Crimson el Roserade, known as クリムゾンの冒険Roserade (The Adventures of Crimson the Roserade) in Japan, is a combat game for the Wii U. It was developed and published by Fandraxonian Enterprises.  It has been rated T by the ESRB. It was released on September 29th, 2014.

A sequel to this game, Crimson el Roserade II: The Silver Knight, was announced by Fandraxonian Enterprises on October 13th, 2014 and is said to be released in late 2015.



Deep within the core of the location "Dragon's Village", Tyranitar was working on plans to shrink down the amount of land Garchomp had. However, his work was disrupted when Garchomp burst in with bad news for Tyranitar; the dragon had his brand new army and wanted to battle the giant right away to claim his land (as well as test his own army's capibilities). Tyranitar wanted to shake his head no, knowing that his army was recently defeated thanks to the hands of two Roserade.  However, according to a rule that has been passed on from generation to generation, he must accept the match.

Out on the battlefield, Garchomp set out his army of Aggron, Gabite and Metagross with Tyranitar sending out his own army of Ampharos, Pupitar and Shelgon.  Like Tyranitar predicted, the terrible happened; Garchomp prevailed.  And accordinng to another legendary rule, Tyranitar had to give up all his land to Garchomp, with the side effect of lending over his entire army as well.  As soon as Garchomp became the lord of the two regions, he forced out Tyranitar using the Ampharos, Pupitar and Shelgon that the giant once had.

Meanwhile in the Eterna Forest, Crimson and Frozerade were watching a marching army from the tallest location of said forest, known as Forest's Peak.  As soon as both Roserade fell asleep from being up too long, the army attacked the location, waking up Crimson to a start.  Towering over him was the mighty Lord Garchomp, who proceeded to attack.  Even though the fight was a good and heated one, Crimson lost in the end, leading to Garchomp tossing him off of the hill.  When Frozerade woke up, she found herself in a state of terror, as Crimson was missing.

At the bottom of the Eterna Forest, Crimson was knocked out, unconcious and had several bloody injuries.  Frozerade took him back to the forest and healed him using lum berries from a nearby tree.  When Crimson awoke, he prepared to chase after Garchomp and take back what was his.  Awakening near Crimson was none other than Tyranitar, who wanted to work with Crimson to take down the tyrant that took his food, his water, his own army and his own shelter, and even his own kingdom.  After working out a truce, Crimson and Tyranitar set off, with Frozerade trailing along for the hell of it.  Left in charge was Ivy the Venusaur, the previous ruler of Eterna Forest.

Chapter One

The trio start in the Eterna Forest with Garchomp on their trail.  Even though Crimson and team moved at their quickest speeds, the dragon quickly caught up with them.  Crimson fights off Garchomp while telling the others to run away as quickly as possible.  Immediately after the two left, Crimson falls in battle.  As Garchomp was going to crush the flesh out of the young Roserade, a bolt of pure speed hits his head, making him go into confusion.  In the midst of all this, Crimson faints.

Eventually, Crimson wakes up to find that Smartass the Patrat has saved his life.  He immediately sends Crimson out into the forest, calling him a dumbass as he does so.  Eventually, the knight makes his way to the forest's end, but soon after he was very close, Garchomp was chasing him.  After a small commotion, Crimson overpowers Garchomp and escapes.

After narrowly escaping the jaws of Garchomp, Crimson meets up with Tyranitar and Frozerade, who have escaped the forest as well.  The three lay out their plans, and then they came up with what they assumed would be the best plan: Crimson lures Garchomp into the open while Frozerade enters the Sandstone Ruins to get local championship fighter Haxorus.  Tyranitar, in the meantime, needs to sneak into Dragon's Grotto and steal the Garchompite.  The three do a multi way high five and set off to their respective locations.

Chapter Two

Crimson's Path

Crimson enters the plains, with Garchomp on his tail. The young Roserade leads Garchomp into a corner, and proceeds to battle with him. The dragon searches his body for the Garchompite, and realizes that it's missing. He then scowls at Crimson for luring him into a corner, defenseless. In the midst of the large fight, Frozerade catches up and throws a few punches to Garchomp's face, making the enormous dragon run away, but not before making a deep cut in Crimson's chest for what he did. The serious wound knocked out Crimson, leading to Frozerade taking up his body and preparing to cross the Sunshine Ocean.

