnny Dog Identidy.
  • The idea of making a video game as an anniversary gift was originated by Sr.Wario's close friend .snickedge.

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