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Crimson the Roserade is a video game developed by TimeStrike and published by the same company as the official reboot of the 2014 Crimson el Roserade franchise, released exclusively on The V². The game is inspired off of Sega's Sonic and the Black Knight as well as Game Freak's Pokémon series in general, hence the starring of Crimson the Roserade, the Roserade species originating from the latter of said inspirations.

The series takes place in the Florice galaxy, where the swordsman Crimson the Roserade and the cleric Frozerade are on a mission to strike down the destructive tyrant Lord Garchomp and restore order to the Blossom Realms, the kingdom where the main characters reside in.  The story of Crimson the Roserade is the first of the series, although it is unknown if a sequel will truly follow up.

Crimson the Roserade is notably more complex than most other series and games that TimeStrike have created, having very in-depth gameplay of the two main characters and large and expansive levels that exceed the size of all their games', yet everything is fast paced and maps are provided to prevent one from getting lost.  Whilst complex, the game can be easy to learn thanks to the simplistic use of its buttons.

The game achieved critical acclaim, players lauding the game for its complexity yet easy-to-learn styled gameplay, and being quite positive towards the overall direction and characters, although the lack of extra content has been criticized alongside the camera angle.

Along with many other games, it was later released by scorpistar⭐ with minimal changes, mostly glitch fixes.


CeR Mode Story Story mode implies exactly what you'd think it implies: a story mode.  In it, you choose Crimson and Frozerade and follow their story to defeat the evil Lord Garchomp and his dragon cronies.  Restore order to the Blossom Realms.
CeR Mode Trials In Trials mode, you can move around the unlocked areas of the Blossom Realms and go to any stage you desire.  This is the best way to get ranks and cash.  In addition to giving more freedom, you can try some of the provided minigames in the realms.
CeR Mode Mission In mission mode, you do stages again, but with different tasks in mind, which often change your course in the level or force you to do specific tasks in order to continue.  This is considered the hardest of the game's modes, so be careful if you attempt trying these!
CeR Mode Battle Battle mode is the game's two player mode, where two players choose between twelve options for playable: Crimson and Frozerade, six alternative costumes each.  Battle mode is a 1-on-1 thing, and the round ends when one of the players is down.
CeR Mode Arena The Arena mode works very similar to that introduced in the Kirby series.  In this, you fight all of the game's bosses that you fought so far, and the final boss will always be the final boss.  When you complete the whole game, you have the full Arena to complete, but clearing that gives you...the Secret Arena, which hosts surprises.
CeR Mode Garden In Garden mode, you're an unarmed Crimson/Frozerade and you can raise and help out virtual pets that are acknowledged as "Nubblings", tiny cute blobs of matter that take size and appearance depending on how you raise them.  Be cool towards them and they look cool!  Be ugly to them and they'll be ugly...literally and figuratively to you!  They generally seem to become humanoid the longer they live.
CeR Mode Options What do you expect out of options mode?...well, the ability to turn sound from stereo to mono and back, skin settings, and overall progress, and the ability to clear data.  And other things.



Crimson the Roserade features primarily 3D gameplay in the third-person prospective, featuring hack-and-slash gameplay as Crimson or careful platforming gameplay with first-person elements as Frozerade. Regardless of the chosen character, the objective is to reach the end of the current level, attacking enemies as you go and solving any given puzzles.

The levels in the game are highly explorable, and while the objective is to get to the end, there isn't just one way to get there. These levels also feature hidden pathways that lead to items and upgrades that the player can pick up and use (in a similar way to Metroid Prime), and contain non playable characters who you can speak to, who either offer advice, your level objective, a map, or in rare cases, follow you around and help you fight.

Gameplay is pretty fast for both characters, they have moves that highly enhance their speed and strike fast in combat, even in the case of Frozerade who has less point-blank options. Players can take it slow too, which is necessary in areas where you need to sneak past sleeping enemies or figures, or to carefully tread platforms. Both characters have the unique sense of warning the player before they approach a cliff when they're running, going to a halt.

Characters run on health meters. Originally characters have four hearts, and if all four hearts are depleted, the character loses a life. Upon progressing further in the game, they can have a max of ten hearts. To restore lost hearts, one must collect a floating heart with angelic wings hanging around in the level, which restores just one, while bigger floating hearts restore three. A chest of hearts completely replenishes your health.

In the levels, coins of mold, bronze, silver, gold and platinum value (lowest to highest) are scattered throughout, the mold coins being the most common whilst the platinum ones are rare.  They're often found floating in the air and are kind of large, so you usually can't miss them.  They're also kept in vases, in treasure chests, and also are dropped by enemies from time to time.

As characters obtain upgrades, they're able to equip them onto their body to enhance their gameplay skills and improve their usability in the game. They cannot use many upgrades at first, but as players level up, they'll be able to use more upgrades in the game. Upgrading characters is important, especially in the fields of offense and defense, as enemies gradually get stronger as the player progresses.

The played character has four special moves that can be used at once, but there are many in the game. Before one enters a level, they must choose which four special moves they want to carry in. Special moves include Giga Drain (lifesteal sword slashing), Toxic (strong poisoning), and Blizzard (heavy ice damage with chance of freeze). Choosing what special moves you want to use before you enter a level is important, and the higher level you're at, the more you have available.

To level up, one must defeat enemies to gain experience points. The stronger the enemy, the more experience points that are gained. Upon gaining enough, the player levels up and has small stat boosts, and has a chance of gaining a new special move to use. Additionally, this adds room for more upgrades for the player to equip for their leveled up character. Leveling up happens during gameplay and happens as the player is actively moving in a level.

Upon clearing a level, the player gets ranked for their efforts, from S to F, on a scale from perfect to awful. These ranks have no real effect on the game and a rude and snarky Patrat will either congratulate you for your efforts or diss you for them, depending on your skill level.

Ranks and stuff

When the player fights the Bronze Knight, they have only one path they can follow, and they have limited room to fight.


When the player is not in a level, they are in the large hub world, referred to appropriately as the Blossom Realms considering that is Crimson/Frozerade's homeland. While few levels are open at first and the player only has access to the bottom grounds, further progressing in the game opens up higher areas and more levels to explore, and new characters appear for you to talk to. It is here where you can access the Eterna Forest, your home location.

In the Eterna Forest, you go into a house made of logs and get to communicate with Crimson/Frozerade (depending on your chosen character) and get to play around with your Budew child Red, who can later evolve into a Roselia and help his parents fight off enemies as an NPC. Otherwise, you can look through your diaries, or communicate with the local Roselia and Roserade families outside.

Most of the story is activated via walking in certain areas of the hub, and by progressing further up the Blossom Realms, you get deeper and further into the story, and unlock more complex levels.  As an ode to Spyro the Dragon, the true inspiration for the hub worlds, an obese Snorlax will ask you to pay a toll to certain areas before he lets you get to further areas in the Realms.  He also holds certain important people captive and helps out Lord Garchomp as he offers him cookies when he helps.  If the player gives Snorlax money, he'll go off and buy cookies, letting the player pass.


While both Crimson and Frozerade have fast paced gameplay, Crimson's is much faster and is about running and slashing fast with his lance, smashing through lines of enemies while almost keeping all his momentum with a high powered weapon and strong special moves that can kill off enemies much faster.

To compliment his fast gameplay, Crimson doesn't just use his lance for attacking. He can drag his lance along the ground to slow his speed, or quickly thrust it into the ground and leap for a burst of speed, or suddenly strike his lance into the ground and spin around it to make a sharp ninty degree angle turn or a u-turn whilst keeping his momentum.

By holding the defense button, Crimson will hold his lance in front of himself like a shield and block an attack. This is especially useful in battle for it's easy for Crimson to faint if he doesn't keep on guard and block moves. Crimson cannot hold himself in a defense position for long however, so use your guard move wisely.

Even though Frozerade has a higher focus on platforming, Crimson gets some of the really tricky bits. Crimson jumps high and far, and at times must stab his lance into a platform and jump off of it quickly. This extreme platforming is often just in the extra challenges, it can be found in the later levels and as parts of shortcuts in these worlds.


Crimson has two separate Gauges, named the Rage and Hyper Gauges. These have different effects on his gameplay and often enhance it once they're activated.

Crimson has his Rage Gauge at the top right of the screen, which is filled by dishing out damage. Once it fills up to the max, Crimson becomes enraged and has stronger offensive power, able to slice a weak enemy in just one hit whilst still making quick work out of defensive foes. The Rage Gauge fills fairly quickly and activates often.

The Hyper Gauge is different and sits right below the Rage Gauge. If Crimson takes damage, this bar will fill slowly, filling up faster the closer Crimson is to death. Once filled up and when Crimson uses a move, he will use a much stronger variation of that move that has a wider impact and a stronger offensive use. You know he will be doing a stronger version of a move when you see him flash white and a cut-in occur.


Frozerade, whilst being fast, isn't quite as fast as Crimson, but arguably has more control and has an easier time exploring levels.  Additionally, Frozerade is not in possession of a lance and shoots enemies with blasts of ice instead, or uses vines to get them from afar and pummel them to death.  While she lacks Crimson's more defensive options, she can dodge faster and cause poison and frozen status conditions as well as sleep and paralysis, all from powder.