Frozerade's Path

Frozerade enters the Sandstone Ruins and enters its depths, and eventually finds Haxorus, but he refuses to help the heroes. Even after some pleads, he still refuses to help, and sends Claydol on Frozerade, whom she beats. After she made it back to the plains, she found Crimson and Garchomp fighting against each other in combat. However, an enormous rock slide caused by a hyper beam forced Frozerade to go through Mechanical Volcano to reach the Foreign Plains. She finds a Camerupt at the volcano's end, who refuses to let her through. After a grand fight, Frozerade ends up as the victor and she arrives just in time to find Garchomp slowly overpowering Crimson. After punching the dragon in the face, it flies away, but not before severely wounding Crimson. Frozerade decides to take him across the Sunshine Ocean so that he can have a place to heal at.

Tyranitar's Path

Tyranitar enters Dragon's Grotto, with little time to spare. He finds Garchomp in his throne, and lures him to come outside as Crimson has teased the dragon by calling him "a worthless beast". Upset, Garchomp flies out of his castle in pursuit of Crimson. He then takes the Garchompite, which Garchomp dropped in all the commotion. In possession of it, he decides to go find a place to hide it, and he settled on Sunshine Ocean. After a long walk across the ocean floor, he finds Frozerade nursing Crimson back to health from a wound from Garchomp. Frozerade, seeing Tyranitar, asks him a favor; to bring the legendary Lum Berry from the Mechanical Volcano. He agrees to do this quest, as Crimson is his only option to regaining his kingdom.

Chapter Three

Crimson's Path

Tyranitar arrives upon an island, hosting the severely wounded Crimson and the just fine Frozerade.  After being told to find a Golden Berry, Tyranitar sets out, and returns a few hours later with said berry.  Crimson is revived and gets up, having stopped bleeding and hurting.  He thanks the two of them for their help and passion in helping and says that they'll always be friends, even when the end comes.  Crimson then discusses the next move against Garchomp, and then it was setlled; Crimson will make his way to the far away Snowy Glacier and summon Froslass to stop the tyrant's moves while Frozerade and Tyranitar stay and defend their position.

Crimson then pummels his way across the desert, crosses the ocean, and ends up at Snowy Glacier, and tries to ask Froslass to help.  But to his shock, Garchomp was there, having enslaved Froslass into doing his dirty work.  The dragon then flies to find Frozerade and Tyranitar and take them out, leaving Crimson to battle Froslass.  After a harsh battle, the icy creature breakes free of Garchomp's spell and helps Crimson get back to the island.  Both Roserade, Tyranitar and Froslass battle Garchomp all at once, but in all the commotion Garchomp retrieves his Garchompite, mega evolving and quickly taking out everyone except Crimson, which he couldn't bring himself to do for some reason.  He then discovered that Crimson has something up his sleeve, forcing Garchomp to leave or else face a quick defeat.  Froslass gives Crimson the Frozeradite, which was hidden in Snowy Glacier.  Then Froslass leaves and returns back to Snowy Glacier, leaving the three heroes to themselves again.  The three then begin their planning.

Frozerade's Path

Frozerade does naught in this chapter except for helping battle Garchomp with Crimson, Tyranitar and Froslass.  However, she does help nurse Crimson back to health and discusses plans.

Tyranitar's Path

Tyranitar, after being told by Frozerade to find a Golden Berry, sets off to Mechanical Volcano, which is known for its wide selection of berries.  He takes down Salamence, which was preventing access to the Golden Berry, then the giant tears across the ocean and heals Crimson with the berry.  After Crimson was cured, the young Roserade sets off to find Froslass to defeat Garchomp.  However, a few hours later, Garchomp arrives and prepares to battle when Crimson and Froslass appear in the nick of time.  Even though everyone put up a harsh fight, Garchomp mega evolved and knocked out all but Crimson, which he couldn't bring himself to do because of a weapon that Crimson seemed to hold.  Scowling, Garchomp flew off.  Froslass returned to Snowy Glacier, but not before giving Frozerade the Frozeradite.  Then the three heroes discussed what to do next.



Crimson plays in a 3D dimension with his own weapon, a sword.  He can swing this sword in a variety of ways to suit his situation, be it a battle or a puzzle in the overworld.  Crimson's primary objective is to attack Garchomp's forces head on and take down the leader himself.  In the game, Crimson can collect SP, known as Sword Points, and he can buy techniques for his own sword.  He can also collect AP, Attack Points that allow him to unleash powerful moves.  Also, CP (Crimson Points) can activate hyperdrive when the CP gauge is full.  In hyperdrive, Crimson's movements, attack power, and stealth all triple, and it lasts for 20 seconds.

