Crimsonwolf and Wheelzen is a game by Omegaverse Corp. Please do not edit except for spelling and fixing things, or unless I say you can edit something big. It is in the Crimsonwolf series. It is for the Nintendo Wii, and crosses over with the Wheelzen series, like quite a few other Crimsonwolf games. It uses WiiAchieve.


A large, clear pod with a red wolf floating in it was in a spaceship. Clutched in the wolf's hand was a burnt sienna-colored stone. That stone slowly rattled, as noises came out. One, a roar of evil from an evil racer. One, a little farmhand screaming. One, a short, low-pitched voice, that was hard to hear. One, a zap from an evil electric mini-rat. One, a draconic transformation. One, a tribe running away. One, fire fighting ice. The stone slowly faded away, and the door of the room fell open. A young boy flicked a switch to the pod, and the stone appeared in the boy's hands. The boy smirked and ran away, and the ship crashed into a planet.

Crimsonwolf, or Crimson for short, awoke on the ground. Looking at him was a short little creature. Crimson yelped, and started backing away. "Don't be afraid", the little creature said, who actually seemed to be about the same age as Crimson. "Wh-who are you?" asked Crimson, who didn't even know who he was, exactly. "My names Wheelzen", he said. "Oh....." said Crimson. "Y'see" said Wheelzen, "this guy walked up to me. He was really big, and red, and was looking for a wolf named Crimson." "I.... I think that's my name! But I don't know him." "That's OK, we can help you find some kind of home or get back where you came from. The red guy was probably crazy." "Thanks." said Crimson, and with that, the two went out to find a way home!

Playable Characters:

  • Crimsonwolf
  • Wheelzen
  • AntiWolf - Beat him in battle and tell him to meet you back at Wheelzen's World, then go see him after you beat Vince and he will join.
  • Yellow the Fox - Find him in Speed Mountain Zone.
  • Dike - Do what Wheelzen tells you in the Tutorial Castle to find him.
  • Firebrush - In the Tutorial Castle, crouch down and run in the small door to find him.
  • More coming...


There are shops in the game you can go to. These are the owners.

  • Shiner - Shiner is the main shopkeeper. She sells items in Wheelzen's World.
  • Dr. O' Reilly - Has a chain shop that sets up in Tutorial Castle, Speed Mountain Zone, Danger Island, Planet Popsicle and Fire Spaceship


  • Lol and Fort T. Willy - Two teleporting beings who wield overly-gigantic swords. They live in the Tutorial Castle, but you can only fight him after doing what Wheelzen tells you.
  • Rocketeer - A crazed firework shoots rockets at you in Speed Mountain Zone.

More coming...