Frozerade can't leap across some areas that Crimson can, nor can she keep her momentum when she turns like Crimson can, but she still has tricks up her sleeve.  Frozerade can use vines as a kind of grappling hook; she can grab onto suspension bars or ledges and swing right up to them, and can use her vines to grab items from a long distance away.  Additionally, she can freeze pools or water and skate across them, whereas Crimson has to either go underwater or find another way past it.

Her means of self defense are to use powders, like mentioned before.  The powders, while they originally were Pokémon moves, don't work as special moves in this game and are part of Frozerade's default moveset.  Before she enters a level, she can choose between Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Flame Powder, and Chill Seeds, which deal paralysis, sleep, poison damage, fire damage, and freeze damage, respectively.  If an opponent hits her whilst the defense button is held, they get a blast of powder.

Frozerade can heal herself or raise her statistics when still.  If she keeps still, she'll gradually heal her health, and all her statistics will slightly raise as she holds still.  These statistics slowly return to normal when she stops healing, although her health remains as high as she got it to.  The skill of defense raising works really well before going against hordes of enemies or against a boss battle.


Crimson the Roserade is home to a wide cast of characters, two playable, several NPCs, and various enemies and foes in the game.


Crimson SI


Crimson the Roserade is the titular character of the game and its main protagonist, and a determined swordsman who's dedicated to keeping the Blossom Realms out of trouble via stopping Lord Garchomp and his cronies.  Crimson is malevolent and has had many a battle, enjoying the feel of striking his weapon and watching a foe fall.  He falls under the Grass and Poison categories, being able to use the powers of nature and toxins to his advantage in battle alongside his already powerful slashing talents.

For moveset information, see here.
Frozerade SI


In contrast to Crimson's up close and personal style of attacking, Frozerade is a long ranged attacker who fires blasts of ice and poison and scatters spores to dent the defense of her opponents.  Frozerade is calmer than the malevolent Crimson, and is mischievous, yet caring and respectful towards anyone, including opponents, but can be as rude as she wishes to be.  She falls under the Ice and Poison categories, using the magic of freezing and poison attacks to her advantage.

For moveset information, see here.


Red the budew

Red is the immature child of Crimson and Frozerade, and their only baby together.  While he may be named Red, he's actually a solid blue and purple like his mother, Crimson having predicted that he would be a red color for some strange reason, and continued calling him Red to remind him of his mistake.  As the player takes care of him in the game, he'll evolve into Roselia and help his parents destroy enemies as a non playable character.

Lord Tyranitar
He may look intimidating and sinister, but Lord Tyranitar is the fair ruler of the Monster Dominion, and helps Crimson fight off the evil Lord Garchomp when he notices that his rival has gone way too far.  While this kind ruler is non playable, there are a few levels where he'll let Crimson and Frozerade get onto his back and plow through areas of land with his destructive, made-for-annihilation body.
Crobat Dreamworld

While this is an average Crobat, he's surprisingly helpful to Crimson and Frozerade and offers to help them cross areas they normally wouldn't be able to cross before. Some areas cannot be passed whatsoever without his help, and he won't hesitate to help them out, offering them a ride on his back in a silent manner.

Poly is a cybernetic Pokémon that was developed by mankind, but made its way into the Florice galaxy. Its purpose was originally to give guests a grand tour of the Blossom Realms, but upon Lord Garchomp's sudden invasion, it hid in fear with the heroes and it was reprogrammed to seek out the location of this villain. By feeding it Pokéblocks, Porygon's knowledge increases, along with its personality.
Red the roselia

This Roselia isn't a random hot color, Scarlet came from a species of Roselia that worship the sun and absorb its power to feed the Eterna Forest and the other lands around it.  Scarlet in particular is a child and is growing up to try and be the best caretaker she can be for Mother Nature, but struggles with her group on fighting Lord Garchomp, who had his plans overpower their own and as such the Eterna Forest is slowly rotting away...

Krook is the owner of a black market where he sells both legal and illegal things to Crimson, from custom powder and elixirs to bombs and guns, the latter two being banned across the Blossom Realms for their high-level violence. Krook himself is real greedy and wants all the cash he can get, and will often try to wedge you into paying higher. Sometimes, this is worth it, as he can throw something else into your inventory for you to use. While it's mysterious every time, your unknown item may be of real usage!

Gemmi is Krook's assistant and occasionally drops rare items in his shop, but for the most part she's the owner of a small motel that you can sleep in, although for a fairly high price. The motel is vehicular and is driven around the levels and the realms themselves, and it's somewhat easy to locate because of its size. Despite the rather greedy price that you have to pay to sleep in, Gemmi herself is nice and always offers tips about shopping, especially from Krook's place, and randomly puts an item on sale there.

Ratazze is a Patrat that accompanies Crimson or Frozerade on their travels from time to time as a tutorial, but isn't really anything more than an annoyance otherwise.  He'll tell you the game's very basics and what to do, but at the cost of him being snarky, rude, and overly sarcastic towards you, and has a tendency to call you an amateur.  Whilst he cannot be turned off, you can hit him and get him to go away.

Vila is the leader of the Oddish family and originally was rather rude towards Roserades and their pre-evolutions until Lord Garchomp almost destroyed their home, Crimson and Frozerade saving them from impending doom. In return, Vila settled down and made peace with her rival species, and became a friendly tutorial character towards the two heroes, replacing Ratazze and pointing out where to go correct, and how to use some advanced techniques that Ratazze was too lazy to explain before.


Lord Garchomp SI

Lord Garchomp
Lord Garchomp isn't just intimidating by size or personality, his sheer power and his durability are frightening as well, and to Crimson and Frozerade and all other heroes and good people alike, he is the worst being one could ever come across in the Blossom Realms. Lord Garchomp is disrespectful, destructive, and very selfish and greedy, many of his goals involving gaining territory for himself. His forces are no laughing matter either, especially not his main comrades. He originally came from the Dragon's Grotto as its ruler, and now wishes to spread his power across the globes.
Dragione 4 fuzzy

Dragione is best seen as a two sided mirror. One one hand, he's a fierce and powerful warrior who can come off as snide and sarcastic, and is merciless in his attacks. But on another, he fears his adoptive father, Lord Garchomp, and tries to seek for an escape, although finds difficulty doing so because of his father's massive strength and his overwhelming forces. Inside, he's sweet and kind, but it's hard to see that side of him because of his rough external layers.
The Stalker art 2

The Stalker
Originally just a normal Haunter, the Stalker is a deadly commander of Lord Garchomp's army, being of the Fire and Ghost combination, a deadly step higher from his species, able to use pyrokinesis to cause widespread damage. While mostly silent, he'll attempt to engage his enemies up close and strike them for harm or for murder, and laughs when he has a victory, be it sweet, sour or bitter. The Stalker is merely a distraction for the other commanders though, and can be easily defeated with douses of cold water.
Honey vespiquen

Honey is a unique Vespiquen, being a combination of Dark, Bug and Flying, and is the least threatening of the three main commanders, but it's her Combees that are dangerous, not exactly her. Her Combees travel in swarms and slam into everything, and cause tornadoes via spinning around and they also create fake honey that harms upon taste. Honey herself is a strong fighter though, her Honey Staff is impossible to break and it strikes opponents hard, not to mention that she heals upon licking it. It doesn't help that she's flirty and mesmerizing and attempts to divert the attention of the heroes...
Bronze Blob

The Bronze Knight
Image features him as a normal Roserade; real beta art
Definitely the most mysterious character in the game. While he looks like a Roserade that bears many similarities to Crimson, his flashing body underneath that's just glowing colors seems to indicate that it's not really anything acnkowledged before. While his armor and weapons may be rusty and used, he's a strong fighter and engages in battle with Crimson often, being a fierce and formidable opponent, even closer to the game's beginning. For every battle that's had between them, the Knight's weapons are sharper and they hit way harder, and he eventually gains a shield to mimic Crimson's overuse of blocking.


Crimson the Roserade hosts a total of twelve levels for Crimson and Frozerade to explore and complete, each one having a boss at the end.  All levels are done in a set order, although the player can come back and visit them any time they wish.  For every level they complete, they access a new area of the hub world overall.