Crimson has five portions of health.

Attacks: Slash, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Cross Chop, Razor Leaf, Stone Edge

  • Left analog stick - Move
  • Right analog stick - Camera/Control sword direction and aim
  • A button - Jump
  • B button - Sword slash
  • X button - Talk to someone/activate switch
  • Y button - Switch between Camera and Sword control
  • L button - Unleash attack
  • R button - Activate "Hyperdrive"
  • Start button - Pause


Frozerade plays in a 3D dimension like Crimson, and while Frozerade is involved in combat her levels are more puzzle based (and more about pace).  She can attack with actual attacks, mixed with traditional attacks and her own ice based ones.  In each puzzle level, she must collect five Scarlet Roses, which activate the gate to Dragon's Grotto, where Garchomp rules his land from.  In gameplay, Frozerade can buy upgrades, which can enhance her abilities, with SP.

Frozerade has four portions of health.

Attacks: Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Ice Shard, Extrasensory

  • Left analog stick - Move
  • Right analog stick - Camera
  • A button - Jump
  • B button - Attack
  • X button - Talk to someone/activate switch
  • Y button - Switch attack
  • L button - Freeze position
  • R button - Skid (when running)/Slide (when Skid is in process)
  • Start button - Pause


Tyranitar is unique, as he plays in a 2D dimension.  He can face large enemies head on and break open large obstacles.  He's got a good set of attacks to use, each one powerful in their own way. In gameplay, whenever Tyranitar beats an enemy, it has a 20% chance of releasing an enemy spirit. Enemy spirits can be used to buy items/upgrades at a shop for Tyranitar, so collecting them is wise.

Tyranitar has six portions of health.

Attacks: Dragon Claw, Mega Kick, Bulldoze, Block, Earthquake, Avalanche

  • Left analog stick - Move
  • Right analog stick - Look ahead, behind, above, and below you
  • A button - Punch
  • B button - Attack
  • X button - Switch attack
  • Start button - Pause




Crimson is the main protagonist of this game, and is also the titular character.  He is the swordsman of Eterna Forest, protecting it with his life.  His gameplay is based mostly on combat, with some puzzles now and then.


Frozerade is the girlfriend of Crimson, and has puzzle styled gameplay.  She is mischievous but is also friendly and willing to help.

Lord Tyranitar

After being kicked out of his own kingdom, he decided to team up with the two Roserade to battle Garchomp (and possibly reclaim his kingdom).  His gameplay is 2D platformer, kick ass style.


Lord Garchomp

Lord Garchomp is the primary antagonist of this game, and claims to be ruler of the Pokémon universe.  He's sure got a lot of beef to take over someone else's kingdom easily and throw the ruler out like it was a Garbador.


Smartass is a Patrat that really lives up to his name.  He is an expert of the kingdoms - or so he claims - and he is willing to help the heroes identify what they're going up against in terms of climate and situations.  But he wants to be a smartass in all this.  So, he was named Smartass.


Name No. for Crimson No. for Frozerade No. for Tyranitar Description Landscape Enemies Boss(es)
Eterna Forest 1 1 1 Why do you need a description for this?  Are you freaking serious?  You live here, dumbass.  Anyway, as I was saying, there are a bunch of lame bugs and stupid grass types hanging around here.  I guess there's some hidden holes in the ground, so watch out for them.  If you fall into them, you're incredibly dumb.  I mean seriously, they're freakin' obvious!  You can also use the trees to your advantage, not like you have a brain big enough to do it.  Dumbass.

Also, Garchomp is actively seeking you, dumbass. When you hear the background music change, make a run for it, dumbass!














Arbok (Crimson) Seviper (Frozerade)
Foreign Plains 2 4 5 So you have gotten past that first area, huh? Good for you, dumbass. You look even more idiotic. Anyway, there are poisonous flowers on the ground and there are many cliffs and ridges in these plains. So I guess it's a bit more like a valley. Whatever, dumbass. Also, there's a dangerous power plant! How more exciting can this adventure get! Plains Butterfree










Professor Toxicroak (Crimson) Mistress Roserade (Frozerade) Dragonite (Tyranitar)
Sandstone Ruins 3 2 7 It's some ruins in a desert, dumbass, so whaddya expect? Strong winds rip by your ears, which would hopefully make you blind /and/ deaf. Sandstorms occasionally blow by here, and they can wipe your dirty feet right off the floor. Dumbass. Many ground and rock types make their ground here, so uh if you don't take care of them too soon you're a dumbass for being slow. Desert Sandshrew















