Odio mi vida y quiero morir. (I hate my life and I want to die.)
Crimson, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 10: Under the Sun

Crimson the Roserade
Art by Exotoro
Current Age 23
Date of Birth May 12
Gender Male
Species Roserade
Location Eterna Forest
Current Status Alive
Frozerade; Budew; Roselia; Roserade; Creatures of Eterna Forest
Locking in combat with worthy opponents, showing off his pride, getting in tight situations but still alive, getting injuries, intoxicating foes, protecting the Blossom Realms
Failing any mission, fighting weak opponents, any Dragon-type Pokémon
Main Weapon(s) Lance incorporated onto right hand
Ability/ies Sword fighting
Vulnerable To Fire, Ice, Psychic, Flying
Ethnicity Hispanic
Swordsman of Eterna Forest
Voice Actor(s)
Alex Nackman
First Appearance Lucha del Roserade
Crimson is the main protagonist of his self titled game and is one of the main characters, alongside his girlfriend Frozerade and his arch nemesis Lord Garchomp. He is a swordsman who fights his foes with his powerful lance and his gifted nature abilities. He is a disowned Pokémon that was left to wither by its trainer after having failed to defeat a Dragonite in a finals match of a competitive tournament, having fled to the Blossom Realms with the intent to become stronger and eventually reconcile with his trainer. However, over-the-top training from Frozerade for fighting his weaknesses as well as PTSD-like flashbacks of his trainer's furiousness with him have both driven him insane, making him into an aggressive Pokémon that attacks whomever gets too close to him without consent. He became a knight of the Blossom Realms upon Lord Tyranitar's suggestion, with the king having seen great potential in Crimson's powers.

He is a Rumian Roserade, with that form of Roserade having emerged from Pokémon Cobalt and Crimson.


Crimson looks much like others from his native species, but also wears armor and looks much tougher than other Roserade, with much higher physical defense. The key differences between him and other Roserade are his knight-like appearance, tuft of black hair, hip pads, and sword-like attachments to both arms. Crimson almost always looks angry and/or frustrated, rarely smiling or even pouting. To ensure that opponents always feel intimidated by Crimson, he stands tall over them to bring a sense of fear into them, often standing at his tallest height. When possible, he also looks down upon his foe and grits his teeth in prayers that he's scaring them.

It should be noted that Crimson looked a lot more like a normal Rumian Roserade back when he was with his trainer; all of his fancy extra equipment came when he moved to the Blossom Realms and received a promotion from Lord Tyranitar.


Crimson is a mentally unstable being that's always felt distant and different from all the other Roserade since he was a young Budew. He rarely got along with others back then, stayed shut-in as a Roselia, and now refuses to communicate much of the time as his present self; a Roserade. He was always silent around his trainer, but was obedient and followed any command he was asked to do, never willingly giving up regardless of the situation. Though he was willing to compete under competitive standards, he preferred (and still prefers) freestyle fighting, going savage on his foes with his lance and nature-related powers. He rarely ever spoke, restricting himself to be competitive-only due to personally feeling that his only purpose was to battle and protect his beloved ones, which are feelings he retains in present time. Crimson resented his trainer, but respected them and respects anyone that would be fully honest and clean with him.

Something typical of Crimson is his aggressiveness, which carries over into his personality and battle style. No matter if he was fighting for tournaments or for serious dilemmas, he would always ensure that he was throwing his full blunt towards his opponent, never relenting unless Frozerade told him to be less careless. As a result of his aggressive ways, he often kills the Pokémon he's forced to fight, and has killed off Pokémon that were once valuable to other trainers. In one case, he killed one of his own trainer's best Pokémon after having been cornered by it. Crimson often takes great pride into his skill; while he does treat others' opinions with utmost respect, he can become highly offended if his skills were ever insulted by another being. Crimson ensures that for every insult he's given, severe injuries or death follow shortly afterwards. In spite of his powerful talents, Crimson can get wild and lose his strategy, and can become rather clumsy as a result.