CeR Autumn Forest
With Crimson
Autumn Forest is the game's very first level, and while it has a tutorial section at the beginning it leaps straight into real gameplay soon enough. Crimson in particular must rush through the Autumn Forest and take any of the provided paths to reach the end of the forest, where he'll get ranked for his efforts. As he runs, he'll be going up trees, wall jumping off of them, and running down hills where he's expected to actually avoid the trees as he escapes a giant falling log. In some areas of the forest, he can use his lance to strike a tree and jump up for a shortcut, or strike certain trees to make them fall.
With Frozerade
The very first level of the game, and both a tutorial and an actual level, starting out with the stupid Patrat and ending with a solved series of puzzles. Frozerade starts out atop tree branches over a raging river, where she must balance herself carefully and jump from branch to branch, making use of her vines to make it across wider gaps. If Frozerade falls, she'll be swept away by the river. Some areas cannot be crossed without doing specific activities; so there are times where she needs to hit switches in the form of targets to gain access to the rest of the level.
  • As Crimson, seek out the five Dragon eggs held within the level and break them open.
  • As Frozerade, shoot down all the blue targets as you run across a melting ice path.
CeR Jungle Rapids
With Crimson
Jungle Rapids is the follow up level to Autumn Forest and picks up in difficulty quite fast. Here, the raging river from Autumn Forest is the focus of the level, where Crimson must fight the rapids and overcome that obstacle, the objective being to make it to the castle. While a rather basic level, Crimson will find himself having to use enemies as footstools to progress in the level, and will often have stretches of road where he has to build momentum and jump across certain stretches of river. At the level's end, a series of boulders will be flung towards him, which he must avoid. Many areas of the Rapids split up into separate, smaller rivers, which you can go up too.
With Frozerade
Frozerade starts at the very bottom of the rapids, having barely made it to safety from the Autumn Forest. As she is now more aware of her powers and attributes, she is capable of freezing this water to move up higher, which is useful for she lacks the speed and jump that her boyfriend has. A lot of the platforming has been destroyed by an unknown nemesis, so freezing the water is often crucial to continue. At the level's end, Frozerade will go through a sudden trapdoor and be locked into a room which is a giant water puzzle, the water around her leading into spike traps. By hitting all the switches, she can open a secondary door, which leads to the Castle Manor.
  • As Crimson, run from the Bronze Knight and destroy platforms to make him fall into the raging rapids.
  • As Frozerade, take on a horde of a hundred rabid Zubat in a more perilous map of the stage.
CeR Castle Manor
With Crimson
The third level, and less linear in its paths than its preceding level. The Castle Manor is very large and has an incredible paths Crimson can take, yet it's confusing and it would be rather easy to get lost in if it weren't for the arrows held on the walls and the provided maps you can see from within. Some areas of the manor are blocked off without striking away at them, so if he sees something suspicious, hack away at it and he might be able to discover new paths. You know he'll have passed the maze when he reaches lines of hallways which he must travel across as the loose floor begins crumbling under his feet. Once he breaks through the last hallway and smashes the door, the level is completed. While the level is quite maze like, almost all the segments of the level are fast paced as there are a lot of clear runways.
With Frozerade
Frozerade enters the manor from the water puzzle chamber, showing up in its basement. Castle Manor is riddled with traps and switches that Frozerade must activate, and they're the only way she can move on. Once she escapes the basement and goes outside, she must wall jump off of the provided trees and their branches to reach the highest floor of the manor. When she gets back into the manor, she'll have to go through the maze of doors and rooms and follow the directions slowly to make it to the end. Frozerade must be very careful and should be stealthy, for the top floor is riddled with hardly visible booby traps and they can easily kill her, and she must also hit targets to open up parts of the level that were previously inaccessible. Once she wall jumps across a hallway without a floor and lands safely, the lever is cleared.
  • As Crimson, take a detour and run into the manor basement and take on a series of agility puzzles.
  • As Frozerade, escape the manor via a strict time limit, and get out before zero is reached.
CeR Wild Jungle
With Crimson
The Castle Manor led Crimson to this wild, crazy place, which is a step up from the familiar Jungle Rapids. While there is no raging river, there are many hazards to be aware of, including the enemies and one must quick trespass some areas, like the Tauros living area and the local "Safari Zone". Wild Jungle features Crimson running through a mainly linear path, but there are many areas he can jump to as shortcuts or as alternative routes, and he can catch onto vines with his lance and swing from them to many higher areas. As he begins to approach the end, Crimson will jump on a log and swim away from an aggressive Sharpedo, going down a fast moving river to enter the cave at the very end. The main hazard of Wild Jungle are the "man-made" traps set up at points to try and capture trespassers, but these can be either destroyed or just avoided with careful movement.
With Frozerade
Escaping from the Castle Manor took Frozerade to the jungle too, and things are a bit trickier thanks to her slower movement. Frozerade must swing often from vine to vine and enter higher areas or other places that are quite out of reach. Occasionally, Frozerade will hop over raging rivers and wild foes, but sometimes there will be a point where she can't jump the rivers. Instead, she must freeze the river and try and skate across it, and stand on safe spots when the ice almost begins melting. At the end, Frozerade just misses Crimson getting on a log and moving away, so she begins getting on the water, freezing it. She must now go down this final river carefully and get on safe spots when the ice begins to vanish. The Sharpedo from earlier is very aggressive and will attempt to attack and/or eat Frozerade.
  • As Crimson, slash apart the Sharpedo whilst on an endless version of the river, littered with more obstacles.
  • As Frozerade, move throughout the level with vine swings, and don't touch any ground but the last platform.
CeR Hazy Maze Cave
With Crimson
The Hazy Maze Cave is a familiar name to most, but it's got nothing to do with that one cave from another game. The cave has multiple paths for Crimson to follow, which can lead him uphill, downhill, or neither, and sometimes to dead ends which he can flip off and keep his momentum as he turns around. Occasionally, parts of the cave will break apart bits of the floor to reveal new areas, which Crimson must go down to continue exploring the remains of the area. Once under the maze like cave, Crimson will enter a combat-heavy cave with many enemies that he must defeat, and once he does, he will go across a set of runaways as he exits the cave, a gang of Golem attempting to chase him down. Once he exits the cave and runs into a desert, mission cleared.
With Frozerade
Frozerade barely escapes the Sharpedo and lands in the Hazy Maze Cave, and just barely captures a glimpse of Crimson, the entire floor collapsing under her feet. While she's now in the underground early, she has more of it to travel through and must go through the caverns carefully, avoiding any path that may just be an enemy trap. Once she takes the correct path, she'll end in a vertical shaft that she must climb using her wall jumping and climbing abilities, being careful to not get hit by the Voltorb that roam the shaft. Once she escapes, she'll end up in the giant combat room and fight off a bunch of enemies. Upon their defeat, the floor will crumble and she'll escape automatically onto the runaways, clearing the level.
  • As Crimson, take the correct paths or you'll be taken back to the start. A time limit will pressure you.
  • As Frozerade, pass through the crumbled floors of Crimson's section, do not fall into the imminent lava.
CeR Barren Badlands
With Crimson
Barren Badlands is the sixth level overall, and Crimson begins this level by running from Golem. After a narrow escape, Crimson trips over a branch, which becomes an effective surfboard for him. It is necessary for Crimson to not get attacked as he will fall off and he will be traveling across quicksand, but sometimes he himself must swing his lance out whilst he's riding on the board. Eventually he'll go up a slope and jump off the board, landing on safe, hard sand and run through the multi-route desert. Occasionally, enemies will appear, often cacti which appear in the form of arrows telling him which way to go. Once he reaches a specific area, a pyramid rises in front of him all of a sudden, and upon going inside it, Crimson must go through the linear path as fast as he can as it starts rumbling, avoiding the traps and bottomless pits that get in his way. Once he shoots out of the pyramid through a cannon, the mission is completed.
With Frozerade
The Badlands take place right after the cave, but Frozerade doesn't get to skate and must carefully traverse across the quicksand. To do this, she must freeze them up so they stop moving, using the small time intervals to move across them as quick as she can. Right before she reaches the slope area, the slope itself rises up and reveals a door which she must break through, and then she will appear in a room with a bunch of targets and switches. Once she solves the puzzle, another door will open up, and she will shoot herself out of a cannon right onto a crumbling pyramid which begins sinking as soon as she jumps on it. At the top there is a pad that she must jump off of to grab a Crobat, and if she fails to reach it, she loses a life. To get to the Crobat, she must freeze the whole pyramid and slide across its icy surface to get up. Once she grabs onto its main body, the mission is cleared.
  • As Crimson, seek out ten statues of Lord Garchomp and tear them apart with your attacks.
  • As Frozerade, move through the level as normal, but take shade as the sun blazes more and can cause burns.
CeR Midnight Ascent
With Crimson
Midnight Ascent begins with Crimson automatically sticking his lance into the ground and bouncing up, landing on a stable cloudy path. Crimson will now run up this cloudy path and avoid holes in the way, and must be aware of how he's moving to know he won't fall off the course. Once the stretch of road is done, Crimson will come across giant pillars that he must skillfully hit with his lance to bounce up, and slash any enemies that try to stop him. This is some really skillful work that must be completed before moving on to the last section. After finishing the tricky platforming, Dragione will descend from the air and attempt to attack him, forcing Crimson to run away. You'll enter a series of multiple paths that you can take to get to the end, but you must be aware that some platforms can get burnt by Dragione's flames. Be careful! Once you get onto a mountain and get inside the cave after a final stretch of road, mission complete.
With Frozerade
Midnight Mountain begins quite uniquely for Frozerade, she'll begin holding onto a Crobat which you are able to control. Carefully navigate the direction of the Crobat as you swing from it, avoiding pillars which can be smacked into by your playable character. Sometimes, there will be walls ahead of you that you can't pass over, so you'll need to find all targets and switches necessary to blow up the wall. Once all walls are destroyed, you'll go through a mountain pass where many enemies will attempt to fight the Crobat. You'll need to use your Cyrosphere or your vines, or both, to take down the enemies, as Crobat doesn't have high health and if it dies, you'll be falling with it. Pass through the mountain pass and the Crobat will drop you off at the mountainside, near a cave which you can enter.
  • As Crimson, attack and defeat Dragione, send him plunging towards the ground.
  • As Frozerade, you'll pass into a new, trickier, and obstacle brimmed area with the Crobat. Navigate carefully.
CeR Frosted Mountain
With Crimson
Frosted Mountain is unique for it freezes you in place if you stand in the cold atmosphere for too long. If you're frozen in place, you lose a life. Fortunately, you'll mostly be going through the caves that go through the mountain, although you'll need to occasionally go up a mountain slope to get any higher, and that requires going outside, which means you must be quick. Most of the mountain caves have multiple paths for you to take, although you must be aware that they can sometimes lead you up or down. If they lead you down though, you don't always have to fear, for sometimes going downhill leads you to shortcuts going up...via small mountain like structures you can climb to get higher up the mountain easily. Once you make it up to a certain level, you'll find a hole in the mountain's center, but the rest of the mountain above you will be broken by a boss. Defeat that boss and then head down the mountain hole, escaping to whatever's ahead.
With Frozerade
Frozerade, unlike Crimson, is immune to the frozen status condition, so she can travel through the mountain with ease. However, as Frozerade makes it just as the top of the mountain falls, a lot has rumbled and filled up the caves with debris, meaning that you can't go through them, and chunks of the road have been blocked off. Worsened, the mountain ledges are too slippery to grab and they can't be climbed. To pass Frosted Mountain, you must glide to rocky ledges close to the mountain and climb those, and occasionally glide back to the mountain to get a running leap before hopping to more structures. A lot of enemies show up on the roads and on the ledges, most of them being dragon and rock types that have been sent to halt your progress. Defeat them and land on the top of the mountain, and enter the hole to follow your boyfriend in.
  • As Crimson, be really careful as the routes up the mountain have way more obstacles. Navigate sharply.
  • As Frozerade, most platforms will be replaced by dragons, which you must use now. Be aware of their flames.
CeR Secret Mines
With Crimson
The Secret Mines are the ninth level overall, and by reaching here, you're two thirds through the main game. Crimson takes a quick spiral loop down the mines and enters through a long horizontal set of hallways that require him to have precise jumps, and has sharp bends that he must pass with ease. Not having precise jumps or failing to move through the bends may result in death via falling off course or falling into lava. Once you pass through the hallways, you'll enter a series of rooms filled with enemies that you must defeated and overcome, and when you pass that, you'll end up in a mine cart and go down a deserted mine. There will be times where you must make the mine cart jump and end up on new paths, and sometimes this is necessary as there are dead ends - and literal dead ends. Hop off the cart at the end to see an underworld ahead.
With Frozerade
Frozerade's bit of the Secret Mines is way different from Crimson's. The entrance to his bit is shut off, but the floor is made of ice. Shatter it and reveal an underwater section you can enter through, and begin swimming through the dead mines' seas. Swim quickly though, for you can't breathe underwater for long, and occasionally take an air bubble (like those from the Sonic the Hedgehog series) to regain some breath. Once you reach the end, jump out and go down a long vertical shaft. You will be gliding down it and avoid all hazards that come through your way. Once you make it through, wall jump across a series of rooms with no floor and make it to the end, where you'll finally catch up with Crimson again.
  • As Crimson, take a wild and new route through the mines as the place begins to crumble and fall apart.
  • As Frozerade, navigate through a dangerous, flooded version of the mines.
CeR Dinonamic Underworld
With Crimson
Dinosaurs used to rule the Earth, and they haven't quite gone extinct like you think. This level has a lot of straight forward sections, and it uses a lot of your running and turning talent and hardly anything else. Grind on rails, ride the backs of dinosaurs, and even temporarily control a T-Rex where you wish. When you're just running on the ground, tread lightly, for there are visible traps that can hamper your progress, so watch your step. Halfway into the level, you'll enter a steamy jungle area, and a dinosaur will begin chase you, and by this I mean a giant mutant Flygon. Run from it and grind on the vines, smash through anything in your way, and attack the Flygon when it gets too close to you. Once you escape the jungle, you'll ride on another T-Rex and have to navigate yourself to the upcoming Lava Drifts. Once you land on the front walkway to the Drifts, mission accomplished.
With Frozerade
Frozerade tries to follow Crimson, but a T-Rex gets in her way and sends her down to another world underneath, where a giant Tyrantrum stands in your path to the exit, and the way out is locked down and secured. You'll need to avoid the beast as you hit the targets and switches throughout the room, taking care to not let the beast attack you. You'll need to actually get close to it and use its back as a footstool to reach a certain ledge though, but be careful as Tyrunt can attack you from there and aid their mother in the fight. Once every switch is hit, the exit will open, and you can swing down there. From there, you just need to swing from vine to vine, and avoid getting eaten by some of the very large dinosaurs hosted down there. You'll reach a fast flowing river of water that you must freeze, and you'll find yourself back at the surface, where you must freeze a dinosaur's head to get through, and you'll find yourself standing with Crimson as you get down the tail.
  • As Crimson, move swift as most dinosaurs will now chase you on sight. Traps are more commonplace, too.
  • As Frozerade, collect ten dragon eggs and feed them to the T-Rex at the level's end, whom is a toll.
CeR Lava Drift
With Crimson
The semi final stage proves to be tough with very little platforms to stand on and rivers of lava that can consume you and the more unstable footings. While you must move fast, you need to occasionally slow down so you're not suddenly flinging off of ledges. The Lava Drifts make high use of Crimson's lance and expect him to jump across pits with it, go from platform to platform using it, and expect him to slash at rows of targets to open gateways. Once he gets deeper into the level, he'll need to be more careful than usual, and take on hordes of enemies as he tries to avoid lava-falls, and will need to do this until he's locked in a giant, vertical chamber. After Crimson hits a target and reveals a rail, the lava will begin rising up, forcing him to get up and grind the rail, landing on a platform that is one of several that lead to the top. Crimson's platforming talents better be mastered, for the lava is rising up after him...once he reaches the top, the level is done.
With Frozerade
Frozerade begins the level by gliding, wind from below pushing her up to help her navigate the Drifts. The player can control where Frozerade goes, although they shouldn't hit solid ground or they'll be forced to do that bit of the level. The drifting ends when Frozerade reaches a fiery temple, and upon landing on the ground, bunches of Golem and Golurk attack, and once she finishes them off, the temple door opens. From inside, Frozerade must use her gliding and wall jumping abilities to her best advantage, and use her vines to quickly grab ledges to prevent her from falling off into the lava. She must be stellar with it however, as the lava is rising up as a giant wave that can crush and burn her. Once she escapes, she'll land on a high platform that she'll glide off. Once she lands on top of a stone tower, the level is completed.
  • As Crimson, the entire level will begin to have rising lava, keep moving and don't stop.
  • As Frozerade, navigate the whole level using vines as most of the ground is now gone.
CeR Dragon's Grotto
With Crimson
The absolute final level, and a really challenging one. This level is extremely fast paced at first, and Crimson must run through the hallways of the Grotto and turn real sharply to deal with right angled turns or otherwise obtuse ones, and the player will hardly need to watch out for anything other than holes in the floor or Gible and Gabite that might appear, and Dragonair and Dratini. Once he makes it far enough, he'll reach a giant chamber that has him dealing with hordes of dragons, every one making it hard for him to fight, but he must clear them off to the best of his ability. When they're defeated, Crimson will be granted a chance to heal as the Bronze Knight descends from the ceiling, wanting to quickly battle Crimson for the sixth time on his adventure. Upon his defeat, Crimson is granted access to one last hallway, which begins to fall apart under him stepping on it. Escape the hall and make it to the end, where Lord Garchomp sits on his throne...
With Frozerade
Frozerade begins the level by descending the tower, grabbing pulleys and smashing switches to make it down the floors of the area. When she fully makes it down, she'll enter a giant room with the most switches and gadgets out of any in the game, and to top it off, the Bronze Knight appears. Rather than wanting to engage Frozerade in combat, he'll get off the ground and summon a Hydreigon to take care of you. Escape the breath and wrath of this creature and quickly solve the room's puzzle. Once it is done, a light will open up from above, exposing him and rendering him weak enough for you to take down with your ice powers. Upon his defeat, a secret door opens, and when she steps through it, she'll land down in the throne room of Lord Garchomp, right next to Crimson.
  • As Crimson, endure the harder version of this level as all enemies have been replaced with way stronger foes.
  • As Frozerade, make it to the end of the grotto carefully as Dragione will now chase you through most of it.