Cacturne (Crimson) Claydol (Frozerade)
Sunshine Ocean 4 5 3 You made it to this ocean? For a dumbass, you're doing well. I might have to stop calling you one - nah. There are many Clamperl here, which can try to take you in and swallow you whole. Avoid them like an actual sensible person, dumbass. Also, many fish try to take you down with full body rams. Stab them to death with your weapons, okay dumbass? Of course, one of Garchomp's lousy minions is here, and it's named "Metagross". Defeat it, dumbass, or face a new name for yourself. Ocean Magikarp











Gyarados (Crimson) Milotic (Frozerade) Metagross (Tyranitar)
Snowy Glacier 5 7 6 This place is cold, no wonder why dumbasses never survive this frigid region. Tread carefully, as anything can crack from underneath you. Tyranitar, avoid suspicious cracks as you're overweight, okay dumbass? Anyway, ice types try to come here and freeze your body. Only something that isn't a dumbass can break free from them. If you sense a blizzard, hide like a sensible person. Not like you actually are a sensible person. Glacier Spheal











Froslass (Crimson) Vanilluxe (Frozerade)
Mechanical Volcano 6 3 4 You couldn't tell what this place was? What a dumbass. Anyway, this volcano is mechanical and it can hold up great chambers of lava. These chambers operate automatically and dam the amount of lava to prevent overflow. However, if a dumbass like you is detected, you're toasted, which should totally be your fate. Gears, pullies and crap can be found all over the place, and can be used to get out of this volcano. You see, without me, you'll just be a total dumbass and not find your own way out of here!

...oh yeah, near the end of here, they'll likely detect you and begin an eruption, which will take 3 minutes to be set up and preformed. Make your way out quickly, dumbass!


















Magcargo (Crimson) Camerupt (Frozerade) Salamence (Tyranitar)
Dragon's Grotto 7 6 2 This is the home of that overrated dragon, Garchomp. I don't actually know a lot about this place, even though I'm a smartass. Okay, so here's what I got, dumbass: Many blades emerge from the ceiling and try to split your puny body into two. There's also many dragons that try to tear you apart with anything they got, and there's even many pits that you can easily fall into. Tread lightly, dumbass. Cave Crobat













Hydreigon (Crimson) Flygon (Frozerade)
Genetic Castle 8 8 8 This is the final place!...dumbass. Garchomp hides in the lowest area of this castle, F20B. Garchomp will try to stop you with everything he's got, including previous bosses and shadow copies of yourself! The dumbass you are, you gotta be sharp, as for if you don't your life can be in great peril. Castle Mawile





Goodra (Frozerade) Garchomp (Crimson) Mega Garchomp (Tyranitar)



  • Rose Incense: Boosts the power of the moves of Crimson and Frozerade by 1.3x.
  • Leftovers: Recovers at least one portion of health every 30 seconds.
  • Amulet Coin: Attracts nearby coins to itself.
  • Life Orb: Powers of moves increase by 1.6x, but damage the user by half a portion each attack.
  • Razor Claw: Boosts critical ratio by 1.3x.
  • Frozeradite: Mega evolves Frozerade, making her taller and giving her arms very thorny whips that can slash out at opponents. Her necklace extends to create a veil around her head and her hair becomes that of ice. During the 20 seconds that the mega evolution lasts, her moves have a power increase of 3x and her speed has an increase of 2x.
  • Tyranitarite: Mega evolves Tyranitar, boosting move powers by 2x for a short period of time.

One Use

  • Oran Berry: Recovers all health.
  • Lum Berry: Cures any negative status effects.
  • Custap Berry: Allows the player to move at 3x the speed for 15 seconds.
  • Roselia Petals: If collected, boosts the powers of Crimson and Frozerade by 2x for 20 seconds.
  • Sableye's Gem: Collecting this item allows Tyranitar's power to increase for a short time.
  • Grass Gem: Boosts the power of grass type moves by 1.5x for 15 seconds.
  • Fandraxonian Pizza: If eaten by Crimson, sharpens power by x3.0 for 10 seconds, if Frozerade eats it, halves power for 15 seconds, and if Tyranitar eats it, sharpens power by x2.0 for 12 seconds.