Crimson doesn't lack emotion, however. Rather, he keeps these feelings bottled away and refuses to share his feelings much of the time. He is protective of who he's been tasked to guard and will fight for them no matter how silly or absurd the reason may be. He sees himself as nothing more than a guardian for those that are weak, staying by their side to help them out... as long as he can trust them, that is. While Crimson rarely feels romantic attractions or weakness, he is capable of feeling those things... just around Frozerade, whom he sees as his only trustable outlet for his fears or worries. In fact, he feels mad romantic emotions towards Frozerade, which occur in swarms and happen really often, sometimes losing his focus on the battlefield in thoughts of her charisma. However, he is just as likely to threaten Frozerade with death just as much as any other Pokémon if she messes up.


Crimson has a lance incorporated into his right hand, which is what he uses most often for battle. The weapon can be swung with ease and in all sorts of directions, giving Crimson several advantages that aren't necessarily offered to any other Pokémon of his species. His lance can be used both to effectively stab or slice things apart, especially if it comes down to wounding his opponents. Crimson's lance is often so clean and sharp that it can easily behead not just other Roserade, but that of human adults. If he shoves his lance into anyone or into any potential prey, he can fill them up to the brim with his toxins, and the spikes on the sides of his lance can also inflict paralysis onto those he hits. Beyond the power of his lance, his right hand can generate powerful toxins, which can be spread onto his lance to sharpen it and have it badly poison anyone that gets hit by its barbs. He may also fire out globs of toxic purple matter from his rose hand, which explode when they hit the ground as if they were sludge bombs. He is very athletic and can move at stunning speeds and with little effort, and rarely loses his stamina as it is fueled by a relentless, never-ending desire for revenge. Crimson is a very dominant individual that qualifies as being more aggressive than even Werine under her moonlight conditions.

In spite of becoming more of a knight during his most recent years, Crimson still retains many of his old Roserade abilities and attacks, able to use things like sleeping powder or otherwise summon storms of leaves, but Crimson much prefers the attacks he can perform with his long lance. This is because his physical attacks deal a lot more damage, and the satisfaction he gets from wounding someone with his own blade is super high. This makes him an incredibly formidable opponent and one that shouldn't ever, ever be messed with. His other special abilities allow him to whip opponents with the elongated vines that can rise from his flower hand and do a invigorating move that increases his already high offense to extreme levels, eventually able to have power that can be considered on par with that of Silver Zin's. However, too much wear and tear under extreme power can make him fall unconscious for several hours.



The two are boyfriend and girlfriend, though their relationship started off really rocky. Frozerade was Crimson's instructor and trainer upon his arrival in the Blossom Realms, training him on how to use his new knight abilities, but Crimson was extremely aggressive at the time and there were multiple times where she was almost killed in her attempts to sooth him. However, as time went on, Crimson started liking her better and he was able to successfully train with her. There are plenty of times where they fight, however, with Frozerade often picking on Crimson's reckless nature and Crimson likewise criticizing her strict, harsh policewoman behavior against him. The two have spent a lot of time together though, protecting the Blossom Realms from harm for the entire duration of their relationship. Even though they are really different people at their core, they have a lot of similar thoughts about the world and they started off their lives in similar ways. They have considered getting married, but Frozerade wants to make Crimson into a legitimately happy individual first before she even thinks of doing such things with him.

Though well-trained following his self-titled game, the fall of Crymsia Rose (his former trainer) in Shadows of Mallory greatly pissed Crimson off to a degree where he's returned to some of his former recklessness. However, instead of taking it out on his girlfriend or on others purposelessly, he instead uses this recklessness to fiercely defend Frozerade and take the blunt of attacks as strong as Giga Impact or Dragon Ascent.



  • Crimson is the first character that TimeStrike that has built that was based off of a canon character/species.

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