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Frozerade SI

Frozerade is the secondary playable character of the game, and while her statistics aren't as high as her boyfriend's, she has a better defense and has more self control, and has more abilities to use to master the air. Her levels are more about exploring than Crimson's, and require that she places her amazing acrobatics to the best.


  • Whilst Frozerade is slower and weaker and has lower health than Crimson, she has a much easier time controlling herself and her defense is stellar, allowing her to block attacks with much more ease and has both long range and point-blank attacks at hand. While she can't jump higher, she has a easier time controlling in the air.
  • The gameplay of Frozerade is slower and focused on platforming, and while she can't move with the grace Crimson has, she can access more areas than he and do miscellaneous things like freezing water to skate across it or forming ice cubes to hit switches from far away.
  • Features more special moves than Crimson, but doesn't have much combo potential and needs to wait out enemies or find the right chances to strike rather than going all out.
  • Has a variety of moves, like ice, poison, grass, steel, and even bug, and has the upper hand over fire types as her ice can melt and turn into water, damaging them.
  • Adding to her long reach, Frozerade can swing vines to suspension bars or ledges and swing up to them, or pick up items that she normally can't reach.
  • Can self heal and temporarily raise stats when standing absolutely still. This gives her a chance to recover and prepare for boss fights.


By hitting up with the left thumbstick, Frozerade moves forward, and by hitting left or right, Frozerade turns around. By hitting down, Frozerade will halt momentum and begin stepping back, still facing forward.

The right thumbstick is used to control the aim of Frozerade's right palm, which she can aim in any direction. By pressing the red action button, Frozerade will fire a blast of ice from her hand (referred to as a Cyrosphere). By holding the button, a pair of crosshairs will appear and lock onto any target that they touch. Upon letting go of the red action button, Frozerade will launch a Cryosphere towards them. It is possible to lock onto various targets and toss an array of Cryospheres.

  • If the Cryosphere is fired below Frozerade, she'll create a frozen pillar under herself as a platform. Can help in some scenarios.
  • If the Cryosphere is locked onto several opponents, they will be smaller and not deal as much damage. You'll have to likely fire again to finish the job.

The purple action key has Frozerade hold up her flowery hands defensively. If they're hit, she releases a burst of powder, the type determined by the player before starting a level. The powder ranges from poison to sleep to paralysis and even freezing. These all have their own advantages and disadvantages on opponents, and almost always give Frozerade the upper hand when fighting, just one of the few exceptions being if the foe has guts as its current ability.

  • If blocking a physical attack, Frozerade's arms will lash out at them and deal damage even without the powder. The powder just comes off as like a bonus effect, so it's like two effects in one!
  • Frozerade cannot block projectiles or special attacks, and needs to dodge those. However, there are two exceptions: ice and water. Both of them heal her body! Even though you don't have to swim in water, you can bathe in it to heal up.

The blue action key brings Frozerade to jump up into the air. By pressing the blue action button again, Frozerade will spread her cape and slowly descend forward, gliding. If Frozerade comes in contact with a wall, she'll freeze to it and be able to jump off again. Alternatively, she can climb the wall, or wall jump off of it. By pressing the jump button in the midst of a glide, she'll descend immediately, or by pressing either of the bottom triggers, she'll toss a vine. If she grabs an edge, she'll swing right up to it.

  • While she has many ways to get around, she'll need to often use these abilities in succession with each other. Try and master each skill before trying risky things.
  • Frozerade cannot hold onto walls for too long, so make your move quickly before she slips off.

The green action key allows Frozerade to use one of her equipped special moves, which can be switched using the shoulder buttons. The effect that happens depends on the selected move of choice.

  • While using the shoulder buttons to switch abilities, Frozerade comes to a stand still and can glance around using the left thumbstick, functioning as a camera to scout for enemies.

The inner triggers are as important to Frozerade as they are to Crimson, as they allow her to roll defensively to the side to avoid attacks, and they give her a bunch of horizontal movement. Unlike with Crimson though, she can roll anywhere once she starts, and can avoid almost anything. However, she doesn't have as much time to roll around like he does, so it's advised to try and only roll when you're certain that you can escape an attack.

The bottom triggers have Frozerade toss out a vine. By holding the triggers, she can toss her vines further. From there, she can grab an item, enemies, or otherwise inaccessable objects, and grab them close. If she grabs suspension bars or ledges, she'll be able to swing up to them. The vines are among her few means of doing combos, she can swing these around and smash opponents up and down and smash them into the walls to deal massive damage. Some opponents are too heavy to lift up, and require that parts of them have to be messed around with, like their arms.

