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Crimson SI

Crimson is the stronger of the two playable characters and the faster as well, and features quick gameplay that has him hacking and slashing through his opponents, no matter how strong they may be. Thanks to his high speed, he can be hard to control, but he compensates by being able to control his agility and turning with his lance.


  • Crimson is faster and more powerful than Frozerade, and has higher jumps and even more health, but is harder to control, has a harder time blocking attacks, and lacks a lot of options outside close range.
  • The gameplay of Crimson is more about offense than it is about platforming, and Crimson moves too fast to take on the platforming segments Frozerade can.
  • Less special moves than Frozerade, limiting his offensive movepool, but has a great variety of ways he can take down any opponent using his lance.
  • While he can use grass and poison moves really effectively, he has a lacking of moves that aren't of those types, hindering his strength.
  • Has the rage mechanic, which has a gauge that gets filled out as he dishes out damage. Has much stronger output when filled.
  • Has the hyper mechanic, which has a gauge that gets filled out as he receives damage. Changes his special moves to be more powerful or useful.


By hitting up with the left thumbstick, Crimson accelerates forward, and by hitting left or right, Crimson will turn slightly and run at a different angle. By hitting down, Crimson will halt momentum and begin stepping back, still facing forward.

The right thumbstick is used to control the aim of Crimson's lance, therefore gaining you control over his right hand. By using the red action button, you will swing the weapon. If he holds the lance down without swinging the weapon, he'll drag the lance against the ground, slowing his movement.

  • If it's not facing towards the ground, Crimson will simply slash through the air, or attack enemies hanging on the ground or flying in the air.
  • If it's facing down towards the ground, Crimson will drill the lance down and the game will go into slow motion as Crimson spins around the lance, giving you a choice of where you want to go from there.

The purple action key brings Crimson to hold his lance in a defensive position, blocking attacks and reducing his movement as he focuses on preventing enemies from attacking him. While he can't hold his lance like so for long, it's a good blocking tool and most of the game's attacks can be blocked, and those that can't can be dodged.

  • If blocking a physical attack, Crimson can potentially reflect damage if he times a red button press just right as a form of counterattacking! Your timing must be real precise however.
  • If blocking a projectile, Crimson will shatter it unless the red button is tapped at the correct time, which lashes it back towards the foe. This is extremely crucial in some battles.

The blue action key brings Crimson to jump up into the air. If he's walking, it'll be a simple jump, but if he's running, it will be a faithful leap. If Crimson swings his lance, he will swing it straight in front of him unless he's nearing the ground, whereas he strikes his weapon into the ground, jumping off of it and retaining his momentum as he leaps once more, holding the weapon.

The green action key allows Crimson to use one of his equipped special moves, which can be switched using the shoulder buttons. The effect that happens depends on the selected move of choice, but most do not reduce his momentum whatsoever, as most of his special moves are physical.

  • While using the shoulder buttons to switch abilities, Crimson slows down slightly so you have more time to choose what you find appropriate for Crimson to use in an upcoming fight.
  • If a move reduces Crimson's movement, it's fine as Crimson has more of a chance to see where he's heading.

The inner triggers are important for Crimson, as they allow him to roll defensively to the side to avoid attacks, and they give him a lot more horizontal movement speed than his usual turning. If he's running, he'll somersault to the left or right whilst still moving upwards at an angle. Some attacks cannot be blocked; rolling is almost always the only other option. Additionally, it allows him to avoid attacks that are at his waist level or higher.

The bottom triggers bring Crimson to a skidding halt to slow him down considerably until he reaches a full stopping point. While he loses all gained momentum, he can look around and turn using the left thumbstick. This is useful in almost situation where he needs to go slow, and if pressed midair, he drops straight down.

When the game is paused, the player will be able to move the camera.

Close Combat

Once Crimson slashes his lance into an enemy that isn't knocked out in one hit, Crimson will lock himself into a quick battle against that enemy. The directional pad is used for aiming Crimson's lance and the red action button makes him slash with his lance. By aiming his lance, Crimson can strike enemies from different angles and try and seek out their weak points, which is important at times. During this state, the green action button can be used to punch the foe with his flower hand and the shoulder buttons can have him roll around the enemy, and the purple action button remains as a defensive tool. By jumping with the blue action button, battle is escaped.

When Crimson follows specific slash-and-punch patterns, he'll pull off unique attacks have not just more usage than normal slashing or punching, but also hurt the enemy more and finish them off faster. Normal combos rack up bonus points for Crimson that help affect his ranking to go higher, especially when he does well. By keeping at the enemy and not getting hit, Crimson can increase the value of his combo, ranging from "OK!" to "Excellent!"