Most bosses in this game occur in the levels, save for the Bronze Knight fights.


Nidonu This Nidoking is actually a lot more of a pushover than you really think he is.  While his slashes can deal decent damage and his Earthquake can deal quite a bit of damage, just jump over that attack and roll away from his slashes and pierce at his skin before tearing into his heart.  Easy boss that's kind of like a tutorial as he tells you what buttons you shouldn't press (although they are the right ones).
Vipae This Seviper will hang around the level and try and coil itself around you, but you can avoid that and smash into its skull with a powerful attack or two, but don't let your guard down, for it can use Bite against you, which can take out a good chunk of your health.  If frozen by any move, it will be angered and fight more aggressively.  If you defeat it whilst it's aggressive, you will earn bonus points.
Scarr This Sharpedo can use Aqua Jet and Crunch against you, but just stay out of its reach and keep trying to head for the end of the jungle.  If it leaps towards you, quickly attack it to send it back into the waters.  If you want to actually defeat the Sharpedo, use your strongest weapons - defeating Scarr offers you a bunch of bonus points.
Fatbat This fat Crobat will fly around the field weakly and attempt to slam into you, or force hordes of Zubat and Golbat to slam into your body from afar.  Watch its movements and strike when the time is right.  Be careful to not get prematurely close, for it can whip you away with a very powerful Wing Attack, which is super effective.  At low health, it can use the deadly Acrobatics in conjuction with its "Flying Gem".

