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Crimson Arrows is a puzzle genre game for the Zentablet system developed and published by Zentech Studios.  The game is a unique crossover, featuring mainly unfocused characters from various franchises, such as Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog and Diego from Ice Age. Crimson Arrows has been rated E10+ by the ESRB for its generally dark theme and minor violence, alongside mild language.


Gameplay is in the style of a platformer, you are to go and turn over five switches, then exit the level as fast as you can.  This is rather hard to do, as tetris styled pieces are falling from above (you can use these to your advantage however) and there are many obstacles that can hinder your progress in the levels.  In some levels, the exit is guarded by a boss.  Using the proper strategy to defeat it will allow you to pass onward.  If you lose all three of your lives (taking damage), you get a game over.  However, you can regain lives by defeating all your opponents on the field.

In all levels, you are joined by three other characters.  These characters can be a help or hinderence, depending on the situation - they can press switches for you and save you inches of time or if encountered, you're forced to do a quick game of Puyo Puyo against them.  Winning the battle warps the opponent out of the level, but losing it will force you to restart at the last checkpoint.

In some of the levels, the CPUs function differently.  They will attempt to beat you to the goal instead, and to slow them you need to be fast and use your Crimson Sprout power.  If anyone makes it to the goal before you, you lose.

All levels have three checkpoints.  If you pass through one of these for the first time, a minute is added to your time, handing you an advantage.  Dying will reset you at the last checkpoint you touched (or the level's beginning if you touched none).

The Tetris styled pieces that fall from the ceiling erode withing 10 seconds of touching the ground.


There are twenty-six characters in the game, fourteen starters and twelve unlockables.  Each character has special abilities and gameplay that can help or hinder them...well it depends on where you are.  All characters have a Crimson Sprout, if it activates, it will grow up into a rose and unleash the character's best move.  To sprout this flower, they need to collect 100 poppy seeds, which are small seeds scattered throughout the levels.

  • Drake the Dragon Master: The final elite four member of the Hoenn region.  He prefers dragon types above all other Pokémon typings, using a Salamence to fly about and using an Altaria to break through barriers that he usually can't break through.  His Crimson Sprout allows him to Mega Evolve his Salamence, allowing the beast to unleash the move "Outrage", which allows the bizarre dragon to fly around and destroy Tetris Blocks, as well as take down any standing opponents, shall they be in his path.
  • Knuckles the Echinda: Knuckles is the protector of the Master Emerald, guarding it for ages, although the reason for him doing it is still unknown.  His brutal fists can break through weak walls and deal severe damage.  His Crimson Sprout charges up an electrical current inside him, once it's done charging he can unleash the Thunder Arrow, which takes down an opponent very quickly, or in race levels stuns them for fifteen seconds.
  • Dark Pit
  • Morton Koopa Jr.
  • Diego the Tiger
  • Ruby Rose
  • Ron Weasley
  • Toy Chica: An animatronic from the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, before she got scrapped (?).  Toy Chica has no true specialty, but can run faster than most others and also has better control than others.  Shall her Crimson Sprout awaken, she'll be able to teleport to the nearest, unpressed switch.
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Numbuh Four
  • Violet Baudelaire
  • Crimson the Roserade
  • Magolor
  • Cackletta
  • ?
  • Fiona
  • ?
  • Toxsa
  • Giegue
  • ?
  • ?
  • Dee Dee
  • Mami Tomoe
  • Moneybags
  • ?
  • ?


Difficulty Name Level Type Description
NoviceCL Floral Paradise Normal

A beautiful place known for its sacred beauty and everlasting spring.  Green grass is everywhere, with healthy trees and a nice atmosphere.

The level starts out basic, with relatively little to worry about.  The obstacles introduced are bottomless pits, falling tetris blocks, spike bushes and hidden floor traps.  However, you are given tutorials on how to watch for each of these, so there is no trouble.

Autumn Falls Normal

Taking the breathtaking view of Floral Paradise, this is also a beautiful area to set foot in.  Waterfalls can be seen in nearly every area of the level and canyons can be seen if you're at a high enough altitude.

The difficulty has only rose a bit, featuring the same obstacles plus dash panels, which make you go at high speeds.  Platforming is a tad more difficulty as pathways become shorter and bottomless pits become more common.

This level has a boss, Ziade.

Crystal Cavern Race

Shining like knight's armor, the Crystal Cavern is absolutely gorgeous, with diamonds embodied in the walls and polished ground.

Difficulty takes a steeper step compared to Autumn falls, as it now introduces skydiving, which is a bit tideous but not too difficult to preform.  Compared to previous levels, this is a race, so be prepared to race against Ruby, Morton and Diego (if you're playing as one of these characters, Dark Pit will take the CPU's place).

AdvancedCL Foggy Foothills
Chocolate Chasm
Desert Dazzle
Pyro Pyramid
ExpertCL Burstling Metropolis
Speedway Cliffs
'Mechanical Skies'
DemonCL Satan's Hellhound
Ragelove Finale


Floral Paradise
Autumn Falls Vs. Ziade
Crystal Caverns
Mechanical Skies
Vs. Opponent (Advanced Levels)

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