Here are his pattern attacks:

  • Poison Jab: If the enemy is slashed twice from completely opposite directions (etc; left to right, up to down) and Crimson follows up with a punch, his flower will be filled to the tip with poison and jab the poison status condition on the enemy and deal higher damage. Poison is only useful against bosses or really, really defense-high foes.
  • Venom Drench: If the player repeats Poison Jab's set up but follows up his two slashes with another one, Crimson's third stab contains an odd poison that lowers offensive power of both fields and decreases speed, weakening the foe.
  • Giga Drain: If Crimson slams his flower into the enemy thrice and attempts to slash the foe in any direction, he will stab the lance into the opponent and slowly begin draining energy from his body, healing himself slowly.
  • Petal Dance: If the player does four slashes from up to right to down to left and attempts jabbing with his lance, Crimson will step back and slam his body into the enemy for high damage before doing it again.
  • Swords Dance: If the player slashes eight times, two up, two down, two left, and two right, and then hits down again, Crimson will back out slowly and do a quick dance as his body fills with rage, sharply boosting his offensive presence.

Special Moves

Crimson can rotate through his special moves using the shoulder buttons and prepare to attack enemies or use special skills. Like in the Pokémon games that you can only have four moves on a Pokémon, you can only use four in a stage. There are a total of twelve moves that Crimson can use. The Hyper versions of these moves deal much more damage and have bonus effects.

All special moves have a fairly large cool down period to prevent overuse, as each move easily tuckers him out. This means that Crimson must time these moves right and only use them when necessary.

  • Acrobatics: Crimson jumps up and homes in towards the nearest enemy, holding onto them and slashing with his lance before jumping off. The hyper version increases his speed and has him slam the enemy down towards the ground or into the air without the need to grab the foe.
  • Counter True: Crimson gets into a defensive pose, but this time, any attack that hits him is sent back towards the opponent, dealing the intended damage. Its hyper version strengthens the reflected attack.
  • Drainer Fury: Crimson punches forward several times, each punch making him dash forward with his speed. If he hits an opponent, he will target what remains of those punches into them, draining health from the enemy and absorbing it for himself, effectively functioning as a heal. Its hyper version increases the attack speed and makes it harder for the opponent to escape or block.
  • Heart Stun: Crimson jumps forward and stabs his lance, skidding on the ground before regaining momentum. If an enemy is stabbed, Crimson will paralyze it before engaging battle with it. His hyper version has him going faster and slashing right through the heart for an instant kill.
  • Homing Chain: Crimson dashes towards an enemy in the air, smashing them and heading for another enemy, doing so until no enemies are left for him to chain onto. The hyper version gives him more homing range and his attacks are faster and have a higher chance of killing the foes he smashes into.
  • Powder Shower: Crimson charges up his hand, and when he punches an enemy, they'll be poisoned, paralyzed, or sent to sleep as powder showers everywhere, affecting nearby enemies too. Its hyper version has him punch twice and always sets the first punch so it poisons and the second so that it paralyzes.
  • Rising Sun: Crimson drags his lance along the ground before suddenly raising up with it with a jump, holding his lance up to hit any airborne opponents. The hyper version increases his height and ends with a horizontal slash covering all directions in the air before he descends.
  • Sludge Bomb: Crimson tosses a bomb of sludge, exploding and releasing poison everywhere upon contact with the ground. If it hits an opponent, they will take heavy damage and be badly poisoned, and the resulting mess will poison foes. Its hyper version fires three bombs with the same effects.
  • Spinning Fury: Crimson spins around with his lance, spinning into a whirling fury of death as he dashes forward, dealing multihit damage on almost any enemies in his path. The hyper version increases his lance range and makes him spin faster and makes the duration of this spin last a longer time.
  • Twisting Corkscrew: Crimson spins forward with his lance and spins around, floating above the ground, lance outward and screwing through enemies, being a multihit move. After the screw attack ends, Crimson swings his sword downwards and flips up into the air and landing back on the ground, regaining momentum. The hyper version makes his hits more powerful and allows him to move around loosely like the Yellow Drill from Sonic Colors, just above land.
  • Vine Entanglement: Crimson shoots three vines from his flowery hand and grabs an opponent. He will then stop and be able to smash the enemy wherever he wants, even into other enemies if he wants. Its hyper version releases more vines and allows him to instantly grab any other opponents that touch his vines, sticking them to it.
  • Whirlwind: Crimson stabs his lance into the ground and spins around it, creating a whirlwind that pushes opponents far away and into the skies. It's hyper version is stronger and damages opponents that get caught in the whirlwind.


  • Much of Crimson's gameplay is inspired by Sonic's gameplay from Sonic and the Black Knight.

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