CeR Icon Frozerade

CeR Icon Crimson

Depending on the character you're playing as, you will face off Crimson or Frozerade.  Crimson is real strong and fights with vigor and passion and can counter your attacks, and has a good defensive stance.  He must be frozen before you can really hurt him.  Frozerade, on the other hand, isn't as strong or fast, but can hurt you from a distance away and can freeze you.  You'll need to slash at her head to deal the most damage.
Soul This Absol uses Mega Evolution before fighting you, and then it will begin using multiple moves against you.  Often, she will slash, using Slash, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, and the like, forcing you to keep away.  But keeping away will also prompt her to use the almighty Shadow Ball, so choose how far you want to be from her.  To deal real damage, strike at her sensitive face.
Pola This Beartic is in an awful lot of rage right now, and it's your fault for waking it up from its slumber.  After tossing off the mountain's top, you need to slash at its chest to break the ice and break at the heart, but be aware that it can use Blizzard, Icicle Crash, Rock Slide and Crunch against you, and all of them are powerful moves.  Defeat it to move on.
Rusty This Tyrantrum is very strong and has an invincible body.  The only thing you can do is run from it, and straight into the Lava Drifts.  Take any path of your choosing, but be aware that it will follow you.  You need to lose it or make it fall into lava, and the best way to make it fall onto lava is by making it go on a loose bridge and forcing it to step away from you, resulting in its death and granting you points.  Alternatively, just jump far away from it and press into the next level.
Blaze This almighty Blaziken protects the way to the Dragon's Grotto, and like with Soul, Blaze will use Mega Evolution.  Observe as he continuously boosts his speed in the fight, and be really careful of Blaze as his fiery attacks can severely harm you.  To deal damage to Blaze, you'll need to counterattack, and then strike his face hard.  After doing this enough, Blaze falls, but the longer he lives in the fight, the more difficult it is to defeat him.


CeR Icon Boss Honey
Honey is the first major boss of the game, and is fought after you beat Castle Manor.  Upon entering the hub world again, Honey will appear and begin your fight against her, but she will send Combees to fight you.  They'll spit toxic honey and spin around as tornadoes that can really whittle away at your health.  What you need to do is to get up to Honey, for her Combees will continuously regenerate, and strike her head on.  She will attempt to retaliate with the Honey Staff, which is unbreakable, so you'll need to find openings to strike / shoot her head.  She'll eventually shove you away and continue having her Combees try and take you down.  Closer to the end of the fight, she will begin licking her staff to generate and attempting to flirt with you to loosen your overall movement.  The good thing is that her health is low - knock it all the way down to win!
CeR Icon Boss Dragione
Dragione is the second major boss of the game, and is fought when you complete the Barren Badlands area.  Crimson will be shot onto a platform hosted near Midnight Ascent and Crobat will drop Frozerade off on his arena, and he will begin his fight against you.  Avoid his flames and Dragon Rush attack and stand to the sides and try and get him from behind.  As Crimson, you'll need to stab his back, and as Frozerade you'll need to toss a Cyrosphere at his head.  Once he takes enough damage, he'll get into a fiery rage and breathe fire all over the battlefield, limiting your footing, and will continue attacking you, although just a bit stronger now.  To add on to that, he will also use Flaming Wing, a special attack of his own...which tosses fiery beams of energy that hurt a lot on contact.
CeR Icon Boss The Stalker
The Stalker
The Stalker is the third major boss and is cleared as soon as you complete the Secret Mines.  The Stalker will hide in the ground as a shadow and follow you around, attempting to seek out your location.  As he does this, Gastly of similar appearance to him will attempt to attack you, but don't let them distract you or the Stalker will appear out from under you and cause you quite some damage.  If you strike him as soon as he comes up, he'll take damage and angrily begin slashing at you.  Defend with your lance / flowery arms and strike his face when it's open.  When he has had quite enough, he'll hide back in the ground and attempt to hit you again, and as he takes more damage, the more likely he pops up out of the ground, and the stronger his Gastly become.
CeR Icon Boss Dragione
Dragione 2
Dragione is fought again in the final world alongside Lord Garchomp in an attempt to finally defeat you.  While his battle is very similar to the one he had before, the battleground is smaller and starts out on fire.  Alongside his already learnt attacks, he'll be able to use the formidable Outrage move and also use Iron Head, and a really deadly Dragon Ascent attack learnt from the elder Rayquaza.  Avoid his attacks carefully, for you could be stepping into the flames made on the battlefield.  When you face him a second time, he'll be invulnerable to almost every attack you lay on him that isn't his head, so you'll need to have precise aim now too.  Give it your all against this great and powerful dragon warrior!
CeR Icon Boss Lord Garchomp
Lord Garchomp
At last, the lord himself.  Dragione was nothing more than a simple threat that was deployed to destroy you, this guy is the real meat of the dragon clan.  Lord Garchomp is really strong, as he gives evidence of by slashing apart the majority of his throne room to give you little to no footing, and he'll begin battling you rush on (as Crimson) or from a distance (as Frozerade).  When you battle him as Crimson, you'll have to strike your lance against his arm blades and avoid his flame attacks by rolling, and strike his chest when you can.  Prepare to back up and get close a lot, Lord Garchomp strategizes a lot.  When you fight as Frozerade, he'll attack you from across the room, and will toss Flamethrowers and use wing attacks to hit you from a distance away.  Always jump when he does, for he can cause high damaging Earthquakes.  As both though, be aware of his Outrage attack!  As Crimson you can just barely block (and counter) it, but as Frozerade you need to freeze him with a fully charged Cyrosphere, so try and telegraph his attacks!

Bronze Knight Battles

Unlike the other boss battles which take place in the levels, the Bronze Knight fights take place in the hub world. Additionally, only Crimson can fight him.

First Fight Second Fight Third Fight
The Bronze Knight's first fight is rather simple; he'll just slash at you with his lance, thinking you're too simple an opponent to deal with advanced techniques or block with a shield. However, you're pretty strong, so block his attacks when necessary and strike at his body with his lance. Prepare to have your lances hit each other a lot, it happens a lot in battles like these. When the Bronze Knight returns, he decides there's no more fooling around, and uses advanced moves with his lance, using wind to blow you away and striking from the tip to try and burn you. Again, block these attacks and retaliate with all your might. Like in the first fight, there will be points where your lances hit each other a lot, but it will happen more often as the Bronze Knight defends more often. Strike him enough to win this second fight. The Bronze Knight returns with a vengeance, having grown a second lance to try and block out your attacks more. Wait for him to use both lances before striking his body again, and block out an attack with your shield before rolling out of the way of the other. Even though his attacks are more threatening before, he will fall to you again.
Fourth Fight Fifth Fight Sixth Fight
The fourth fight is kind of a tiresome thing by this point, but the Bronze Knight replaces one of his lances with a shield, meaning that he will now try and block off your moves.  When he uses his shield, roll and strike his unguarded side, and when he attacks, just roll out of the way, but towards the side his shield is guarding so he can't surprise attack you.  Notice how his lance is now burning and will cause super effective damage to you. The fifth fight is formidable.  While it's still one lance, one shield, the Bronze Knight will now gain the ability to bend his lance to try and catch you off guard, and will fire beams from his lance that deal wind damage, which is super effective.  As he will now hold his shield in any direction, your main hopes of hitting him are to counter or to destroy his shield, and strike him when he's no longer on guard. The sixth fight is pretty dangerous, and it oughta be considering that you're real close to the game's end.  The Bronze Knight will host two shields now, and has a lance that sticks out from his forehead.  Avoid his head swings and try and strike past his shields, but don't be surprised if you can't.  You'll need to roll and play mindgames with him to find an opening, but be careful as he can strike his lance low enough to hit you when you're on guard.
Final Fight
The Final Fight is a strong one between you and the Bronze Knight.  He will now boast his two lances again, but retains his two shields, and has a very strong armor that makes his only weak spot his chest.  You still have one lance and one shield, but he has two of those and a stronger armor.  This will be a very tough fight, so you'll need to avoid his attacks and slash at his body, but you'll need to find good timing as the shields will rebound damage back to you if you hit them instead.  There are very few ways you can break through this miserably difficult defense, and one is to strike an arm to lower a shield and trick him into blocking another direction as you strike his heart.  After he takes enough damage, he'll roar with rage and transform into a rainbow mass, formed of many shields and lances and the bodies of many Roserade.  This is a mess of a form, and it is really easy for him to hit you.  As he seems to be overwhelmed with just defeating you, he will no longer guard so severely, so you'll just need to strike him enough times (avoid shields and lances) and knock him dead.  Be careful as he no longer follows any chival rules, and will use high damaging moves like Hyper Beam and Strength.  Once this form is slain, he'll transform back into his normal Roserade knight form and disappears, hopefully to never be seen again.  While the other fights played an instrumental version of Fight the Knight, this one plays the vocal version and attempts to indicate that it is a completely different story for a battle.
The Bronze Knight transforms into a giant dragon in the image of many powerful Dragon Pokémon, including Rayquaza, Hydreigon, and various others.  This battle is completely different from any other, you're riding on a giant Crobat as Crimson or Frozerade in the depths of what appears to be outer space.  The dragon can fire multiple beams of fire in an attempt to unarm you or to knock you off course, and can fire beams of wind from its arm blades which can deal super effective damage to you.  If it disappears, try and find it or you'll be knocked out of the sky by an instant knockout Outrage.  Deflect its attacks correctly and aim for the head and shoulder plates with any attack and knock off the armor, and expose its chest.  Once the chest is exposed, stab right through it or fire a fully charged Cyrosphere to cause it real damage.  You'll need to do this several times in order to win the fight, but watch out as the more damage it takes, the more attacks it unleashes on you.  For example, it can begin using Dragon Rage, Twister, Fire Blast, Roar of Time, Lava Plume, and Precipice Blades, all of which deal high damage and require that you either do precise counters or dodge perfectly accurately.  Its most powerful attack though is the formidable Giga Impact attack, which is impossible to counter, but if you dodge it, it'll be stunned long enough for you to attack it.  Get through its heart and send your nemesis down to the bloody depths of Hell!


