Crimson el Roserade III: Colorless Stronghold is the final entry of its titular franchise, developed as well as released by Fandraxonian Enterprises and Game Freak on the Wii U in 2020.  Just like the two games before it, the game is a combat title that involves much fighting, and alongside its minor swearing and bloody features, the game received a T title from the ESRB.

Not much is known about the game, however it is has been defined that Crimson is the sole playable character, meaning that Frozerade and Lord Tyranitar are no longer playable, and the game takes place eight years in the future, where the galaxy titled Florice was going to lose its color due to an attack from Rayquaza, whom split apart the Life Plate into eight pieces.

The game also introduces Crymsia as an NPC, marking her true debut in the Zaxina unvierse.



From what has been seen so far, the game seems to be closer to its traditional Pokémon roots, although it still heavily retains the playstyle of the first two games.  Crimson must successfully cross one level to another, defeating various enemies along the way.  New however is the prospect of leveling up.  Upon defeating enough enemies, Crimson can level up and learn a new move.  Although he can only have four moves at a time, Crimson can customize his earned moves before entering a level.

Other than the traditional fighting the game possesses, it also has speedy segments to make gameplay feel spiced.  Throughout the stronghold that you happen to be in, there will be long hallways or long rooms that use lots of speed and little time to pass through.

Crimson can collect items from floating boxes in the air, the boxes floating thanks to propellers.  The items are usually berries with different effects, although Crimson can occasionally grab a weapon from a box.  To be less confusing, berry, weapon and upgrade boxes are in different colors, being green, yellow and red respectively.  Upgrade boxes usually contain new skills for Crimson to learn, be it physical wise or new moves for him to learn.

Gameplay seems to be puzzle based too.  The game takes place in one large stronghold, bestowing a large amount of environments and different enemies to encounter.  Occasionally in this stronghold, black and white parts can be discovered, and upon entering them, Crimson quickly takes damage.  He must not venture into those parts and should always be on the move, as these black and white dimensions can expand any moment.

Although Crymsia is not playable, she can occasionally help the player in battle.  Upon finding her waiting for your traveling assistance, she will come with you and attempt to rid of any obstacle that seems to obstruct you.  Sometimes finding her is necessary as you are too withered to overcome obstacles you used to be able to do before.



Crimson is the main protagonist of this adventure. Withered from time and little exercise, he is not quite the swordsman he used to be. While still very powerful, he seems to be a bit more clumsy and more prone to inside jokes. He still has a heart of gold and still retains his Spanish accent.


Crymsia is a being from Zolara whom has been teleported to Zaxina's Florice for her exceptional floral abilities. After rescuing her from disaster, Crimson and her became friends instantly, despite Crimson's possible dying status. Friendship proves to be tough as Frozerade thinks they're dating...


The wife of Crimson and a still major protagonist despite her downgrade to NPC. She is a shop owner and will help Crimson learn new abilities and techniques to make his adventure somewhat easier.


Arceus is the guardian of the Life Plate until Rayquaza shattered it. He cannot obtain it back and without it, he will start dying alongside Florice and eventually Zaxina. It is an absolute priority to restore the plate.


The main antagonist, although a bit withered from time. He seems to have battered wings legs. He is limited to nothing but flying, but is very powerful and his dragon abilities are way out of bounds...not much about him is really known.


A legendary dragon from Hoenn that attacked for purposes currently unknown.


A mysterious Halcandran emerging alongside Zolara, sneakily following Zaxina. He seems to be very confused and frustrated, and tends to take things out on others. With control over every element, he is a formidable foe to Crymsia, and thus to Crimson as well.



  • Colorless Stronghold is the only entry in the series to not feature Eterna Forest as a stage.
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