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The Flag of Crimsonia
Capital City Redona
Largest City Ruby Village
Language(s) English
Leader(s) Lady Nia
National Anthem
Nature is Bliss
Government Monarchy
Population 183,485 (as of 2015 census)
Currency Rosse (R)
Drives on the right
Abbreviation CM
Included Environment(s)


Crimsonia is a tiny country located on the southern peninsula of Dolenia, and is one of the island countries. The country is in the possession of the edgy crimsnicks.  It is one of the smallest countries in Osiris due to its small size and consistance of only tiny islands.  The country has a monarchy system, being currently led by Lady Nia.




This country uses Osiris' currently as well as its own; Rosse.  The country has a command economy.  More TBA


Crimsonia is a monarchy, meaning it has a head of state, and in the case of this country, that would be a queen.  This queen oversees the country and rules it with an iron fist.  Unlike other monarchies, the Queen of Crimsonia rules the country alone, and makes up all the regulations and rules, besides for the ones that involve impeaching her. As such, the queen must be highly trustable. If half the country wishes to throw her out, such an impeachment may occur, and her daughter will become the next Queen. If there is no succeeding daughter, then a new line of royalty starts, with the eldest one in the new family becoming Queen.


Crimsonia is located in the northeastern area of Dolenia as a set of seven islands, being located near the territory of Rikaceti.  It is located in a sea.  It has a small territorial claim on a small land located southern of Troninion.


Crimsonia is very flat, all areas of the land barring manmade structures being at sea level.  Most of the innards of the island are plains, but everything else is practically tropical.


Most of Crimsonia's residents speak the English language, although some of them instead speak the language of Crimsonian, which is simplified English that reflects British English.  Many of the local natives speak Italian and Russian, although some of them use the Crimsonian language.


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