CeR Icon Boss Crymsia
Crymsia, whom was built off of Crimson the Roserade, suddenly makes an appearance in the Arena alongside the following bosses.  She has a strong defense and always attempts to defend with her Rose Blade, and when she's not on guard, she'll be on the physical with the sword and attempt to slash straight into you.  If that wasn't enough, she'll summon vines from her body and try and strangle you with them to lower your health.  Avoid the vines and attack her head on to deal high damage, but don't be surprised if she counterattacks to send you off flying.  When her health gets low, she'll readjust her mask and do faster attacks, as well as summon roses which paralyze you on contact and gain you various status conditions.  Keep in mind that Crymsia is real light and can jump far away from you, but use this to your advantage...attack when she jumps, and watch her be flung afar!
CeR Icon Boss Shadow Ike
Shadow Ike
A corrupted Ike from a terrible Zaxinian Lifts' future, Shadow Ike makes a surprise appearance in the Arena.  He's rather slow in speed, but his incredible combat skills can defeat you really easily, and he's helped with the chances of OHKO'ing you with a good number of attacks, including a burning Quick Draw, a fully charged Furious Eruption, a strong Aether, and a very aggressive Counter that can deal a lot of damage on you regardless of the move you choose.  To defeat Shadow Ike, keep your distance and attack only when he's attacking, or you'll risk him using his Counter to destroy you.  Keep in mind that when Shadow Ike slashes with his Ragnell, flames emerge from the sword and attempt to incinerate you.  This battle is all about waiting for openings, like a predator!
CeR Icon Boss Queen Sectonia
Queen Sectonia
What's this, an out of series boss battle?  Furthermore, it didn't originate from this game?  Yes, it is Queen Sectonia from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and is among the game's few extra bosses.  This wasp-like queen wields two scepters in battle, the green one firing weak orbs whilst the other fires dark lightning from the floor of the room.  She can trade these in two swords which deal massive damage to either character and are capable of dealing multi-stab damage.  To add onto this arsenal, she can create waves of yellow discs which hurt on contact and summon Antrs to distract the player.  When her health begins getting low, she'll start teleporting towards the screen and leaving afterimages behind herself, appearing near the player and ambushing them.  All these attacks have no particular order to her, making her a tricky boss to battle.  After her health bar is drained, the battle ends.  ...No, there are no forms presented here other than the first form.  Play Triple Deluxe!
CeR Icon Boss Rayquaza
Emperor Rayquaza
Emperor Rayquaza is the superboss of the game, and for someone that is a legendary...I guess that's no real shocker.  Emperor Rayquaza will roam around the battlefield and attempt to smash into you with Outrage, and can use various other attacks to doom the player, including Fire Blast, Twister, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Fly, and Sky Attack.  Outrage can OHKO you, Fire Blast is super effective, Twister tears through defense, Iron Tail smashes Frozerade pretty hard alongside Earthquake, and Fly is devastating towards Crimson alongside Sky Attack.  Additionally, he knows Dragon Ascent, which OHKOs either playable character.  This may seem like an impossible boss to beat, but he takes high damage from Ice attacks, so use what you go of those against him!...but when he uses Mega Evolution halfway through the fight, he'll lower Ice's power...but still hit him with it!  Keep in mind that the more you fight him, the smaller your fighting grounds get overall.  Once he's down, you will have fully beaten the Arena.

Black Market

From Krook's black market, the player can purchase items and upgrades and enhance their statistics to improve their overall gameplay.  For example, they can choose to get a lance sharpening to improve their attack or improve the accuracy of Frozerade's powder spread.


Some items can be selected from the pause menu's inventory.  Berries activate upon certain conditions being met.
Amulet Coin Not directly purchasable, but Krook will give you this when you're halfway in the game and if you bought 20 or more of his items as a thanks.  The Amulet Coin doubles your earnings from enemies.
Bomb This explosive item damages enemies severely, but must be thrown accurately to really hit.  Sold at the price of 3 Silver / 30 Bronze / 300 Mold.
Calcium Slightly increases the special attack stat of the user.  Only five can be used overall per character.  Sold at the price of 1 Gold / 10 Silver / 100 Bronze / 1000 Mold.
Carbos Slightly increases the speed of the user.  Only five can be used overall per character.  Sold at the price of 1 Gold / 10 Silver / 100 Bronze / 1000 Mold.
Cheri Berry Helps the user recover from the PARALYSIS status condition.  Sold at the price of 5 Bronze / 50 Mold.
Chesto Berry Helps the user recover from the SLEEP status condition.  Sold at the price of 5 Bronze / 50 Mold.
Eject Button If the user is in a crucial situation and can't afford to lose what they earned, they can use this to safely exit the level.  One use.  Sold at the price of 2 Gold / 20 Silver / 200 Bronze / 2000 Mold.
Elixir A healing item that restores half the user's health when used.  Sold at the price of 1 Silver / 10 Bronze / 100 Mold.
Enigma Berry If a super-effective attack hits the user, the damage will be cut slightly.  Sold at the price of 8 Bronze / 80 Mold.
Fandraxonian Pizza A classic item that gives Crimson intense boosts in power by 3.0x whilst Frozerade feels a sharp speed boost of 3.0x.  Sold at the price of 9 Silver, 90 Bronze, 900 Mold.
Freeze Gun It's like a gun but it fires ice projectiles that freeze and harm on contact.  If it hits dragons, they fall instantly.  Sold at the price of 1.5 Gold / 15 Silver / 150 Bronze / 1500 Mold.
Gun It's just a gun.  Has sixty uses and hits from a long distance away.  Sold at the price of 1 Gold / 10 Silver / 100 Bronze / 1000 Mold.
HP Up Grants the user an extra heart.  They can up to five "reserve hearts" for when their main supply runs out.  Sold at the price of 5 Gold / 50 Silver / 500 Bronze / 5000 Mold.
Hyper Bomb The strongest bomb available, and deals such high damage, that those caught near the core will die and those on the outer rim will be tossed away.  Sold at the price of 3 Gold / 30 Silver / 300 Bronze / 3000 Mold.
Iron Slightly increases the defense of the user.  Only five can be used overall per character.  Sold at the price of 1 Gold / 10 Silver / 100 Bronze / 1000 Mold.
Lansat Berry If the user reaches critical health levels, their critical hit ratio will increase.  Sold at the price of 1 Silver / 10 Bronze / 100 Mold.
Leftovers Heals the user by a bit per thirty seconds.  Sold at the price of 1 Gold / 10 Silver / 100 Bronze / 1000 Mold.
Liechi Berry If the user reaches critical health levels, their offensive power will increase.  Sold at the price of 8 Bronze / 80 Mold.
Lum Berry If the user enters any kind of status condition, the Lum Berry will be used up if the proper berry for the condition is not present.  Sold at the price of 2 Silver / 20 Bronze / 200 Mold.
Mask / Back Armor Mask armor for Frozerade, Back armor for Crimson, this will cover up your weak point to make it take less damage than usual.  Sold at the price of 8 Gold / 80 Silver / 800 Bronze / 8000 Mold.
Occa Berry Halves damage from an otherwise super effective fire-type attack.  Sold at the price of 1.5 Silver / 15 Bronze / 150 Mold.
Oran Berry A healing item that restores just one heart for a cruical situation.  Sold at the price of 5 Bronze / 50 Mold.
Pecha Berry Helps the user recover from the POISON status condition.  Sold at the price of 5 Bronze / 50 Mold.
Poison Coat Gives the character a coat of purple defense, poisoning foes lightly on contact.  Sold at the price of 8 Silver / 80 Bronze / 800 Mold.
Protect Ring If equipped in the inventory, defending from a distance activates Protect, which prevents enemies from attacking you from afar whilst you try and ge tclose to them.  Sold at the price of 3 Gold / 30 Silver / 300 Bronze / 3000 Mold.
Protein Slightly increases the offensive power of the user.  Only five can be used overall per character.  Sold at the price of 1 Gold / 10 Silver / 100 Bronze / 1000 Mold.
Rawst Berry Helps the user recover from the BURN status condition.  Sold at the price of 5 Bronze / 50 Mold.
Razor Claw Boosts the user's critical hit ratios as long as it is in the user's inventory.  Sold at the price of 1.5 Gold / 15 Silver / 150 Bronze / 1500 Mold.
Revival Herb Brings the user back to life.  Wake them up.  Sold at the price of 5 Gold / 50 Silver / 500 Bronze / 5000 Mold.
Roselia Petals If these are equipped, Crimson and Frozerade will appeal more to grass type Pokémon, stopping them from attacking.  Sold at the price of 5 Silver / 50 Bronze / 500 Mold.
Super Bomb A more powerful bomb that explodes in a large radius, damaging more enemies and having more power.  Sold at the price of 8 Silver / 80 Bronze / 800 Mold.
Super Elixir A healing item that restores all of the user's health when used.  Sold at the price of 2.5 Silver / 25 Bronze / 250 Mold.
Sword Gun One of the most brutal items in the game.  It may have just forty ammo, but each short fires a sword that deals real high damage, even to bosses.  Sold at the price of 5 Gold / 50 Silver / 500 Bronze / 5000 Mold.
Toxic Orb Heals its user, but if stolen, it will poison the thief.  Serves them right!  Sold at the price of 1 Gold / 10 Silver / 100 Bronze / 1000 Mold.
White Flute By using the White Flute, the user will bring Pokémon towards them.  Sold at the price of 5 Silver / 50 Bronze / 500 Mold.
Zinc Slightly increases the special defense of the user.  Only five can be used overall per character.  Sold at the price of 1 Gold / 10 Silver / 100 Bronze / 1000 Mold.

