Crimson the Roserade
Crimson SI
Art by Shadow Inferno
Current Age 23
Date of Birth May 12
Gender Male
Species Roserade
Location Eterna Forest
Current Status Alive
Frozerade; Budew; Roselia; Roserade; Creatures of Eterna Forest
Locking in combat with worthy opponents, showing off his pride, getting in tight situations but still alive, getting injuries, intoxicating foes, protecting the Blossom Realms
Failing any mission, fighting weak opponents, any Dragon-type Pokémon
Main Weapon(s) Lance incorporated onto right hand
Ability/ies Sword fighting
Vulnerable To Fire, Ice, Psychic, Flying
Ethnicity Hispanic
Swordsman of Eterna Forest
Voice Actor(s)
Alex Nackman
First Appearance Lucha del Roserade

Crimson is the main protagonist of his self titled game and is one of the main characters, alongside his girlfriend Frozerade and his arch nemesis Lord Garchomp. He is a swordsman who fights his foes with his powerful lance and his gifted nature abilities.



Crimson the Roserade (2016 video game)

Withered Roses

In the reboot of the original Crimson el Roserade games, Crimson is still the protector of Eterna Forest, alongside Frozerade, another Roserade who knows ice-type moves. Here, he and Frozerade fight to end a war that could destroy the entire region between Lord Tyranitar and Lord Garchomp.


Crimson is very emotional as well as full of pride. He has many feelings for Frozerade and the creatures that he protects. In battle, he fights savagely and takes a lot of pride into his skill, which can sometimes mess things up. Outside of battle, he is rather clumsy and crashes into objects often. As such, he can often be seen with wounds.


Crimson has a lance incorporated into his right hand, which is what he uses for battle. The sword can be swung with ease, making fighting rather easy. Beyond the power of his lance, the right hand can generate powerful toxins, which can be spread onto his lance to sharpen it. He is very athletic and can do many tricks with his own body. However, too much moving can tire out his body.

Additionally, he can use the moves of normal Roserade or altered versions of them to attack his opponents, these moves often being physical and using his lance, but some actually use his rose hand instead.



The two are practically boyfriend and girlfriend. They've spent a lot of time together, protecting Eterna Forest from harm for most of it. Often they share similar ideas and opinions and have considered getting married, but it's just not quite the right time.

Lord Garchomp

Crimson has hated Garchomp ever since that traumatic moment in his childhood that the same Garchomp caused some of the forest to get destroyed. The two fight very savagely towards each other, usually emotionless.



  • Crimson is the first character that TimeStrike that has built that was based off of a canon character/species.

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