Stuff for Crimson
  • Double Slash - 100 SP
  • Triple Slash - 300 SP
  • Sword Slide - 200 SP (Allows Crimson to slide under small gaps)
  • Sword Spiral - 200 SP (Allows Crimson to jump using his sword, bringing him to higher places.
  • Downward Thrust - 100 SP (Allows Crimson to descend quickly, attacking enemies from below.)
  • Boomerang Lance - 600 SP (Allows Crimson to toss a part of his sword like a boomerang, attacking enemies from a distance.)
  • Chilly Strike - 500 SP (Adds Frozerade's ice power to his normal slash, making a very powerful blow.)
  • Giant's Slash - 800 SP (Uses the power of Tyranitar to enlarge his sword, then swing it in a very wide arc.)
Stuff for Frozerade
  • Flower Thrust - 150 SP (Allows Frozerade to throw her arms forward into the opponent at the same time, doing high damage.)
  • Futuristic Boosters - 200 SP (Increases Frozerade's speed by 1.5x.)
  • Petal Dive - 250 SP (Allows Frozerade to do quicker descents.)
  • Toxic Path - 350 SP (When Frozerde runs, a trail of toxins trails behind her, intoxicating opponents.)
  • Magical Cape - 500 SP (Allows Frozerade's cape to become more loose, enabling it to fly.)
  • Blizzard - 800 SP (Frozerade fires a shower of ice, with may freeze enemies.)
  • Crimson Boom - 600 SP (Crimson's willpower drains into Frozerade, allowing her to send a powerful boom that strikes all enemies on the ground within a 30 foot radius.)
  • Stone Power - 1200 SP (Tyranitar is summoned to Frozerade, and she hops onto him. Tyranitar can then be controlled for a small while, allowing large amounts of destruction to be caused. Can only be used once every playthrough of a level.)
Stuff for Tyranitar
  • Arm Slam - 40 Enemy Spirits (Allows Tyranitar to slam both its arms forward, doing high damage, but the attack is close range.)
  • Wall Climb - 80 Enemy Spirits (Allows Tyranitar to climb walls, no matter what the size is.)
  • Roar - 80 Enemy Spirits (Tyranitar makes a loud roar, pushing all enemies back. Takes 10 seconds to recharge.
  • Giant's Jacket - 120 Enemy Spirits (Allows Tyranitar to swim.)
  • Rock Blast - 120 Enemy Spirits (Throws a huge rock forward, which blasts itself into many pieces if it collides into something.
  • Earth Power - 150 Enemy Spirits (Hits all enemies on the ground with medium power.)
  • Frenzy Sword - 200 Enemy Spirits (Tyranitar swings a giant sword, which attacks with the power of grass.)
  • Frost Breath - 200 Enemy Spirits (Tyranitar spits out ice breath, which freezes all those in close range.)


Title Theme
Story Prologue
Eterna Forest - Atmospheric Ride
Eterna Forest - Garchomp Escape
Foreign Plains - Thriving Fields
Foreign Plains - Intoxicating Plant
Sandstone Ruins - Desert Ripples
Sandstone Ruins - Pyramid Puzzle
Sunshine Ocean - Waves of Peace
Sunshine Ocean - The Dark Embodiment
Snowy Glacier - Frosted Night
Snowy Glacier - Christmas Carnival
Mechanical Volcano - Magma Labyrinth
Mechanical Volcano - The Eruption is Coming!
Dragon's Grotto - The Kingdom's Dungeon
Dragon's Grotto - Lair of Garchomp
Genetic Castle - True Initiations
Genetic Castle - Final Confrontation
Vs. Boss
Vs. Garchomp Army Administrator
Vs. Lord Garchomp
Vs. Mega Garchomp
Level Clear
Boss Clear
Vs. ???
Heavily Wounded...
Crimson Cutscene
Frozerade Cutscene
Tyranitar Cutscene
Garchomp Cutscene
Credits Theme


Crimson el Roserade received mainly positive reviews from critics. The visuals and gameplay were praised, and the soundtrack, while being regarded as good, received many complaints about the tracks coming mostly from non-Pokémon games. Overall, Crimson el Roserade is regarded as one of the best games from Fandraxonian Enterprises.

It has received a 8/10 from IGN, who praised the game for its great visuals and "perfect gameplay", but criticized it for the lack of extra content. Gamespot regarded it as "the comeback that Fandraxonian Enterprises needed...", and gave the game a 7.9/10. The game has received an 85 from Metacritic, with many of its users claiming the game as a "masterpiece" from the company.


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