Crimson's Upgrades

Lance Sharpening Krook takes Crimson's lance and sharpens it up, strengthening it.  However, for every time Crimson wants to get it sharpened, the cheap price increases by 1.2x.
Shield Polishing Krook rubs Crimson's shield and smooths it out, strengthening its value.  However, for every time Crimson wants it polished, the cheap price increases by 1.3x.
Barbed Lance Krook adds barbs to Crimson's lance, giving it a bit of extra range and allowing it to hurt foes even when stabbing them with the side of the side of the weapon.  Value of 3 Gold / 30 Silver / 300 Bronze / 3000 Mold.
Spiked Shield Krook stamps spikes on Crimson's shield, granting him a defense that harms when enemies touch it.  Makes counter attacking a bit more difficult, but the auto damage is worth it.  Value of 3 Gold / 30 Silver / 300 Bronze / 3000 Mold.
Lightweight Krook lightens Crimson's weapon and shield, allowing Crimson to jump higher and move even faster than before.  Weapon and shield still have the same values.  Value of 4 Gold / 40 Silver / 400 Bronze / 4000 Mold.
Heavyweight Krook increases the weight of Crimson's weapon and shield, forcing Crimson to move just a bit slower and not jump as high, but it grants him more control.  Value of 4 Gold / 40 Silver / 400 Bronze / 4000 Mold.
Explosive Add-On Krook adds a slot atop Crimson's lance, which fires explosive seeds that rack up damage from a distance, giving Crimson a quick head start in battle.  Double tapping up fires a seed.  Value of 5 Gold / 50 Silver / 500 Bronze / 5000 Mold.
Burning Coat Add-On Krook gives Crimson's shield flame properties, sometimes burning opponents on contact.  Works well with the Spiked Shield, being a true damaging force towards opponents.  Value of 5 Gold / 50 Silver / 500 Bronze / 5000 Mold.
Wind Ring Krook fixes a ring around Crimson's lance, giving it a wind element which fires blades of wind at enemies when thrusted straight forward, dealing super effective damage on Bug, Fighting and Grass Pokémon.  Value of 6 Gold / 60 Silver / 600 Bronze / 6000 Mold.
Fury Hop Krook sharpens up Crimson's cape, so now when he jumps, he'll spin around and hit enemies that touch him, often as a multi-hit move.  Value of 6 Gold / 60 Silver / 600 Bronze / 6000 Mold.
Speed Break A familiar technique from Sonic and the Secret Rings which makes him go at the speed of light when "up" and the red button at pressed at the same time.  As he does this, he'll smash apart enemies and automatically hop over gaps.  Drains the Rage meter, if it empties then the move ends.  Value of 8 Gold / 80 Silver / 800 Bronze / 8000 Mold.
Flaming Ring Krook fixes a ring around Crimson's lance, giving it a fiery element that deals super effective damage on grass, bug, ice, and steel enemies.  Value of 9 Gold / 90 Silver / 900 Bronze / 9000 Mold.
Energy Bracelet Krook fixes a bracelet around Crimson's arm, increasing his energy levels and lowering the amount of required cooldown periods to use special moves.  Value of 1 Platinum / 10 Gold / 100 Silver / 1000 Bronze / 10000 Mold.
Giga Lance Krook increases the length of Crimson's lance, widening it as well, granting Crimson the ultimate defense tool.  Helps Crimson grant more height for jumps requiring the lance and offers more range.  Value of 1 Platinum / 10 Gold / 100 Silver / 1000 Bronze / 10000 Mold.
Slow Mover Krook gives Crimson a stolen device which allows him to manipulate time and make it move more slowly, granting him more time to make careful turns and to move more carefully along paths.  Value of 1.5 Platinum / 15 Gold / 150 Silver / 1500 Bronze / 150000 Mold.

Frozerade's Upgrades

Powder Range Improver Krook takes Frozerade's hands and modifies them a bit to increase how far her powder spreads out.  While cheap, the price increases by 1.2x for each time Frozerade wants her range increased.
Shooting Aim Improver Krook takes Frozerade's hands and adjusts her aim so that she hits enemies from further distances away and better locks onto foes.  While cheap, price increases by 1.3x per improvement.
Cape Spreader Krook spreads out Frozerade's cape and adjusts it so that when she glides, she doesn't glide down as far and that she has lighter jumps.  Value of 3 Gold, 30 Silver, 300 Bronze, 3000 Mold.
Toxic Pounder Krook modifies Frozerade's toxins so that her chances of badly poisoning enemies with her punches increases overall.  Value of 3 Gold, 30 Silver, 300 Bronze, 3000 Mold.
Deflector Krook slightly widens Frozerade's cape thickness so that she can spin around with it and reflect projectiles that try to hit her.  Value of 4 Gold, 40 Silver, 400 Bronze, and 4000 Mold.
Wall Runner Krook modifies Frozerade's feet so that she can temporarily run up smooth walls that she collides with, granting her another way to escape foes' wrath.  Value of 4 Gold, 40 Silver, 400 Bronze, 4000 Mold.
Cyrosphere Improver Krook modifies Frozerade's Cyrosphere attacks so that she has a better chance of completely freezing opponents and also so that she has more power on multiple enemies.  Value of 5 Gold, 50 Silver, 500 Bronze, 5000 Mold.
Powder Variety Improver Krook modifies Frozerade's powder so that she now gets burning powder and confusion powder, improving the amount of ways she can deal with opponents that get way on her nerves.  Value of 5 Gold, 50 Silver, 500 Bronze, 5000 Mold.
Dark Ring Krook fixes a ring around Frozerade's right arm, giving all her arm attacks dark properties, hitting Ghost and Psychic types super effectively.  Value of 6 Gold, 60 Silver, 600 Bronze, 6000 Mold.
Icing Anklets Krook places anklets on Frozerade which boost her movement severely as she moves across ice.  Value of 6 Gold, 60 Silver, 600 Bronze, 6000 Mold.
Underground Drill Frozerade becomes able to dig into the ground temporarily for treasures, a move barrowed from Knuckles in Sonic Adventure 2.  Value of 8 Gold, 80 Silver, 800 Bronze, 8000 Mold.
Power Ring Frozerade's arm thrusts become more like fighting type moves, granting her high effectiveness against Normal, Rock, Ice, Dark and Steel types.  Value of 9 Gold, 90 Silver, 900 Bronze, 9000 Mold.
Wall Glue Krook adjusts Frozerade's body so that when she attaches to a wall, she will never fall off, and she has more time to jump off from the wall.  Value of 1 Platinum, 10 Gold, 100 Silver, 1000 Bronze, 10000 Mold.
Double Jump Add-On Krook helps lighten up Frozerade's body and changes her cape shape a bit so that she can do a second jump, greatly improving her already great aerial capabilities.  Value of 1 Platinum, 10 Gold, 100 Silver, 1000 Bronze, 10000 Mold.
Tempo Booster Krook modifies Frozerade's legs and her body to give her even more control, faster speed, higher jump, and the like, making her move somewhat similarly to Crimson.  Value of 1.5 Platinum, 15 Gold, 150 Silver, 1500 Bronze, 15000 Mold.

The Arena

The Arena is one of the various modes of Crimson the Roserade and bears many similarities with the Arena from the Kirby franchise. In the Arena, you fight all the bosses presented in the game, and by clearing the first few batches of bosses without losing a life, you'll enter an extra segment of the Arena, referred to as the "Champions' Challenge".

The Arena comes in three difficulties; Easy, Normal, and Hard.  If you chose Easy mode, the Arena will end after the second batch.  If you chose Normal mode, it'll end after the third batch.  If you chose Hard mode, you'll gain access to the Final Boss Batch and be able to move into the Champions' Challenge.

To unlock the Arena, you need to win the Lord Garchomp boss fight in the game's story mode.