When the game is paused, the player will be able to move the camera, although they could already do this with the inner triggers.

Icy Cold Combat

Frozerade mostly attacks opponents with her Cryospheres and vines, her basic attacking tool in fact being to fire the Cryosphere, a ball of ice that freezes and deals a lot of damage on contact. Like explained before, these can be locked onto opponents, even several at a time, although in the case of hitting more than one foe the Cryospheres are smaller and don't deal as much damage. They can also be used to create footstools or pillars in front of Frozerade as self defense.

Otherwise, Frozerade relies on her vines to deal most damage. When her vines are out, crosshairs will appear over things that can be grabbed with them, up to six pairs of crosshairs will show up. Once she has her grip on these, she can pull things towards her or smash them apart, although can't smash certain things like keys and switches apart, mostly enemies. With enemies, she can slam them into the floor, ceiling, other walls, or into other enemies, and the more unique things she does with this ability, the value of her combo increases, ranging from "OK!" to "Excellent!"

Special Moves

Frozerade can rotate through her special moves using the shoulder buttons and prepare to attack enemies or use special skills. Like in the Pokémon games that you can only have four moves on a Pokémon, you can only use four in a stage. There are a total of twenty moves that Frozerade can use, although unlike with Crimson there are no hyper vesrions of the moves.

All special moves have a fairly large cool down period to prevent overuse, as each move easily tuckers her out. This means that Frozerade must time these moves right and only use them when necessary.

  • Acid Spit: Frozerade spits acid from her mouth, melting through the hide of her opponent and severely lowering defenses, allowing her to hit much harder. This acid can melt through steel.
  • Blizzard: Frozerade causes a storm which damages all opponents on the battlefield around her, dealing moderate damage and having a chance of freezing. Extremely effective against dragons.
  • Frozen Dash: Frozerade wraps herself in ice and bursts towards an opponent, freezing them in place. If she hits an opponent, she'll simply dash by them and be able to go through multiple lines of enemies. If she fires a Cryosphere at them, they will all shatter in front of her eyes.
  • Grasswhistle: Frozerade whistles a tune, making the opponent fall asleep for a long while.
  • Haze: Frozerade forms a haze and flashes her eyes, all statistics, regardless of them being her own or an opponent's, being dropped back to zero.
  • Heavy Slam: Frozerade coats herself inside ice and slams into an opponent with her heavy body. The slam doesn't end until the two fall off their current platform and hit the ground, Frozerade falls off stage, or until they hit a wall.
  • Ice Beam: Frozerade places her hands behind her back and shoots a piercing beam of sheer cold out of her mouth, damaging airborne opponents immensely and freezing ground foes. High cooldown.
  • Icequake: Frozerade takes her rose hands and holds them up before slamming them straight down into the ground, causing a shock that shocks foes and freezes them. Has the longest cooldown of all moves; deals massive damage to airborne foes.
  • Megahorn: Maybe Frozerade doesn't have a real horn, but her headbutt still hurts as she forms an impaling spike atop her forehead and shoving it into an opponent. If it lands, the damage is critical and deals a lot of damage.
  • Pillar Impale: Frozerade forms a spiked pillar of ice from underground, then shoves it up right in front of her, dealing high damage to enemies that were unfortunate enough to get caught. Aerial opponents take the highest amount of damage from this attack.
  • Poison Jab: Frozerade takes her flowery fist and takes it back, before striking it forward, powder spewing from the weapon. Can possibly damage on contact.
  • Powder Rain: Frozerade releases a sheet of powder of various effects around her, having random chances to paralyze, freeze, poison, or make opponents fall asleep. Lasts quite a while.
  • Sheer Cold: This move is very difficult to land, but Frozerade will shoot off a flashing Cryosphere that is much larger than usual, but is incapable of locking on. If it hits, it's an OHKO, regardless of enemy, but has no effect on bosses who absorb the attack and proceed to criticize you for "cheating".
  • Toxiç Pool: Frozerade will form a pool of toxins around herself that stay there permanently. Enemies that touch it that aren't immune to poison will be badly poisoned. While the effects are strong at first, they reduce to normal poison later on.
  • Toxic Spikes: Frozerade will form a pool of spikes that surround the battlefield, hiding partially underground. While they cannot badly poison, they are much harder to notice than toxic pool and poison enemies on contact.
  • Wrap: Frozerade will pick up an opponent with a single vine and jab them with her flowery hands, and will not stop until they are defeated or find a way to break out, although the latter is pretty unlikely.


  • Some of Frozerade's gameplay was inspired by Spyro the Dragon and from the Tails/Eggman stages from Sonic Adventure 2.

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