Boss Batch 1 The first boss batch consists of Nidonu, Vipae, Scarr and Fatbat, which are all fought in a random order.  Once you defeat them, you'll fight your rival, which is Crimson or Frozerade, depending on the character you're playing as now.
Boss Batch 2 The second boss batch consists of Soul, Pola, Rusty and Blaze, all fought in a random order, and then consists of the first three battles against the Bronze Knight in one battle.  You'll also fight against a mirror copy of yourself.
Boss Batch 3 This third batch of bosses consists of Honey, Dragione's first battle, and the Stalker, which are all fought in a random order, and then you fight Lord Garchomp.  Upon defeating him, you'll fight against the Bronze Knight's fourth, fifth, and sixth battles, all done as one.
Final Boss Batch The fourth batch of bosses has you do the "Final Fight" Bronze Knight battle, the second Dragione battle, and the Mega Lord Garchomp battle, all done in a fixed order.
Champions' Challenge The last batch of the Arena has you fight Crymsia, Shadow Ike, Queen Sectonia, and Rayquaza all in a fixed order, all of these bosses you have never fought before in the game.  After you defeat Rayquaza, you'll fight the "Completion" battle against the Bronze Knight, completely new to you.  Defeat this to end the Arena.


Accessible from Trial mode, you'll be able to play three different minigames, hosted by Crimson, Frozerade and Lord Tyranitar respectively.

Apple Feller This minigame from Crimson consists of him firing arrows from his sword hand.  You need to hit apples with your arrows and stab them against the tree to score points.  For every ten apples you score, you get an edible apple which you can feed to your Nubblings to increase their statistics.  The minigame ends when Crimson misses too many times.
Frozen Treat This minigame from Frozerade has you going around and freezing up dragons and smashing them apart, every one out of ten dragon bits being saved to be fed to Nubblings to heavily buff up their power.  The minigame ends when Frozerade is knocked out clean by any enemy.
World Rampage World Rampage consists of Lord Tyranitar going around the world and destroying everything, tearing through buildings and structures and pretty much taking apart the dragon kingdom.  The minigame ends when Lord Tyranitar is defeated by the opposing Lord Garchomp, whom fights him in this game.  You can pick up some buildings and save them to store Nubblings in.


It's like humans raising Pokémon, but it's really the other way around.

The Garden is a Chao World inspired mode whereas you raise virtual pets referred to as "Nubblings", and you start out with one but can have up to six.  After you name them, you can begin raising these cute little human-like blobs and feed them, hold them, train them, but you can also abuse them although that's not recommended.  Nubblings when they're raised strong enough can actually help you in combat.

The way you raise a Nubbling affects its physical appearance. If you act super rad towards them and generally act nice, they'll look really nice and neat and look way more humane and clean. But if you're ugly towards them, they'll reflect it by looking ugly themselves and look completely grotesque.

Nubblings are highly interactive, not just with you, but with their surroundings and options at hand. They really like playing with toys as part of their high curiosity and enjoy resting and napping. Bonds between Nubblings are rather randomized, some can act really kind towards each other, but some of the Nubblings hate each other's guts.

Food is often required to be given to Nubblings or they'll starve, but as they get older, they'll begin seeking out food and feeding themselves whilst you just watch.  But when there's no food to be seen, it's required that you put food out into the Nubbling fields.  A reminder is that time in the Garden only passes when you're actually in the Garden itself.

Although you can only have six Nubblings initially, you can obtain buildings from the World Rampage minigame to store Nubblings in so you can make room for extra Nubblings.  Not only is this advantage earned, but the Nubblings can play around with the buildings they're in and build even stronger bonds with each other.

You can buy stuff for your Nubblings like food and clothing via Krook's shop, where he'll offer stuff for your garden in a section separated from upgrades and normal items.

Nut The common diet of Nubblings consists of nuts, which gives them a small boost in every stat.  Very cheap priced.
Raspberry Nubblings enjoy this berry.  It gives them boosts in offensive fields like offense and speed.  Cheap priced.
Blueberry Nubblings enjoy this berry.  It gives them boosts in defensive fields like defense and health.  Cheap priced.
Blackberry Nubblings enjoy this berry.  It gives them boosts in both fields, although just offense and defense.  Cheap priced.
Strawberry Nubblings enjoy this...fruit.  It gives them boosts in both fields, although just speed and health.  Cheep priced.
Plain Shirt A shirt that you can design alone or take pre-made designs from Krook for a slightly higher price.  They often sell at moderate prices.  Come as normal, long-sleeved, tank tops, and more.
Plain Pants A pair of pants that you can design alone or take pre-made designs from Krook for a slightly higher price.  They often sell at moderate prices.  Come as long, short, jeans, and more.
Plain Socks A pair of socks that you can design alone or take pre-made designs from Krook for a slightly higher price.  They often sell at very low prices.  Come as short, long, striped, and more.
Plain Shoes A pair of shoes that you can design alone or take pre-made designs from Krook for a slightly higher price.  They often sell at low prices.  Come as shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, crocs and more.
Random Hat The type of hat changes every day, it could be a fedora, a cowboy hat, a baseball cap, or you can find a different hat from Krook for a higher price if you're not happy with today's offer.  Sells at moderate prices.
Face Accessories Things like glasses and googles and face masks you can purchase for your Nubblings that sell for rather high prices.
Hairstyle Bloomer A spray that grants your Nubblings some hair, and the type of Hairstyle Bloomer changes every day.  You can get a different thing from Krook but it comes at a higher price.  The bloomer is sold at high prices.
Animal Traits Want to give your Nubbling extra traits?  Cat ears?  Demon tails?  Dragon wings?  You've just gotta pay Krook some money and you'll get these rad features for your virtual pets.  Sold at moderate prices.


Crimson the Roserade boasts a large sountrack composed of various others' work, often original music from YouTube.  A few of the tracks originate from Sonic and the Black Knight, the inspirational game to this game as a whole.

Song Usage
Medieval Castle
(Derek Fiechter)
Title Screen
(Louis Viallet)
Main Menu
(Really Slow Motion)
Character Select
Colorful Spots
(Nicolai Heidlas)
Mood: Happiness
(Lucas King)
Mood: Sadness
Mood: Anger
(Sonic Adventure)
Mood: Tension
Upon The Sky Whales
(Mattia Cupelli)
Will to Fight
(Idan Sharon)
Untimely Death
Flying Petals
(Lee Ji Soo)
Ending Credits
(Ólafur Arnalds)
Blossom Realms Hub World
Western Forest
Autumn Forest
Longest Journey
(Evgenji Latsko)
Jungle Rapids
Noble Oak Manor
(Derek Fiechter)
Castle Manor
Deep Heart
(J.T. Peterson)
Wild Jungle
Days of Old
(John Sponsler)
Hazy Maze Cave
Nomad Camp
(Brandon Fiechter)
Barren Badlands
Voyage of Dreams
Midnight Ascent
Icenian Skies
(Roman Heuser)
Frosted Mountain
Terra Nova
(Phil Rey)
Secret Mines
Remember the Way
(David Butterfield)
Dinonamic Underworld
Time's Up
(Sebastian Jakoby)
Lava Drifts
Feather & Skull
(Aridran von Ziegler)
Dragon's Grotto
Stage Clear
(Sonic and the Black Knight)
Mission Clear
(Malcolm Robinson Remix)
Battle Against the Other One
Fight the Knight
(Crush 40)
Battle Against the Bronze Knight
Stand Against
(Petteri Sainio)
Battle Against a Strong Foe
Action Star
(Sons Of Amon)
Battle Against Lord Garchomp
Through the Fire
(Crush 40)
Battle Against Crymsia
One Final Outpost
(Jeremiah Pena)
Battle Against Shadow Ike
Dirty & Beauty
Battle Against Queen Sectonia
Battle Against Rayquaza
Result No. 1
(Sonic and the Black Knight)
Boss Clear



Reception to Crimson the Roserade's free demo was positively reviewed from critics.  The given levels (Crimson's Autumn Forest and Frozerade's Castle Manor) were well received and were lauded for having "fantastic level deisgn" and "easy to learn gameplay".  The activities that were present in the small accessible part of the hub world were considered "enjoyable" and "not wastes of time".  Critical reception towards the camera angle has been widely criticized however, it has been deemed "difficult to control" and the angle doesn't really properly follow the playable character.

On release

The game received critical acclaim.  While the gameplay was noted as being complex, critics lauded it for actually being easy to learn and enjoyed the various amount of activities to be done in the game, from the "fairly challenging missions" to the "addictive Garden feature" to the "quick and short but good multiplayer time waster".  The hub world has also been praised for being easy to navigate and for having a lot of hidden goodies spread throughout them.  However, the criticism lies in the lack of extra content and the still poor camera angle, although critics have noted that it has heavily improved since the demo.


Official Art

Credit to Shadow Inferno (tbc) for the former three arts, and Exotoro (tbc) for the Nubbling art!

Beta Art


Game Pieces


  • Crimson the Roserade was going to be named Crimson el Roserade like the old incarnations, but it was named to just Crimson the Roserade following a mistake in making the logo, whereas "the" was supposed to be "el".
  • Tales Zone, a Lapis project, features many characters from a set of various vocal stories told between the creator and her sibling, but it did not feature the Krookodile or Sableye, who were actually part of those old stories.  Believing their use to be better here, this is where they are now, as Krook and Gemmi.
  • Dragione's concept and ideals were designed almost entirely by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc), who originally was going to have him in Withered Roses, a fan-game that was meant to reboot Crimson the Roserade before this game came to be.
  • Originally there was going to be DLC where you could play as Lord Garchomp in a blend of Crimson and Frozerade's level sections, but the idea was scrapped after realizing he would be way overpowered and nerfing him would "lose the fun in playing him".

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